2018 Highlights
by Nina Christopoulou

2018 has been a whirlwind in so many ways for our amazing Stay Club team, with countless beautiful moments, a lot of hard work and innumerable changes to make the experience and vibe of The Stay Club even better! Our team couldn’t be more excited to see what 2019 has in store for us, but for the time being, we would like to reflect on the highlights of the past year…

Martyn Duguid

Director of Operations

The biggest highlight of 2018 is that we’re a market leader not just in student accommodation, but in English as a foreign language as well. During 2018 we had a sum of 8,000 student weeks, which is a record breaker for us. Cultural courses, language courses and more all offered in one campus, in a city that is the ideal place to learn English. We are unique in what we are, and we have a range of people wanting to work with us and we want to accommodate them across the portfolio. There’s not much of what we do in London, and I think this has been cemented in 2018.

Additionally, we are incredibly proud to say that we’ve cemented our place in the student accommodation market during 2018. We have a high demand for students that want our services, not only those that are going to independent universities, but also those that opt for semester options. The Stay Club offers the ideal pick for the students heading to London and in search of an honest landlord, as well as a place to live that does not require a guarantor. We believe we have been able to produce that to all of our residents, and that is reflected in our high occupancy rates across all of our residences, including a high influx of re-bookings, meaning that our residents are satisfied with our services and they are looking to return for another year. Our aim is to continue the fantastic work of 2018 throughout the new year!

Florence Tercier

Yield & Sales Manager

Dedication to improvement means hearing your guests when they speak; for us the feedback of our residents is invaluable! We kept our eyes and ears open throughout the past year and introduced online support via live chat among other improvements, to allow for our guests to find a solution to anything that may arise even faster than before!

It is our belief that finding your new home should be an easy and seamless process. The past year we dedicated our time to improving the room selection available online, as well as the booking process and payment system. It was our goal to make our website as smooth and easy going as the real-life at The Stay Club!

We suggest that you stay tuned, as December will see the announcement of our 2019/2020 academic rates, alongside a very special Early Bird offer!

Rhianna Janes

Event Manager

2018 has been a year of highlights regarding events.

A main highlight would have to be the month of World Cup celebrations which, when coupled with residents from all around the world coming together to celebrate with painted faces and flags, created an unparalleled atmosphere!

Following a busy summer, we welcomed our residents and a new academic year with a series of parties including the ‘Stay Club Fresher’s Week’. Although the in-house parties are always a favourite, the Fresher’s events were really special, as they allowed residents to experience our partner clubs around the city with great discounts, whilst breaking the ice!

However, we couldn’t discuss highpoints without Halloween, in which we hosted in-house celebrations with pumpkin carving, DJ’s and buffets for our residents to socialise and celebrate with their neighbours (and dress up of course).

We are really looking forward to another event-filled year in 2019…

Jose Marquez

IT Manager

2018 has been a great year full of hard-earned achievements. The Stay Club opened 5 years ago in Willesden and a year after that in Camden. During this process we kept evolving and adapting to the needs of our clients, but after we opened our third building in Colindale we felt the need to upgrade the services at both Camden and Willesden to match the quality of our latest addition. This has been a tough but rewarding job! The partnership with our new internet provider ASK4 not only massively increased the quality of service, but also provided outstanding customer care. This process gave us an entry into the shortlist for the Student Accommodation Awards 2018:


Our new year’s resolutions regarding IT sector are all about making our online services as user-friendly as possible! This has been a wonderfully diverse undertaking, with a brand new website in the works, a smoother booking process, an even more effective parcel tracking system, and many more incredible changes! We can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeve!

Danai Davatzis

Marketing Coordinator

2018 has been an abundant year for The Stay Club! We happily saw our list of partners expand greatly within the past year, with plenty of local businesses joining us! In the Camden area, our partnership list includes some of the most incredible cafes, such as Hygge Pygge, and Camden Coffee Co. in the Stables Market! Nando’s and Gino’s added that Mediterranean vibe to The Stay Club, offering their discounts across all of our residences. The Camden Comedy Club is also on board, with a wonderful list of discounts on selected shows for all of our residents!

One of the most exciting partnerships of 2018 was undoubtedly that with Pure Gym in Colindale! We are also happy to confirm we will be expanding this partnership to include Camden and Kentish Town!

It’s a beautiful feeling looking back at 2018 and seeing how many more partners were added to our list, for our residents to enjoy! How could we not be looking forward to seeing how much further the list can expand in 2019?

Renata Spicerova

Creative Marketing Manager

2018 was a fantastic year from a branding perspective! The Stay Club has definitely evolved and opened to new opportunities. We had a chance to expand with a brand new building opening its doors in 2019, and improve our quality of service and your living experience throughout the year.

The launch of the official Stay Club Newspaper was a great way to end 2018, finally shining a light on what The Stay Club community is all about. It highlights our ‘family’ members and their life stories alongside our ‘dream team’, so our residents can get a little sneak peek behind the scenes. Have you had a chance to grab your copy? If not, we suggest you get one asap, to find out more about London life and its beauty. And if you feel like it, let us know your feedback! We are more than excited to know your thoughts: https://www.facebook.com/TheStayClub/!

We are definitely looking forward to developing more amazing new content and giving our residents an opportunity to show their talents through our upcoming projects in 2019.