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Top Things To Do in London This July

Top Things To Do in London This July

by Nina Christopoulou

July is turning out jam packed in events, activities and fun opportunities for Londoners. While the list of events we uncovered was too long to handle, we tried to narrow down our top picks, and make your life easier with this list:

BMW Classics

This new comer is bound to excite the crowds, with the world-class music presented in “one of the world’s most iconic public spaces”, as the London Symphony Orchestra site itself states. In case you were wondering, yes that would be Trafalgar Square! The open-air concert is free, and Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra are bound to take your breath away on Sunday, July 1st.

Credit: @London Symphony Orchestra

Pride in London

The Festival takes place starting June, yet the Parade is considered its peak and it is definitely worth a visit. On July 7th prepare for an incredible parade through central London, which comes together in Trafalgar Square with a series of performances that should not be missed. Join the crowds and celebrate London’s LGBT+ community in the most enjoyable way possible this July!

Credit: @OxfordStreetw1


Gunnersbury Park welcomes grime, electro, soul, R&B and more sounds at the two day musical celebrations. Groove Amanda founded the festival 16 years ago, and by now it has built a reputation for itself, as evident by the headlining acts featuring Childish Gambino, Diplo, Wu-Tang Clan and more. With festival stalls covering you in glitter and vintage markets, this festival has it all! So save the date(s) – you know what to do July 13th & 14th!

Credit: @Lovebox Festival

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships

The annual tennis match is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, not to be missed! One of four annual Grand Slam tennis events globally, Wimbledon attracts over half a million visitors and for good reason. So hurry up and book your tickets asap, the championships will be held only until July 15th!

Credit: @Wimbledon

Summer Streets

Prep yourself for a traffic free Regent Street this July! During four Sundays this month, the central shopping spot will be rid of cars from Oxford Circus all the way down to Piccadilly Circus. It will offer its guests a festival-like vibe, as the stores are fiercely preparing for the event! (July 1, 8, 15 and 22)

Credit: @Dr H Al-Barjas PhD FRCS(UK)

London National Park City Week

This city has so many oasis of greenery, it was bound to schedule some sort of celebration of its parks. In its aim of becoming the world’s first National Park City in 2019, London will work towards promoting the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the green spaces around the city during a fun-packed week!

Credit: @Steve


The Royal Air Force is celebrating 100 years since its formation, and London has a multitude of celebrations in store to commemorate the event. From Foundation Day at the RAF Museum, to a Family Spitfire Run, the events organised are versatile and perfect for all ages and interests! Our recommendation for July is the Aircraft Tour at Horse Guards Parade, on July 6-9.

Credit: @John

Top Coffee Spots in London Vol. I

Top Coffee Spots in London Vol. I

by Nina Christopoulou

Coffee is an essential start (and continuation if I may add), to the day for students and professionals alike. In the abundance of offerings that London has, coffee spots could not be the exception. We gathered the best coffee spots around town so you know which ones are a must-visit for coffee aficionados.

1. Kaffeine

Fitzrovia is a go-to place for cute coffee shops, but Kaffeine definitely takes the lead with its innovative approach of bringing global coffee roasters to the centre of London and its emphasis on the unique blends it has to offer. The breakfast and lunch menu made from seasonal ingredients compliments the incredible coffee, whereas the cute interior and polite staff simply enhance the experience.

Credit: @Kaffeine London

2. Brooklyn

The unique, minimal and clean aesthetic of Brooklyn coffee is inspired by none other than the Brooklyn area of NY. Owners Bryan and Reina have managed to create a small oasis amidst generally similar coffee shop designs. With their Caravan beans (famous for their quality around London) they have been able to create a cold brew that has spread through word-of-mouth as quite excellent.

Credit: @Brooklyn Coffee

3. Carpo

Carpo does not initially seem like a coffee spot, with its immense selection of fresh roasted nuts and dried fruits taking the lead at first glance. The varied selection of coffee beans, however, and its Freddo Espresso made by Greek standards have rendered it a hotspot for coffee connoisseurs around the city. Carpo Knightsbridge, the newest addition to the chain, has an interior design worth checking out.

Credit: @Carpo

4. Caravan

Caravan is a three in one combo, as it is a cafe, roasters and restaurant all at the same time. Its brunch menu is exquisite, while an added plus is their use of compostable takeaway cups and straws. Famed for its coffee, it is definitely a must visit!

Credit: @Sara Xue Feng

5. Attendant

I will have to state that, other than the use of Caravan beans and the committed barista who always pays attention to detail, this coffee spot makes the list for its interior as well. Situated since January 2013 in a late-nineteenth century gents’ toilet, it is most definitely an innovative concept. The urinals are even placed in the sitting space. Feel free to pay a visit and see how many jokes you can come up with while sipping your coffee!

Credit: @Attendant Coffee Roasters

6. Dark Habit Coffee

In a generally coffee “uninspired” area of London, Dark Habit is cute, interesting and serves incredible coffee. For the most part dedicated to Workshop coffee beans, it tends to extend its selection to other beans from all over the UK. Care to try it out?

Credit: @Dark Habit Coffee

7. Coffee Island

At a quiet spot among Covent Garden and Leicester Square, Coffee Island is the London location for one of the most renowned Greek coffee chains. Its dedication to bringing you the strong taste and scent of high quality coffee has made it a favourite among those who have tried it. If you had to choose one coffee to taste, though, that would have to be their Freddos – Espresso or Cappuccino, you can not go wrong!

Credit: @Coffee Island UK

8. Ozone Coffee Roasters

The different brewing methods that Ozone sports mean that their single origin coffees are elevated depending on your pick – Aeropress, Syphon or other. It also doubles as a store for the coffee connoisseur who would like to make one of the many coffee kits their own.

Credit: @Ozone Coffee Roasters UK

9. Catalyst

This Scandi-style spot is everything you didn’t know you were looking for. The food is good, which is a plus, the cocktail list is sufficient – given the shop’s overall façade – but the coffee is the main focus. The roaster in the basement and the coffee gadgets on display hint to the quality of the coffee served, while the relaxing environment with minimal design makes you feel like you will visit the place over and over in the future.

Credit: @James Ting

10. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Truth is, the place had me the moment I heard the name. Because if you have put so much imagination into the name of your shop, then chances are the shop itself will be great. And truth is, DCSA is pretty awesome. The interior is fun with the red brick details making it stand out from the crowd, and the staff are always polite as can be. As for the coffee… well it is great, and so are the cute foam decorations that it always comes with.

Credit: @mar

Top 9 Ice-Cream Spots in London

Top 9 Ice-Cream Spots in London

by Nina Christopoulou

As the sun makes more and more appearances in the otherwise gloomy British capital, we could not help ourselves but put together a post about the most essential summer treat: ice-cream. And London has so much to offer when it comes to gelato! Our 9 favourite ice-cream spots around the city are officially here:


The fresh mint stracciatella is rightfully considered a top pick, in this beautiful ice-cream parlour. Its reputation has made it a household name among foodies around the city and for good reason!

Credit: @the56.

La Gelateria

The name is a hint for the traditional Italian taste that awaits you. It has managed to gather an amazing collection of foodie awards, and would you like to know the best part? Everything is made on site daily! Drop by the Covent Garden branch to see the ice cream in the making and prepare yourselves for the treat that is ahead of you.

Credit: @La Gelatiera – Artisan Gelato


The flavours are mostly classic, but the presentation has a twist: the ice cream is placed in the cone in the shape of flower petals. Photogenic, tasty and refreshing all in one. What more could one ask for?


Ruby Violet

An attraction in both its locations (Tufnell Park and King’s Cross that is), the ethically sourced ingredients, free-range eggs and organic milk that they use equal to pureness in every bite (or lick, in this case). The word-of-mouth recommendations have rendered Ruby Violet a favourite for Londoners.

Credit: @Ruby Violet


Allergen-free and vegan ice-cream and shake choices are what you will find at Yorica. Its selection is mouth-watering and the environment cute as can be, with locations in Notting Hill and Wardour Street.
The ice-creams are pretty picture-perfect too!

Credit: @vegan teen🌱


You see the shop and simply want to go in, before you even realise that it is one of the best ice-cream shops in the city! What’s more, the couple which opened it (coincidentally called Raj and Raj) hold an ongoing competition for flavour of the month picked out by customers. Would you like to guess the prize? Ice-cream on the house for an entire month!

Credit: @Udderlicious Ice Cream

Milk Train

The stuff dreams are made of: Milk Train’s candy floss cone is not primarily Instagrammable, it is more importantly like bites of heaven melting in your mouth. The photos, as impressive as they may be, do not do justice to the ice-cream itself!

Credit: @Holly 🐆 | London Blogger

Chin Chin Dessert Club

The traditional flavours are always nice when it comes to ice-cream, but about something a little more extreme? Halva black tahini or coffee with olive oil for example… As extreme as they may sound Chin Chin Dessert Club serves them alongside all time classics such as burnt butter caramel. Whatever the choice, you will not regret trying this spot out!

Credit: @Chin Chin Labs/Dessert Club

Soft Serve Society

This list has been a challenge to create not only because I am an ice-cream lover myself, but mainly because in order to do a countdown you have to have a favourite. Tough choice when London has so many gelato options at your disposal. I would have to admit, however, that Soft Serve Society is a personal favourite: the charcoal and coconut flavour is unique as it is delicious, while the selection of sundaes is mind blowing. Definitely a must!

Credit: @Νίνα ➰

Top 5 student apps you need in your life

Top 5 student apps you need in your life

by Nina Christopoulou

For better or for worse, we live in an era where our phones are an extension of our existence, and we rely on our apps for all sorts of everyday tasks. So it makes sense that there would be apps specifically tailored to combat some of the greatest problems that students face. Let’s take a closer look at them:

1. Student Beans

Discount hunting is an essential aspect of the “being on a budget” mentality that most of us around the globe adopt. Student Beans makes bargain hunting easier than anyone could have imagined – railcards, clothing, food, you name it – Student Beans has a discount on it!

Credit: @Student Beans

2. Student Chef

The name is pretty clear in itself, but in case you are still wondering: Student Chef is an app that has quick, cheap and delicious recipes. Their layout is convenient, as it lets you know on the top of each recipe the time you will need, the level of difficulty and the cost in pounds as well. The perfect end to those long stays at the supermarket, trying to pick out your supplies for the week!

Credit: @Bùi Chiến


From technology, food, stationary to most brands a student will want UNiDAYS has it all! The perfect app for a student’s phone, you will soon find out that it is the one that you open almost as often as your social media accounts.

Credit: @UNiDAYS

4. The Trainline

Commuting made easy. No need to be at the station to find out timetables, buy tickets and frantically search for the platform you need to be in ASAP. The Trainline lets you do everything online – all you need to do then is show up!

Credit: @Trainline

5. The Wetherspoons App

Remember that feeling when your friend leaves the table to order your drinks, and you search for your phone so you can pretend you are busy until they come back? The Wetherspoons app put a stop to those uncomfortable settings by bringing your food and drinks to you. It can even remember your last order, so you don’t forget somebody’s drink when buying rounds!

Credit: @One Drink A Day (heebs)