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Top 7 Things to do in August

Top 7 Things to do in August

by Nina Christopoulou

Every month the events guide for London gets richer and richer. August is no exception, with many exciting new things to do and see! We’ve gathered our top picks, although we do have to admit it was tough narrowing the choices down to just seven.

7. Zip Now London

How do you feel about the possibility of zooming mid-air pretty high up above London? If you are up for it, Zip Now London and its 225-meter zip line are awaiting your arrival. The views are majestic, but consider yourselves warned: this is not an activity for the faint of heart!

Credit: @Zip Now London

6. Movies on the River

Are you a movie freak? Then we have just the experience for you! Head down to Tower Millennium Pier and welcome aboard the floating cinema of your dreams. Take a cruise while watching the famous classics of the likes of “Jaw” and “Dirty Dancing”. You still have time until mid-September!

Credit: @Marlin London

5. BBC Proms

BBC Proms is one of the most renowned classical music festivals, bringing us two whole months of informal concerts in collaboration with Royal Albert Hall and other venues across London. Its aim is simple – bringing classical music at affordable prices and informal settings for all to enjoy. So have a look at their schedule asap!

Credit: @BBC Proms

4. Film4 Summer Screen

Somerset House is mesmerizing to gaze at, that’s probably why whenever it orchestrates an event people flock to it. The Film4 Summer Screen could not have been any different – but perhaps the fact that it is London’s largest outdoor screen also helps. So pick your favorite movie, bring a picnic and enjoy the summer vibes!

Credit: @Somerset House

3. Underbelly Festival

The Underbelly Festival has been going on for some time now, and will stick around with us until the end of September. So there is still plenty of time left to enjoy the various activities it has prepared for us: circus, theatre, cabaret, comedy and of course music among many others are all included in the festival which takes place at South Bank. Head to their website to see when the best time for you to pop in is!

Credit: @Underbelly Festival

2. Ladbrokes Challenge Cup

The Ladbrokes Challenge Cup is a must-see. The Rugby League season with all its ups and downs culminates in the final battle among the country’s best two teams at Wembley Stadium. The fast-paced on-field action is bound to turn you into a rugby enthusiast in no time (August 25th!).

Credit: @Ash Allen

1. Notting Hill Carnival

London’s famous Notting Hill carnival is back! The annual extravaganza takes place on the streets of West London each year on the last weekend of August. This year that would be on the 25-27 of August, and we suggest you make your way to the Carnival to enjoy the colorful floats and performers, the intriguing music and food stalls!

Credit: @NottingHillCarnival

Top Outdoor Activities in London

Top Outdoor Activities in London

by Nina Christopoulou

The sun is out, greenery abounds and all in all there is absolutely no reason for you to stay indoors. Especially given the awesome outdoor activities around London! We did some research, and here are our suggestions on the best, most exhilarating outdoor activities at the moment. Be warned, most of them require some form of physical exercise!

6. Well, obviously… SWIMMING!

The Brockwell Lido is commonly referred to as an «art deco gem». Situated in South London, it was built back in 1937 (fear not, it was renovated fully in 2007). Its poolside cafe is versatile enough to turn into a bar and restaurant as the day progresses, and trully makes your day as cool as possible. Added plus? It is budget friendly!

Credit: @Brockwell Lido

5. How about those rollerblades?

If you are a beginner, fear not. Battersea Park is an incredible place to rollerblade and it is beginner-friendly too. The views along your rollerblading route are awesome, with the lake, zoo and Thames to gaze at as you pass by. There are also many free skating groups during the weekend too, if you care for some company!

Credit: @The Galeries

4. Kayaking anyone?

Have you heard of West Reservoir? Well, you have now! This not-very-well-known watersports center is located just off Green Lanes, on Stoke Newington, and it has many options to choose from. Whether you are up for a sailing course or would rather kayak (we know that would be our pick!), it is a great excursion and a fun filled activity.

Credit: @Paddling Magazine

3. Ever tried power-kiting?

Richmond Park is a wander to roam around, but also offers so many outdoor activities to choose from. Horse-riding, fishing and many more are available, but we decided to let you know of a more extreme one: power-kiting. Not sure what it is? Well, that is when you are pulled along by a kite when sitting on a buggy, standing on a landboard or wearing inline skates. It is a thrilling experience, and guess what? There is also the winter option, when there’s enough snow!


2. The O2 Climb

This cool 1.5-hour climbing experience is not to be missed! In case you didn’t know (and why would you?), the O2 is a 52-meter-tall structure, near North Greenwich tube station. This means that climbing all the way to the top gives you an unobstructed 360-degree view of UK’s capital. What could be more thrilling than that? Oh yes, that would be our number 1 pick…

Credit: @🌸Lucy English 🌸

1. Zip Now London is on!

So here is the deal: you launch from 35 meters, and go through three 225-meter zip wires with speeds reaching up to 50 kph. The experience is one of a lifetime, the view of London extreme and overall it adds up to a total of 45 minutes. And for the cherry on top: you can choose to have the “mega drop” freefall experience! You can go ahead and guess what this one entails…

Credit: @Zip Now London

Top Ten London Parks

Top Ten London Parks

by Nina Christopoulou

In all honesty, we think this one was a no brainer. London has so many greenspaces that picking out the Top Ten required minimum research. This list starts you off with the most well known (as if we would leave Hyde Park out of the list!) and gradually gives way to the more hidden little gems. So stay tuned and we promise, you are in for a treat!

1. Hyde Park

Open to the public since the 1600s, it is probably the most well-known area of greenery in the city, and this comes as no surprise due to its central position. From beautiful flower arrangements to the oldest boating lake around town (the Serpentine), filled with ducks, swans and many more amazing creatures, it has definitely earned its international reputation.

Credit: @

2. Battersea Park

Not as well-known, but definitely one that has it all. Battersea Park has the most stunning view of Thames, an animal enclosure that you can roam around and an art gallery. With its wonderful versatility it attracts guests any time of the week, but we suggest giving it an entire day, to make the most of what this park has to offer!

Credit: @Clare Waight Keller

3. Hampstead Heath

This one is quite something. Spread across a dizzying 791 acres, Hampstead Heath has ponds, meadows, playing fields and really anything your heart desires. Parliament Hill boasts a superb view of London and we should also note that the area the park has been built in has incredible houses to gaze at while walking around.

Credit: @٠ Toosy ٠

4. Richmond Park

Now this is one for a full day trip. If Hampstead Heath’s 791 acres was impressive, Richmond’s 2500 acres is jaw dropping. It has protected status as an important habitat for wildlife, and numerous things to do and see, such as King Henry’s Mound or the Isabella Plantation.

Credit: @Samantha Harrold

5. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is famous for the festivals it hosts, but even on days where no specific event is scheduled the attractions abound. From the London Zoo, to an Open Air Theatre, rowing boat hire and tennis courts, the list is endless. A personal favorite though would be the rose gardens, which are filled with over 30 000 roses and offer for a majestic view (and a cool photo spot if we may add).

Credit: @

6. Victoria Park

One of London’s favourites, Victoria Park hosts plenty of festivals including Lovebox and Field Day. This one boasts two incredible lakes, a mesmerizing statue sourced straight from Greek mythology and the Burdett-Coutts Fountain. Oh, did we forget to mention that it also has the Pavilion Café, which is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite and kick back?

Credit: @Chris Rhodes

7. Greenwich Park

The park is a tourist attraction mostly due to the astounding Royal Observatory, with the Greenwich Meridian Line. In case you have no idea what that is, let us enlighten you: this one represents the prime meridian relative to which world time is calculated, and the distance to every planet on earth is measured. Impressive, huh? Well, the top of the park also boasts jaw-dropping views of London, while the park includes numerous tennis courts, the National Maritime Museum and so many more!

Credit: @Betül & Abdulbaki

8. Kensington Gardens

As you may have assumed from the name, Kensington Gardens is home to Kensington Palace but that is not all it has! From the Albert Memorial, to the Peter Pan Statue it is perfect for a weekend picnic break among your strolls in this beautiful Royal Park.

Credit: @Royal Albert Hall

9. Holland Park

Situated pretty close to the immensely cute Notting Hill houses, Holland Park is less known but equally beautiful as any of the rest. Its landscape is really something, there are hidden Japanese gardens inside of it and you may also spot some peacocks along the way! As if all that wasn’t enough, there is also the annual Opera Holland Park festival season throughout the summer which is worth checking out…

Credit: @Emely Garcia

10. Brockwell Park

This strip of greenery is located south of Brixton and it is wonderfully diverse and with multiple outdoor activity options. From swimming in the outside pool, to football and kite flying, it is perfect for most tastes. Its event selection is also pretty cool, with circus and concerts among the options. So if you haven’t already, head over and check it out for yourself!

Credit: @Wingnut D’Souza

Five Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

Five Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

by Nina Christopoulou

Netflix is a personal business for most people, with their choices being based mostly on their individual love for one genre or the other. And yet there are some series that are so undeniably good, that it ultimately doesn’t matter what your preference is when it comes to plots. All that matters, is finding enough time to binge-watch the entire series. That is why we have some suggestions below in case you were looking for a little something to go along with your snack-filled fridge this weekend!

5. Mindhunter

One of the moodiest series I’ve seen lately, I felt like closing it within the first five minutes. For some reason though, you resist the urge and the show rewards you along the way. The story of how the bureau’s first behavioural unit came to be is exhilarating to watch. Following Holden Ford and Bill Tench in their attempts of expanding people’s perception of serial killers, through giving a psychologically sustainable rationale for their actions, the series managed to gain an IMDB score of 8.6 on its own merit.

Credit: @

4. 13 Reasons Why

The cast may be teenagers for the most part, and yet the target audience cannot be reduced to teenagers. The show demonstrated from the get go its dedication to blunt portrayals of real life issues, mainly bullying in all its forms. When a girl commits suicide, she sends out tapes which tell her story from her own perspective, in an attempt to show how she ended up taking her own life. Seasons 1 and 2 have an entirely different build up, but remain true to their unapologetic character, captivating the audience in the process.

Credit: @13 Reasons Why

3. Jessica Jones

A tormented anti-hero stars in this Marvel Netflix Original series, which is exhilarating to watch. A woman with incredible strength, who drowns her sorrows in alcohol and despises of anyone calling her a hero is forced to step up. Jessica Jones’ storyline, other than the ability to lift cars and other sort-of-heavy objects with ease, also includes struggles with regret and the individual pursuit of happiness that are relatable. The series has gone on to its second season, and it is even better than we could have imagined.

Credit: @Radio Times

2. Dark

The first German original series produced for Netflix, Dark is centred around the disappearance of two young children in a small German town. I will spare you the details in an attempt to keep this blog post a spoiler free one, but let’s just say that we’ve got one plot twist after the other, as the pieces of the puzzle come together and you are left in utter shock with the revelations.

Credit: @DARK

1. Money Heist

Think of movies you have seen in the past with robberies. Now think of the most exciting robbery concepts in those movies. Double them by ten and you will start to understand why you should clear out your schedule for the next two to three days. The “Professor” has designed the biggest robbery in history, attempting to print money at the Royal Mint of Spain. For the purposes of this plan, he recruits 8 people that go into the Mint and take hostages. The plot evolves from there in the most intriguing way possible.

Credit: @La Casa de papel Fanpage