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Top 7 Things to Do this September

Top 7 Things to Do this September

by Nina Christopoulou

September is the month that signifies the beginning of the year, in more ways than one. As Autumn officially arrives, London puts on its best show with innumerable events and activities to get you inspired and excited for the winter ahead!

7. London Brunch Fest

Foodies out there, rejoice! Your festival is here… Just when we thought London couldn’t get more of a foodie city, it proves us wrong. On the 1st and 2nd of September you will have the opportunity to visit Brick Lane for an amazing brunch experience. There are two ticket options, the basic one and of course the one for the VIB (Very Important Bruncher) depending on your relationship with brunch! For more check out the event’s dedicated website .

Credit: @London Brunch Fest

6. Tower of London Food Festival

The food is next level and the setting is one of a kind. On September 7th the historic Tower of London will open its doors and invite chefs, culinary experts, entertainment and live music acts to set the scene for an incredible weekend. What’s more? The entry to the Tower of London Food Festival is included in your ToL admission ticket. Quite the bargain wouldn’t you agree? You can always find out more or book here.

Credit: @My Way In London

5. OnBlackheath

This one has been up and running since 2014, and guarantees you will have the time of your life. A festival unlike any other, the music scene is set up by the likes of Paloma Faith, Billy Bragg and De La Soul, while the food village and family fun-filled activities compliment the music perfectly!

Credit: @ONBlackheath Festival

4. Videogames

One of the most fascinating expositions announced for the coming year, is coming to the V&A. The era of gaming unravels as this expo takes us through the artwork, animation and communities that defined gaming. Discover this one starting September 18th!

Credit: @Maxwell | Nintendólatra

3. London Design Festival

London goes out on a limb every year to prove it is the capital of design, and every year it does exactly that. We suggest you investigate your key destinations beforehand, because with eight “Design Districts” and five “Design Destinations” alongside the innumerable museums, you are going to have a tough time deciding where to go! Thankfully, the London Design Festival website has all the information you need to sort out your visits for the LDF (find out more here). Get ready to start exploring on September 16th…

Credit: @London Design Festival

2. Open house London

One of the highlights of the year would definitely have to be this great opportunity to roam through buildings normally closed to the public. The architectural wonders of London open their doors for free and invite guests to join tours, guided walks and activities! Be prepared though, this will last a mere two days (22-23). If you would like to find out more, have a look here.

Credit: @London’s Best

1. London Fashion Week Festival

This one attracts fashionistas from around the world, but it is quite an experience even for those that are not fashion crazed. From talks by industry experts to shows or shopping curated designer collections, LFW has it all! Even if attending is not in your calendar, passing by the venue means you will stumble upon some exciting street fashion – so save the date (September 20-24)! However, we suggest you have a look at their schedule as there are so many things worth your time!

Credit: @London Fashion Week Festival

Top 7 Tips to Help You Work from Home

Top 7 Tips to Help You Work from Home

by Nina Christopoulou

Working from home is preferable to commuting all the way to work or even your uni’s library. In order to be effective, though, discipline is key! We have gathered our top tips and tricks of the trade to help you out in this demanding process…

7. Set your goals

Working without a boss keeping you in check is definitely not as motivating. Time to become your own boss: set your goals for the week or the month, and keep them visible – hang them on a wall or even your fridge. This will help you stay focused!

Credit: @Nicole 🌸 Plans That Blossom

6. Make a to-do list (duh!)

As obvious as that one may be, it is easier said than done. So our tip is having your dedicated “To-Do List” notepad on your homemade work station, so you can see it and pick it up every single day. That feeling of crossing stuff off your list is unbeatable!

Credit: @Gigi • An Organised Hustler

5. Set the mood

As silly as it may seem, it’s the little things that make the difference. Anything from mood boards, to scented candles or Alpha Wave YouTube videos that help with concentration, there are always things you can do to boost your productivity levels. Do a little research, and come up with the best ambiance for you.

Credit: @Desk Life Bliss|Mariam A.

4. Veto your weekends

Weekends are sacred, and should stay that way. Well, except for deadline periods obviously! But when it comes to working from home, taking that well-deserved weekend off is mandatory so that weekdays can be productive enough.

Credit: @Drinks in the Air

3. The early-bird catches the worm

There’s a reason that this saying exists. Make a habit of waking up at a more or so set time, before 10 o’clock, and help yourself organise your life and consequently your work a little better…

Credit: @🌴 Warsaw Jungle 🌴

2. Seize the daylight

Sunshine in London is not as often as one would want. Therefore, it would make sense that when the sun’s out, you should be too! One of the benefits of creating your own schedule is being able to customise your breaks – so make a habit of chasing the sun and you will feel the difference in productivity levels.

Credit: @Melody Sanderson 👑

1. Keep in mind your me-time

Working from home can easily go over-board once you go into full-blown work craze! Don’t forget that me-time is important, especially given the time you will spend locked up at home. Do your best to socialise, take that gym break and enjoy yourself (preferably outside of the house!).

Credit: @B&K✈️ @ St Petersburg 📍

5 Tips to get you through your Not-So-Happy Days

5 Tips to get you through your Not-So-Happy Days

by Nina Christopoulou

The stress of student life can get a little bit overwhelming, as you ease your way into adulthood. When you get that under-the-weather feeling, remember our tips and find the tip that works for you, to get you through your not-so-happy days!

1. Exercise

The beneficial effects of exercise have been widely researched, that’s very well known. What may be less known is the fact that even a 7-minute workout can do wonders for your mood! So whenever you feel a little blue, put your running shoes on or simply do a couple of jumping jacks!

Credit: @SPIN

2. Plan a trip

No, no, we don’t actually mean book it. But in that case when you catch yourself not-so-happy as per usual, a little daydreaming does the trick. Have a look into flights, think about your dream destination and let your imagination run free. That’s one little hack that is bound to put a smile on your face!


3. Do a good deed

The feeling that you get when doing a good deed is definitely unbeatable. So that moment that your not-so-happy day comes knocking on your door, cook for two and take the warm meal to someone in need. Or roam through your closet and find a couple of t-shirts that even you forgot you had and give them away. Any little thing will really help you realise that it’s important to count your blessings.

Credit: @Random Acts of Kindness

4. Chocolate – the darker the better

Chocolate is a scientifically proven mood enhancer, and dark chocolate is even more so than your average milk chocolate bars. Treat yourself to a pretty low-cal dark chocolate bar and you will feel the difference!

Credit: @Amar Sirohi (Food & Lifestyle)

5. Do your very own dance party

Not sure you feel like getting out of bed? Put on that one childhood favourite party song (we all have one, let’s face it!) and do your very own dance party. You will feel energised instantly, and catch yourself smiling after the song is over!

Credit: @Dance Goals

9 Hacks for Surviving Student life

9 Hacks for Surviving Student life

by Nina Christopoulou

So… student life: easier said than done huh? Well, it’s no piece of cake that’s for sure, but we have some tips that are bound to make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable!

9. Make budgeting a priority!

Try to make it your mission to find the best way to keep yourself in check when it comes to money. There are so many ways to save money in London, from apps to brand discount schemes for students, but there’s also this: prepaid cards. You can’t go wrong with your budget if you are using a prepaid card; simply because when you run out, there’s no more where that came from! So try to find the way that works best for you, and make budgeting a priority.

Credit: @The Budget Mom by Kumiko Love

8. Familiarize yourself with the “speed read” concept.

Once you start uni, you realize soon enough that the core readings are overwhelming on their own. Then add on top of that essay readings, project research and you end up feeling like a day should have 28 hours for you to make-do. That’s where speed reads come in! Instead of going through every single word of texts that are mundane and not the focal point of your interests, try scanning them. You get a pretty good picture of what the lecture is about, without burdening yourself with a huge amount of information.

Credit: @Makenna Johnson 💛

7. Find your balance

Needless to say that student life is not all about studying. But once you get all settled in and enrolled in uni, you are going to focus on social life and perhaps it may take a little too much of your focus. Finding that golden line in between your essays and your outings from the get-go is important to get you through the next few years.

Credit: @Alice D. Holmes

6. Don’t leave your assignments to the last minute

That is to say, organize them early on, not necessarily don’t do the work last minute – although that would be good too! As much as one may love to procrastinate (let’s not kid ourselves), it’s another thing to not even know what you are supposed to do. Once the semester begins, get your assignments in line, pick a subject and do some exploratory research. This small hack is ideal especially if you are a last-minute type of person. This way, you will not run into unexpected issues last minute, plus you will be aware of what to pay special attention to during lectures and seminars!

Credit: @iSetups

5. Get to know your lecturers!

To make the most of student life is to become acquainted with the people that can immerse you in your academic work. This does not mean spending 24 hours a day at the library, but you did pick a field of studies because it peaked your interest. Therefore, it makes sense that getting to know the people that teach you means you get to unearth specific aspects of said study that may be perfect for you, but you wouldn’t come across them any other way!


4. Master the 20-min nap…

Somewhere in between the lectures, the assignments, the presentations, hitting the gym and your social life, sleep normally takes a back seat. There’s this one little thing called a power-nap and it’s your key to success. 20 minutes is enough to reduce your sleep drive and you can wake up feeling energized and ready to conquer the world!

Credit: @Bedroom Goals! 🙌🏼

3. Remember your water…

Now, this hack maybe true for your everyday life, but we had something more specific in mind. When the party goes a little too far and you have a couple more drinks than usual you normally end up with a pumping head during your next-day’s morning lecture. Chug as much water as you can and those headaches will definitely not get the better of you!

Credit: @Baard Lunde

2. Find your studying spot!

In order to study, you need to get your creative juices flowing. So location matters, and as cool as your uni library may be, there are many other spots around the city that may work much better for you, and may even be closer to your place. The Royal Festival Hall, the British Library and the Barbican are all spots to keep in mind.

Credit: @British Library

1. Stay in the Loop

Surviving student life is all good and well, but our number 1 tip is about enjoying it too: there are many ways to keep in touch with London’s greatest events, all the way from Time Out to our very own The Stay Club Blog. We recommend you keep up with what’s current because let’s face it – London has so many events that it’s a shame to miss out on them!

Credit: @Duck & Waffle

Top 7 Spots for Foodies

Top 7 Spots for Foodies

by Nina Christopoulou

1. Duck & Waffle

This 24 hour spot has the best of both worlds: an intriguing menu coupled with an astounding view. Located at the top of Heron Tower, think London at your feet when booking your window table. Their signature dish, conveniently synonymous to the restaurant, is an exquisite balance among sweet and savoury and comes with the highest of recommendations.

Credit: @Duck & Waffle

2. Punjab

The multicultural aspect of London’s food scene is undeniable, and yet it is not the easiest of tasks to find genuine flavors that will entertain your taste buds. Punjab is a wonderful exception to the rule, offering traditional Indian food – in the menu you will find traditional tandoori dishes and Punjabi specialties that will satisfy even the strictest foodie around.

Credit: @PriyankaU

3. Poppies

It would be shameful not to have the best Fish and Chips joint in London on a Top 7 of foodie spots. That’s why Poppies made the cut! The décor is commonly referred to as kitsch, and yet the food is something they know how to make. So head out to Poppies to get a taste for the most famed British meal out there!

Credit: @Infatuation London

4. The Wolseley

This one is your typical good-at-everything spot. There is not one single option on the menu that will disappoint you, but we would have to add that brunch is what they know how to do best. Londoners have a tendency of raving about Wolseley’s Egg Benedicts, and we would have to side with them on this one.

Credit: @The Wolseley

5. Burger & Lobster

Bookings are not an option in this sort-of-always-packed restaurant, and that is the only downside we can think of. Lobster is their specialty, but their menu does not have a dish that you wouldn’t want to try on to be frank. Out of the three lobster options, our vote is on the lobster roll – a quirky dish that lives up to a foodie’s high expectations!

Credit: @👩🏻‍🍳 Morgan / NYC / Barnard 🍕🍷

6. Santa Maria Pizzeria

When it comes to pizza, there are a lot of places that do it well. Santa Maria though, does pizza better than all of them combined. The selection is very generous, with nduja and burrata among the many ingredients you can pick out. All in all, their wood-fired oven does a great job whatever your pick may be.

Credit: @Santa Maria

7. The Breakfast Club

The quirky and cute interior is just a compliment to the mostly-brunch like options on the menu. Yet the star of the show is the Full Monty, a proper full English complete with black pudding, mushrooms, beans and obviously the sausage and the bacon. Can someone call themselves a proper foodie without having given the full English a go?

Credit: @The Breakfast Club Cafes