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Top Coffee Spots in London Vol. II

Top Coffee Spots in London Vol. II
by Nina Christopoulou

Since the first Volume of our favourite coffee spots around the city was so popular, we decided to do a Volume II. Of course, this was enabled by the longstanding tradition of incredible coffee spots in the city. So have a look at our second edit of top picks, and decide where your next dose of caffeine will originate from!

1. Allpress Espresso Roastery

This Shoreditch marvel is the coffee spot that serves the original Allpress Espresso which has a tradition dating back to 1987! The aesthetics of the café are excellent, and the flavour of the coffee is quite unique. It’s no coincidence that its ships all around the world, anywhere from the US to Europe and even Australia…

Credit: @Urban Coffee London

2. Workshop Coffee

This one boasts a perfect location, at the heart of Fitzrovia. The coffee is killer, and there is an incredible coffee subscription program through which you receive a monthly package suitable strictly for coffee addicts! The note attached to it gives you more info on where your coffee originated from, giving you insight as to its origins (place and people that is).

Credit: @Workshop Coffee

3. Farm Girl Café

Ever heard of a Rose Latte? No? Well, now you have. And it is definitely delicious; but then again so is the entire coffee selection of Farm Girl. The menu is quite extensive with options such as the Liquid Gold Latte and Butterfly Matcha which sound and taste divine. These Aussie cafes pride themselves for their coffee and great but most importantly healthy food options! Now there’s one coffee spot that makes it to the top of everyone’s list!

Credit: @Farm Girl Cafe

4. Briki

This little known coffee corner in Angel is ideal for coffee lovers! The flavor of coffee is perfect, while it also has one of the best versions of Freddos (espresso or cappuccino that is). Their love for coffee is evident, and our love of Briki should be too! Wouldn’t you agree?

Credit: @Briki London

5. Story Coffee

A mere minutes away from Capham Junction, Story Coffee has found the perfect way to balance out the hustle and bustle of the nearby commute routes with the serene environment afforded by the minimal Scandinavian interior. Needless to say that its coffee is sublime! Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Credit: @Story Coffee

6. HR Higgins

When it comes to coffee, HR Higgins know their stuff, and that is evident from the moment you walk through the doors. Their staff are not only polite, but also knowledgeable, a skill useful for the coffee connoisseurs out there! But the biggest selling point in our opinion: the perfect desserts you can accompany your coffee with… Their dessert selection knows how to steal the show!

Credit: @HR Higgins London

7. Monocle Café

The pinstriped tent at Chiltern Street marks the spot. This one is petite, but don’t let the size fool you! You will find yourself mesmerized by everything from the Allpress blended roast to the staff and ambiance… It also has a modest selection of pastries and dishes that you will find yourself drooling over.


8. Origin Coffee Roasters

Origin is cool, hip, funky and any other trendy adjective that comes to mind! CN Traveler included the Charlotte Road branch in its list of 18 top coffee spots around London, so how could it be missing from ours? An insider’s tip though: it’s not exclusive to London, with coffee shops in Cornwall as well.

Credit: @Origin Coffee Roasters

9. Rosslyn Coffee

This newcomer is one to keep an eye out for. Rosslyn coffee is well rooted in Melbourne’s coffee culture, and the London branch opened its doors in 2018 to entice us to spice up our coffee preferences. Specialty coffee in London will never be the same after Rosslyn, so we suggest you give their coffee a try as soon as possible!


10. Camden Coffee Co.

This one stands by the visitors of the Camden Market, giving them their caffeine shot before they start their long day of shopping and browsing around. And they do a very good job at that, offering a quality brew, and one of the best Freddos around the city – we recommend the Freddo Espresso which is quite strong and quite perfect if you ask us!

Credit: @Camden Coffee Co.

An account of 51 weeks… OR Let’s get Personal

An account of 51 weeks… OR Let’s get Personal

by Nina Christopoulou

“51 or 42 weeks? Or maybe less?” I thought to myself as I was trying to book what would be my safe haven for the upcoming year. When student life knocks on your door and tells you to leave your familiar surroundings, things can get a bit tricky. The house you will live in will play a major role in how your academic life unfolds, so it is important to feel that you have made the right choice. When I arrived at The Stay Club, exactly 52 weeks ago now, I didn’t know what to expect. The virtual tours of the rooms certainly helped, but that wasn’t what I was curious about. It was important to feel the ambiance of the place, see the expressions of the people (both residents and employees alike).


In the mayhem of the check in day I could see the building was beautiful, but that was about all I could see. Admittedly, it wasn’t until the first couple of weeks passed, and my daze from the change in countries faded, that I started to realize the value of the place. Mainly, there is the correct balance between solitude and loudness. You can find your alone time whenever you want to, but in those occasions that you would rather not be locked up in your studio your options are endless. The easiest one is the lobby, but there are also classrooms packed with people who will be in the same stressed situation as you and of course the patio or the entrance.


My personal experience dictates that I become somewhat of a weirdo when immerged in situations, people, or places that excite this unfamiliar feeling in me – it’s as if I lag functionality at that moment. Naturally, this creates a great amount of stress for a newcomer; and yet I soon realized it was not necessary for me to feel this way. The environment was somehow able to make the transition easier, and the unfamiliar feeling faded sooner than I thought.


What surprised me most in my experience though, were the weeks leading up to my dissertation. The dissertation, as the pinnacle of student life’s stress, an accumulation of every little source of anxiety you have ever experienced all at once, is a challenging time. And during that challenging time, you need all the support you can get!

When I decided to finish the bigger part of the project while in London, I was not quite sure about my choice. In a surprising turn of events though, it was at that time that it became evident that The Stay Club was more than a student accommodation; rather, it was a community on its own merit. From the polite and always smiling café owners, to the reception team that will always make you laugh with one pawn or another, or the maintenance team that greets you every time despite rushing for one thing or the other, you can feel a part of this place in some way or another.

Personally, it was at that time when my 12 hour shifts at the lobby would be made bearable by the fact that I was in fact at that lobby, that I realised I had to pat myself in the back for choosing to stay here!