New Year’s Resolutions … and how to stick to them!
by Nina Christopoulou

It’s January 10th today, otherwise known as the date by which most New Year’s Resolutions have become a thing of the past, their glory and promise even more short-lived than the food served during New Year’s Eve. However, the caring team of The Stay Club is determined to help those of you still holding on to their resolutions, supplying you with both inspiration, as well as the best digital tools to make the most of 2019!

1. Fight the Stress

Stress feels like one of the most overwhelming negative feelings we encounter throughout the course of our lives, and the hardest to combat. This is especially the case when it comes to student life, which more-often-than-not becomes a little too hectic to handle. Taking a few minutes to yourself per day is the key to combatting stress, as you remember that you need to slow down and unwind on a daily basis. Headspace is the perfect app to help you do precisely that, through meditation! You can rely on this app to get some basic insight as to how to meditate, and tons of information essential to add a touch of calm and a pinch of mindfulness to your daily life.

2. Implement and nurture your good habits

Arguably this one is a little too vague; yet it is not the good habit(s) that you choose to implement that is at stake here, but rather how to stick with it throughout 2019. Picking a positive element to incorporate into your everyday routine is part and parcel with the arrival of the New Year, and the inspiration that we all feel with the new beginning. Habitica is what you need in order to maintain that habit for the entirety of the year; the app has a gamified approach to real life, enabling you to feel like you are playing an interactive game that intertwines with your everyday life. This way you get your dose of fun and exercise or healthy eating or whatever else it is that you are dedicated to doing more of this year!

3. Opt for organisation

New Year, New You and all the rest… How about you start with de-cluttering your life? Twenty-four hours per day are not enough for you to tackle everything that needs to get done and your daily to-do lists! That’s why Wunderlist is the next addition you should be making to your phone’s apps… The To-Do List Heaven as I would rather call it is efficient, easy and best of all: it boasts a sharing option that is ideal for teamworking!

4. Read More

Reading one book per week equals to a jaw-dropping 52 books per year! Yet very few people realise the benefits of a regular reading cycle, let alone how many wonderful new pieces of information they can learn by making the simple change of reading a tad more. The best thing about technology today, is that it allows you to overcome problems that you would otherwise face. For example, if your backpack is always a little too heavy for your taste, instead of burdening it with more weight, it’s best to try Kindle. On the other hand, if your commute to work is always too packed for you to comfortably relax in a seat and take out your book, Audible may be just the thing for you. Amazon’s huge selection of audio books available in your phone, making your access to books easy and hassle-free – probably also very alluring to those that do not enjoy the actual process of reading a book, but still want the knowledge that comes along with them! Last, but most definitely not least, Scribd is your go-to source of inspiration. This app enables your access to magazines, audio books, graphic novels, scientific articles, government reports and anything else that comes to mind. Did we mention it comes with a recommendation system?!

5. Put your health in the forefront

It feels like every new beginning is marked by the aspiration of a healthier lifestyle. This may very well be the case because as healthy as one may be, there are always ways to be even healthier! MyFitnessPal is the trusted companion you need in your life for that purpose. This app allows you to track your calorie intake, therefore opting for a leaner figure if that’s one of your new goals, but you also have the option to scan your supermarket items and get more nutritional information (sourced from a wowing database of over 5 million foods!). This entails that you will not only be able to take better care of your diet, but through instantly solving any questions that pop to mind you will educate yourself on your diet choices!