7 Must-Visit Museums in London
by Nina Christopoulou

In the cultural mecca that is London, choosing which museums to visit first is undoubtedly a challenge. In case you would like a little guidance on which are the top picks, we have selected a few for you:

1. Tate Modern

Personal favourite and something more than a museum – an experience on its own right! Even those indifferent to contemporary art can not resist its charms. The numerous exhibitions are an added plus! Tip: Don’t miss the swing sets for three, currently placed in the Turbine Hall.

Credit: @Sterling Chandler

2. Natural History Museum

The building alone is breath-taking, but the various collections inside of it leave you in awe. Understandably, the most popular being the Dinosaurs – and yes you do get Jurassic Park jitters. Tip: Did I mention the gigantic roaring T-Rex?

Credit: @Paloma

3. Victoria and Albert Museum

Dubbed the world’s leading art and design museum, it lives up to its title! The permanent exhibition is more or less all-inclusive, and there are frequent exhibitions for all preferences. Tip: The Jewellery collection will definitely dazzle you!

Credit: @dephreq • 📍London

4. The British Museum

No introduction required here I would say. Around 8 million works originating from all continents fascinate guests, and it takes strong perseverance to manage most of the museum in one go. Tip: Do not miss the Rosetta Stone and Elgin marbles.

Credit: @Alona | London📍

5. The Design Museum

A new addition to London’s museum scene, the Design Museum opened its doors in 2016 with a rather small but immensely interesting main exhibition. Tip: While you are there, don’t forget to look up: the modern architectural structure of the ceiling is impressive as well.

Credit: @Andy

6. The Saatchi Gallery

Well, not exactly a museum but it made it to the list nonetheless! High ceilings, white walls and scarcely placed paintings and sculptures offer an experience like no other. Tip: The Gallery’s shop has the most miscellaneous findings.

Credit: @Leslie. P •

7. National Portrait Gallery

From Picasso to Rembrandt and Van Gogh, the National Portrait Gallery (conveniently located in Trafalgar Square) houses more than 2000 works! Tip: Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” is worth more than a momentary gaze!

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