7 Things To Do In London This February
by Nina Christopoulou

1. In case you have not had a chance to visit the New Orlean’s Mardi Gras celebrations – it’s ok, that is what bucket lists are for! You can simply pop over to East London – The Oval Space! The crew at Shabba Party have got Mardi Gras festivities covered for you: performers, live acts and great DJs all included. Did I forget to mention that tickets are pretty cheap too?

Credit: @Mardi Gras World

2. In case you ever wandered what is underneath Waterloo station (I know I didn’t) – the answer would be tunnels. But during February, that would just be the VAULT Festival, which is bound to take your breath away. Top picks amongst its many shows: The Becoming Shades Immersive Circus (I was personally sold with the aerialists) and The Bleeding Heart Ball (you guessed it right: “anti-valentines” is the main theme).

Credit: @We Are Waterloo UK

3. Pizza? Did someone say Pizza? National Pizza Day is around the corner and Hawker House in Canada Water decided to do us a solid and gather the ten best pizza makers in London. For the foodies or just pizza lovers out there, the event is taking place on February 8th.

Credit: @

4. Starting February 10th, the Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens is promising to say the least. From handcrafted umbrellas to street-food, this flowery event has all things Thai and is worth your attention!

Credit: @Kew Gardens

5. Save the date: February 16th! Dubbed the “largest event outside of Asia”, the celebrations for the Chinese New Year begin at Trafalgar Square and go all the way to China Town, mesmerising viewers with floats, acrobats and of course the traditional red and golden dragons! But there is even more to it than that: The Stay Club is hosting its very own Chinese New Year extravaganza with food, music and fortune cookies! So after the China Town show, head over to any of our three residences – party starts at 9pm! In case you need more info, you can let us know at events@thestayclub.com

Credit: @London Revealed

6. Fashion enthusiasts will love to take a sneak peak at the London Fashion Week Festival. It has rightly earned its title as the fashion event of the season, and it is conveniently located at Strand. Probably the best thing about it: it has affordable ticket prices! So get yourself some tickets before they vanish!

Credit: @London Fashion Week Festival

7. Could not resist but add a second food-related one here: the Parliamentary Pancake Race! Politics and food meddling to create an enjoyable experience for a good cause on February 13th. If that is not a must see, then I don’t know what is!

Credit: @JBrown ®