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Five Reasons Why Winter Wonderland is a festive must

Five Reasons Why Winter Wonderland is a Festive Must
by Nina Christopoulou

It’s that time of year again and London has upheld the longstanding tradition of making you feel like a 5 year old who still believes Santa is on his way. Apart from the festive lights and the Christmas music, Hyde Park’s hidden gem, Winter Wonderland, made it’s way back for the 11th time. In case you haven’t had a chance to pop in for a visit, here are some reasons why you may want to re-think that:

1. The adrenaline

Oh no, I am not confused, that was correctly written. Winter Wonderland has many rides that you will love regardless of your preference- from the Air for thrill enthusiasts to Ice Mountain for those who are curious to see what the Arctic is all about.

Credit: @TPA Photography

Tip: The Munich Looping is a personal favourite!

2. The food

It would be impossible to try to fit all the food options here. Hinting on some highlights though, there is a Bavarian village and it is even bigger than previous years since it comes with the traditional Octoberfest experience included: The Almhütte. In the case that rusty wooden chalets and flame grilled salmon is not for you, there are numerous street food options as well as the Arctic Lodge and the Carousel bar to help you brave the cold during your visit!

Credit: @Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Tip: The Glühwein will keep you warm and cozy!

3. The Christmas shopping:

No need to panic over Christmas shopping anymore, you can stumble upon anything you want here. The Angels market has anything you could wish for while doing your Christmas shopping.

Credit: @Maëlle 🌴

Tip: The ornaments are a must!

4. The karaoke

Bar Hütte gives you the chance to rent your own hütte (drink included in the ticket) and sing-a-long to the Christmas classics. If all else fails, karaoke-ing with your friends is bound to bring out your festive self!

Credit: @Bar Hütte

Tip: the sweet calzone is worth the taste.

5. The Bar Ice

It is all you could imagine in an ice bar, and even more! The only thing it is not, is warm and cozy (the temperature is -10°C!)- but they’ve got you covered! You’ll be provided with a winter cloak and gloves on arrival.

Credit: @Ellie

Tip: The Instagram-perfect venue sells out fast- so book in advance to be sure.

The grandiose tribute to festive fun is worth a peek, especially considering that entry is free and opening hours accommodate all: 10 am to 10 pm. Remember, you only have until January 1st (well, there is always next year – but why wait?)

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