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Easy and Cheap Ways to Personalise your Home in London

Easy and Cheap Ways to Personalise your Home in London
by Nina Christopoulou

Your house during your student life is less a home and more like a haven, protecting you from the stress and worries of the outside world. Consequently, it is very important that you make it your own – but when walking in to an already furnished space that is kind of hard to do. That’s why we found the best means of personalising your home for you:


London is a city with the bare minimum of sunlight, therefore lighting in your place is essential. From adding a couple of extra lamps to changing your lamp’s hat to a lighter colour, try to find your own lighting in order to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Credit: @Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

Mirrors are not only useful for checking hairstyles and outfits prior to your big Saturday night – decorating your room with more mirrors opens up the space and adds shimmer. Also, it’s a cost-friendly alternative to works of art (especially if you make a trip to IKEA). Well, all that is except if you are living at the Stay Club, where mirrors are an essential part of the studio’s design!

Credit: @Alexander James Interiors

Hoorray for student friendly sites

There are tons of sites which offer a pretty convenient student discount and some amazing home decor options. From Asos to Urban Outfitters, their home section will blow your mind and you can get a 10% discount anytime. Then again, there is also Primark where student discounts are not available, but not needed either as their low-cost items are worth a look through.

Credit: @Caitie

Memories abound

Relocating is always a lonesome process at first. So make sure your greatest memories come along with you. Whether it is in the form of polaroids attached to your hanging twinkly lights, a collage for your wall or good old frames (see student friendly stores for some of the latter), your photographs of beloved friends, family and moments can help make your place your own in no time.

Credit: @L e a R u g o l e 🖤

Pillowfights, now

Cushions and blankets are rarely provided even if bedding is. So, why not get a few to spruce things up a bit? Ignore the boring monochrome ones and go for funky patterns that mix well with the space’s colours in order to put your personal touch. You can also use your own old t-shirts as a fabric, buying only the cheap fluffy fill for cushions.

Credit: @Julie Denby

Vision boards are a must

What better way of personalising your studio other than splurging your own thoughts and plans on the walls? From a poster board to a cork board or a small canvas there are many cheap alternatives you can use. All that is left then is to gather your inspirational bits and pieces and arrange them as you please.

Credit: @Anna Granberg Kalaritou

10 AWESOME Apps to use if you’re moving to London!

10 AWESOME Apps to use if you’re moving to London!
by Nina Christopoulou

As wonderful as London may be, it can also be overwhelming upon first encounter. But fear not, we’ve got you covered! From nights out to transport, we have uncovered the top picks for must- have apps that will help you tackle the London chaos on a daily basis. And here they are:

1. Citymapper

You can wipe the puzzled expression off your face- you don’t have to navigate through London transportation solo anymore! Citymapper has everything you need. Type in point A and point B on your app and Citymapper will do the rest for you.

Credit: @App Ecstasy

2. Uber

Black cabs are a trademark of the capital, up there on the list next to red buses and phone booths. However, they can also have a steep fare a little too often- Uber takes care of both your transport and your budget in a few simple clicks.

Credit: @e l i s e ╳ ,

3. Santander Cycles

The weather does not permit casual bike strolls very often, but when it does this app comes in handy. It will take care of the docking stations for you, so there’s one less thing to worry about!

Credit: @Yangki Suara

4. London Coffee Network

If you are a coffee enthusiast like myself, this app will quickly climb to your phone’s top 5. Schedule your daily caffeine fix in artisan coffee shops with a point reward system that will get you hooked on the app for sure.

Credit: @Nazish Minhas

5. Quidup

As a student, time is of the essence, so forget cooking or running out to grab a bite. Quidup will make sure you won’t starve during deadline periods. Oh, also it will take care of clothing pickups, makeup drop-offs, and many more.

Credit: @Cantina Del Ponte

6. Drinki

Living on a budget and living in London are two concepts hard to combine. When it comes to your nights out, however, Drinki helps cut back- you get a free drink on a number of cute bars around London and even more, if you refer your friends. Cheers mate!

Credit: @Rojia Lani’kai

7. Redi

When you want to dine out, Redi is much needed: choose your restaurant out of a list of nearby options. Browse the menu. Order. Then get ready and get yourself to the restaurant where your cooked meal will await you!

Credit: @Joanna’s Restaurant

8. ATM Hunter

Cashless is a generally preferred mode of play in London. But for those times when you realise last minute that you will need cash in the next five minutes, the ATM Hunter will save you the effort of frantically asking around strangers where you’ll find the closest ATM.

Credit: @Lewis Currie

9. Bizzby

All household and personal services you may need in one app. What’s more, they have already been Bizzby approved! Convenient to say the least.

Credit: @Michele Bertoli

10. TimeOut London

Yeah, we know we are doing a pretty good job keeping you up to date on all relevant London- related knowledge. But for those times you need a little something extra and tailored to your preferences, TimeOut London is your entertainment go-to guide!

Credit: @Time Out London

Where to celebrate Easter in London?

Where to celebrate Easter in London?
by Nina Christopoulou

Easter is just around the corner and London has a lot of surprises in store for you! We have gathered up the best experiences for the Easter weekend all in one place, so you can go ahead and make your plans ASAP!

1.The Egg Hunt

Easter, mystery, puzzles and golden eggs all in one. A special edition of Time Run has been prepared just for you – golden eggs that have disappeared through a time portal await your problem-solving skills in an immersive experience that you do not want to miss.

Credit: @Craig Irvine

2.Dust out your Disco outfits!

The Oval Space is preparing to celebrate not only your upbeat Easter mood, but also Fever 105’s fifth birthday. The more reasons to show your disco moves, the better! Right? Sunday, April 1 marks the date! Oh, did I forget to mention the street food and cocktails?

Credit: @

3.Pop Brixton is ready for you!

Pop’s Easter bonanza is filled with hip hop fun. On Sunday, April 1st you will get to try out your breakdancing skills in class, and participate in (oh!) so many hip hop themed activities. Bound to have you dancing till the break of dawn!

Credit: @Pop Brixton

4.Easter themed afternoon teas

Well, afternoon tea is a tradition and what could you ask for if not an Easter twist to the tradition? The answer is easy – multiple Easter themed afternoon tea experiences! Whether you pick Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at One Aldwych or the Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea at the Sanderson, you are bound to enjoy a unique experience!

Credit: @The Food Gallery 🍽🍷

5.Chocolate eggs

In my personal experience, when I hear the word Easter there is one thing that automatically comes to mind – chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies – you name it! Thankfully, there is a swarm of options when it comes to dazzling, mouthwatering Easter treats. Fortnum & Mason’s Easter delicacies are a must, but then again so are La Maison du Chocolat at Harrods, Choccywoccydoodah, Charbonnel et Walker and the list goes on and on.

Credit: @Fortnum & Mason

Top 7 Things To Do in London This April

Top 7 Things To Do in London This April
by Nina Christopoulou

In a sleepless city you can expect that events will be popping up from one day to the next. Well, April has too many of them scheduled – from cooking classes to fun nights along the Thames, we have hunted the top 7 down for you.

7. Dim Sum Masterclasses

Dim Sum Masterclasses at the Chinese Cricket Club Restaurant offer a unique culinary experience. In a multicultural capital, why not try your hand at a foreign cuisine to extend your international cultural education? You will have the opportunity to participate on 3 Mondays of April!

Credit: @Chinese Cricket Club

6. London Coffee Festival

Coffee lovers, rejoice! The London Coffee Festival is on its way to Brick Lane. From April 12th to the 15th you will have a chance to explore anything coffee related (and much more). Live music, interactive workshops and coffee based cocktails are just a small portion of what you will come across during this amazing experience. It’s the festival’s 7th year and – given what they have in store for us – it is bound to be the best one yet!

Credit: @The London Coffee Festival

5. Summer Day & Night Rooftop

Brixton is preparing for its Summer Day & Night Rooftop on Saturday, April 21st and it is promising to say the least. Two rooftop spaces alongside a main club space and a rum shack cocktail bar will welcome you to a House and Disco classics night of dancing and drinking!

Credit: @marina

4. LDS

The London Disco Society is celebrating its 6th birthday, and you are in for a treat. Brace yourselves for a Disco night at Shoreditch, on April 6th. LDS will speak to your inner Discomaniac in a setting full of Keith Harring inspired tribal artwork!

Credit: @D O P E D I S C O

3. Underbelly Festival

Southbank welcomes the Underbelly Festival for one more year – keep in mind this one runs all through the summer so if you don’t have time in April you will have a chance to check it out later! Street food, drinks, comedic shows, circus and cabaret shows – you name it, Underbelly has it! Added plus? Entrance to street food and drinking area is free! Tickets are required for live shows only.

Credit: @Underbelly Festival

2. The Dutch Master Silent Disco

Ready to try out something new? How about a silent disco? What if I told you it was on a party boat? The Dutch Master, an impressive two story party boat is hosting its Silent Sounds Boat Party, Saturdays all through April. Just put on your headphones, choose your tunes and dance your heart off!

Credit: @White Hart – Hertford

1. Cocktail Extravaganza at One Marylebone

The world’s best bartenders are preparing for 3 nights during April at One Marylebone. Prepare to try out cocktails like never before, with an incredible line up of bars participating in what Conde Nast Traveller dubbed: “A delectable festival of drinks”, that will take place on 5-7 April.

Credit: @Tales of the Cocktail

8 Most Instagrammable Places in London

8 Most Instagrammable Places in London
by Nina Christopoulou

London is the mecca of aspiring photographers and Instagrammers alike, with virtually every corner offering for an amazing frame. But which spots promise the most likes? We’ve gathered a few for you below, a sort of “starter’s guide” to vivid Instagram content!

1. Peggy Porschen:

An all pink backdrop for your shots, an entrance that changes its flower arrangement constantly and treats that can create a standalone frame, this cafe is renowned for its long queues and Instagram friendly ambiance. Tip: it’s a risky move trying to find a table during the weekend!

Credit: @Peggy Porschen

2. Neal’s Yard:

AKA Covent Garden’s secret spot – a well disguised alley where cafes, colourful buildings and foliage abound! Tip: Try it on a sunny day, it’s worth the wait.

Credit: @Secret London

3. Dalloway Terrace:

The interior of the restaurant is jaw dropping, and the added plus: the food is great as well! Tip: There is a heated outdoor space for chilly winter evenings.

Credit: @Comino Couture London

4. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel:

A click of the staircase will convince you that the hotel is worth a visit. Tip: After a stroll around the amazing interior of the hotel, the bar is a wonderful place to kick your heels up and end your day.

Credit: @Condé Nast Traveler

5. Biscuiteers:

If I said that all of Notting Hill is a gem I would be simply stating the obvious. Instead, I prefer to nudge you towards the Biscuit Boutique that has righteously earned its title! The cafe’s facade will definitely dazzle you. Tip: The biscuits are both tasty and Instagrammable (it’s a win-win kind of thing!)

Credit: @S T Lam 🌎

6. Sketch:

Every inch of this bar and restaurant will speak to your artsy self. One thing is for sure: you will not be the only one searching for the right click. Tip: Don’t forget to take your phone with you when visiting the ladies’ room. You will know why when you get there!

Credit: @The Social Fleur

7. Elan Cafe:

In this cute little cafe it is not the facade that’s Instagram worthy – more so the seductive flower wall located inside. Tip: The dishes match the cafe’s pretty pink hues!

Credit: @Polina’s Privé Fine Lingerie

8. Tate Modern:

Closing with an obvious one, the Tate is always a frame filled heaven – what’s more there are so many different perspectives from which to capture. Tip: The orange wall on the third floor is a perfect backdrop for a portrait!


7 Must-Visit Museums in London

7 Must-Visit Museums in London
by Nina Christopoulou

In the cultural mecca that is London, choosing which museums to visit first is undoubtedly a challenge. In case you would like a little guidance on which are the top picks, we have selected a few for you:

1. Tate Modern

Personal favourite and something more than a museum – an experience on its own right! Even those indifferent to contemporary art can not resist its charms. The numerous exhibitions are an added plus! Tip: Don’t miss the swing sets for three, currently placed in the Turbine Hall.

Credit: @Sterling Chandler

2. Natural History Museum

The building alone is breath-taking, but the various collections inside of it leave you in awe. Understandably, the most popular being the Dinosaurs – and yes you do get Jurassic Park jitters. Tip: Did I mention the gigantic roaring T-Rex?

Credit: @Paloma

3. Victoria and Albert Museum

Dubbed the world’s leading art and design museum, it lives up to its title! The permanent exhibition is more or less all-inclusive, and there are frequent exhibitions for all preferences. Tip: The Jewellery collection will definitely dazzle you!

Credit: @dephreq • 📍London

4. The British Museum

No introduction required here I would say. Around 8 million works originating from all continents fascinate guests, and it takes strong perseverance to manage most of the museum in one go. Tip: Do not miss the Rosetta Stone and Elgin marbles.

Credit: @Alona | London📍

5. The Design Museum

A new addition to London’s museum scene, the Design Museum opened its doors in 2016 with a rather small but immensely interesting main exhibition. Tip: While you are there, don’t forget to look up: the modern architectural structure of the ceiling is impressive as well.

Credit: @Andy

6. The Saatchi Gallery

Well, not exactly a museum but it made it to the list nonetheless! High ceilings, white walls and scarcely placed paintings and sculptures offer an experience like no other. Tip: The Gallery’s shop has the most miscellaneous findings.

Credit: @Leslie. P •

7. National Portrait Gallery

From Picasso to Rembrandt and Van Gogh, the National Portrait Gallery (conveniently located in Trafalgar Square) houses more than 2000 works! Tip: Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” is worth more than a momentary gaze!

Credit: @

7 Reasons you should move to study in London

7 Reasons you should move to study in London TODAY
by Nina Christopoulou

London seems to be the obvious option when contemplating studying abroad, but why is it really that valued? Having spent some time in London as a student, I narrowed down why I believe that everyone should consider studying in London!

1. Unis

Couldn’t resist but begin with the basics. London has over 40 higher education institutions, amassing a total student population which exceeds 400,000. The reputation that these institutions have gained globally is by itself a substantial motive, but so is the opportunity to experience the UK educational system which – as per my experience – is unique in its approach!

Credit: @University College London

2. Culture

London is promulgated as a cultural hub, not without reason! Museums, musicals, theatre, exhibitions, street installations – you name it, London has it! There are new experiences to see every month in the city that does not allow you to be bored.

Credit: @Secret London

3. Pubs

They are everywhere and they are definitely worth a tour! From Anchor Bankside featuring a breathtaking view of the Thames to Spaniards Inn, there is a variety for all ages and tastes. Student life anxiety is definitely tamed with a good ale in your arm!

Credit: @Alejandro Piorno PHOTOGRAPHY

4. Trips

Although free time as a student is subject to question, whenever you are able to find a day or two you have unlimited opportunities to take a breather! Trips are easy to make in London and more importantly, there are budget options. Whether your interest lies in exploring England or travel abroad, London is the place for you.

Credit: @OxfordLens

5. Food

A great selection of incredible tastes and authentic food from a variety of cuisines is a characteristic of the city and a must when it comes to student life. Ranging from Indian restaurants considered to offer the best of Indian cuisine, street food markets and pop-up food events, you will need discipline to not go all out!

Credit: @Dessert Jewels

6. Discounts

Student budgets are respected here, despite the ultimately high cost of London life. Discounts are offered to anything from your Oyster card to your much-needed Topshop shopping spree, making you feel special and deserving of little perks! So don’t forget to sign up to UniDays!

Credit: @Unidays_UK

7. The Stay Club

Couldn’t finish the list without mentioning the Stay Club now, could I? If student life is to become comfortable, then this would be the place it happens! The Stay Club Cafe has got your stomach covered, the 24 hour reception is there for deliveries, your emergencies or simply to chat and the linen service caters to your laziness. So all that you need to worry about is time-management and how to become a billiard pro (yeah, we got one of those tables in our lobby – surprised?).


How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in London

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in London
by Nina Christopoulou

One of the highlights of London’s annual events is, as you may have already guessed, St. Patrick’s Day! March 16th marks the beginning of the celebrations, but they don’t end within 24 hours, but instead, March 18th. Green decorations, rivers of Guinness and bits and pieces of Irish culture make up this extraordinary experience – for those of you that have not experienced Paddy’s Day in London before, here are the essential pieces of information.

1. The parade – DO NOT miss the parade!

At 12 pm the impressive bands, colourful floats and Irish dancing schools start marching down Piccadilly – on the 18th of March, that is! A sight that you should not miss, the parade is a fun tribute to Ireland’s patron saint.

Credit: @Only In Boston

2. There is a festival too!

Once you have seen enough of the parade you can make your way down to Trafalgar Square. You will find Irish food in all its glory, craft stalls for the birthday gifts you have forgotten to get, and performances to accompany your stride.

Credit: @Luca Cornetto

3. Have I not mentioned the Guinness?

London’s Irish pubs and bars are dressing up in their appropriate green ensembles and serving Guinness aplenty throughout the weekend. And yes, Guinness is a must, as it has been enjoyed at every St. Patrick’s Day since Arthur Guinness set up his brewery in 1759 (that seems like a long time, huh?).

Credit: @Kristoffjmanz 🇵🇭

4. Yeap, the film festival seems pretty cool!

For those of you that want to emerge themselves a little more into Irish culture, this is a perfect pick! From March 16th to March 18th, the St. Patrick’s Film Festival has short films, Q&A’s and UK premieres in store for you. You can find out more about the film festival here:

Credit: @Rust Belt Craft and Cake

5. #IamIrish

St. Patrick’s Day is mostly fun and games, but this Photographic Exhibition taps into societal issues in the most magnificent way. The project was envisioned as a means of portraying what it really means to be Irish, via an intimate study of 24 mixed race Irish people. The exhibition runs from March 14th to April 13th at City Hall and is worth your attention!

Credit: @Freddy | Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪🌍⛵✈☘


by Nina Christopoulou

7. The Great Daffodil Appeal

The Great Daffodil Appeal is making a come-back in 2018 for a great cause! Head over to Paternoster square to be dazzled by the 4,000 illuminated daffodils, hear letters from patient’s families describing the incredible work Marie Curie Nurses do in support of those affected by terminal illnesses and their families, and contribute your own message to the installation. You will have a chance to do so until Sunday, 11 March.

Credit: @Rick Barker

6. March4Women

Αny plans for March 4th? No? Not yet? Well now you do- the March4Women is taking place, and no it is not just a female thing! From Sadiq Khan to Bianca Jagger all will be present, supporting gender equality. The rally ends in Trafalgar Square where inspirational speeches, music and entertainment will abound.

Credit: @Daniela Estevez Fernandez

5. St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day is a must-do in this city. Don’t be fooled by the term “Day”- the celebration is a weekend thing with all sorts of activities available. Most notable of said activities is of course the parade. But I wouldn’t want to disclose too much info- you can prepare your Paddy’s weekend when we release our guide on the top things to checkout for St. Patrick’s day!

Credit: @The Hummingbird Bakery

4. Hope to Nope

An exhibition bound to bring out your skeptical self, Hope to Nope chronicles the most turbulent events of the past decade. Opening on March 28th, it is definitely worth popping over to the Design Museum for a stroll around the exhibition!

Credit: @Isobel (Finn) Dennis

3. The Oscars

The Oscars are just around the corner, and there is no better way to enjoy them than with your friends, in a comfortable chair and a huge screen! How is that possible you ask? Well, we’ve got you covered. The Stay Club Colindale is hosting an Oscars screening in the cinema room (no, that’s not a typo, I am referring to an actual cinema room). There is also a popcorn machine. Also not a typo. So your Sunday night (March 4th) is now reserved, I presume?


2. London Beer Week

In other news, London Beer Week is closing up and my excitement level is rising dangerously. The seven-day festival requires a Digital Pass which entitles you to 5 pound Beer Flights in over 75 bars across the city. I am definitely sold. Hurry, it’s closing up: 12 to 18th of March.

Credit: @The Sun Tavern

1. The Cancer Research UK Boat Race

Sports for a good cause between Britain’s top universities sounds kind of cool. On March 24th, The Cancer Research UK Men’s and Women’s Boat Race will take place. Position yourself on either side of the Thames (tip: Putney Bridge or Duke’s Meadows are some of the best viewing spots) to see Oxford and Cambridge compete with each other as almost 250,000 viewers cheer along!

Credit: @Parmigiani Fleurier


by Nina Christopoulou

The fact that London has a lot to offer has been said before. What needs stressing is the importance of trying out the food in this city – and there are plenty of street food markets tailored to everyone’s needs!  

1. One of the most renowned street food scenes is KERB food market in Camden. Given Camden’s alternative character and variety of offerings, it would be unthought of that the market would not be accompanied by a street food market equally impressive. You will find it just across the street from our Camden residence!
Tip: Wheelcake Island is bound to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Credit: @Robert Cross

2. For those which have a soft spot for Asian cuisine, Bang Bang Oriental is a must (conveniently located just ten minutes from our Colindale residence). With 33 individual kiosks it is safe to say that it is an all inclusive venue.
Tip: The egg waffles at Chatime!

Credit: @Manila Kitchen

3. The Borough market needs no introduction to Londoners and tourists alike – more than 1,000 years of supplying food have rendered it synonymous with the London food scene. No need for a tip here! Just trust your instinct…

Credit: @Ali

4. Victorian railway surroundings and incredible tastes make the Maltby street food market in Southwark worth a visit.
Tip: Sausage enthusiasts are bound to appreciate Herman Ze German.

Credit: @Nathalie QGC ✈️🌎✌🏼🇧🇷

5. Shoreditch is an area known for many things (first and foremost its vibrant atmosphere) – Boxpark being at the top of the list. The shipping container complex offers an abundance of mouthwatering venues to explore, so don’t dare waste your next Sunday outing on anything else!
Tip: Falafelicious does not disappoint!

Credit: @My Darling Londres 💕