Best Christmas Markets Around Britain
by Nina Christopoulou

The merry and festive spirit may have a stronger presence in London, however, it is the entire UK that is prepping tirelessly to offer beautiful Christmas venues for the enjoyment of its residents. Our new post will walk you through the most intriguing Christmas Markets in the UK, and perhaps give you a little inspo for one-day trips here and there during December!

5. Bath Christmas Market

The beloved Bath Christmas Market has been voted the best one for 2017, and we can’t wait to see what the 2018 edition will have in store for the festive season! It seems that this year, Bath has some exciting things in the works – other than the 180 glistening chalets spread out around the picturesque streets, the main focus of the market is the central square, which is perfectly located among the 16th century abbey and the majestic Roman Baths. This year the market will take a turn for the better, introducing a green section with eco-friendly decorations to purchase among other goodies!

4. Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market

As the largest outdoor Christmas Market in the UK, and the biggest German one outside of Germany, it stands to reason that Birmingham’s market is renowned for its uniqueness and strong Christmas vibes. The combination of delicious bratwurst, German beer and indulgent Glühwein screams Christmas and rightly so!

3. Leeds Christmas Market

This market is a stunner primarily because of its location! Christmas shopping and festive walks have never been in a more idyllic setting than that of the Leeds Christmas Market. Spanning all through Cedar Lawn, the market has the 12th Century Leeds castle as a backdrop! The reindeer, birds of prey display and traditional funfair attractions just add to its unquestionable panache!

2. Belfast Christmas Market

The Belfast City Hall makes for the perfect setting of Belfast’s Christmas Market. If trying new things is your preference, then this one is for you. You have the chance to sample exotic meats, such as alligator, kangaroo and wild boar. Enjoy the beautifully decorated grottos with live music accompanying you as you immerse yourself in the Christmas vibes of the market.

1. Southbank Centre Winter Festival

London’s extraordinary Christmas market will be back yet again to offer Londoners and tourists alike a merry experience by the Thames. Gaze at the lit up London Eye and enjoy the traditional choir performances while picking up Christmas crafts from the quirky wooden stalls for an immensely festive experience!