Top Things to Do in London this November

November. Perhaps one of the most thrilling months to be spent in London. The sharp London weather is counteracted by the sheer magic of the Christmas installations, pop ups and glistening lights on the streets. Mulled wine and hot chocolates become a must, and London dresses up in its festive spirit to welcome the tourist crowds that flock to the city to get a whiff of merriness and cheer! This week, we tackle the key question: what are the top things to do in London during November?

1. Watch some fireworks

Although it’s the New Year’s Firework display that garners crowds all over the world, the first few days of November supply Londoners and tourists alike with a firework extravaganza of a similar- if not larger – scale. “Remember, remember the 5th of November!” is the phrase associated with the Guy Fawkes tradition, and in commemorating the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament, the sky lights up in the nights leading up to Bonfire Night. If you want the insider’s tips, the best viewing areas to watch the thrilling show are from Alexandra Palace, where you’ll also have the sounds of Bestival Founder Rob da Bank to make your night phenomenal. Alternatively, we recommend Battersea Park’s splendid views!

2. Head to an 804-year-old show

Lord Mayor’s Show is one of those events that you need to gain a bit of info on before you make up your mind if you should get excited about it or not. We’d say it’s time to get hyped up, because there’s a reason this 804-year-old tradition keeps coming back year after year to treat us to a lavish parade starting at Mansion House and making its way through Central London. From art installations to a selection of floats and vibrant costumes, Lord Mayor’s Day renders the beginning of November all the more exciting. Save the date: November 9th.

3. Put those skates on

What do you mean you’ve never tried ice skating before? Although it’s arguably a hard thing to master, ice skating is the kind of seasonal activity that you can’t really shy away from. Especially in London, where there’s a brilliant array of ice-skating rinks that pop up in the months before Christmas, and they’re just so welcoming in their frosty glory that it’s impossible to turn them down. If you’re looking for the finest of the lot, we’d recommend turning your sights towards Somerset House and its Fortnum and Mason ice rink installation that fills up the photogenic London spot, or the overly crowded beauty installed since mid-October in front of the Natural History Museum.

4. Head to the heart of merriness

Yes, in case you weren’t aware of it, the heart of merriness does exist, and it has a physical location that pops up every November to spread joy. Hyde Park’s glistening lights shine oh so bright when Winter Wonderland opens its doors to welcome the anticipating guests. From fun park rides to all sorts of festive gifts, Winter Wonderland is a one stop destination of festive enjoyment that you need to experience. Our incredible Events Team is going to be there as well, alongside all the residents of The Stay Club that are up for the ride! Join us on November 30th as we explore this pop up – meeting point outside of The Stay Club Camden at 5 pm!

5. Thanksgiving Bliss

Stuffed turkeys, delicious desserts and a whole lot of gratefulness for all things beautiful in our lives. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we are immensely excited for this beautiful tradition to hit London. The city has Thanksgiving themed dinners and parties popping up pretty much every corner you turn, so it’s going to be as easy as ever finding a spot to celebrate. The Stay Club is also going to be hosting its very own bash, complete with music and food and starting at 8pm across all of our residences! So, be sure to save the date!

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