Top Things To Do in London This September

Autumn is a time when we get that feeling of inspiration, a rush of excitement afforded by the incredible possibilities that new beginnings entail. The happenings around the city have been curated to add to that exhilaration! As per usual, we have gone ahead with a roundup of the greatest events that you can experience throughout the month of September.

1. Totally Thames 2019

The magnificent river that runs through the heart of the city is celebrated throughout the month of September! The festival started in 2014, and saw a massive response by Londoners, having curated a series of wonderful events for all ages and styles along the 68 kilometer riverside. You will have the opportunity to experience photogenic art installations that inspire positivity, free exhibitions that link back to the element of water in the most imaginative of ways, and an array of performances to choose from. Are you as excited as we are for this?

2. London Design Festival

Tackling the theme of climate change and urban functionality, the London Design Festival 2019 returns to London for yet another year of thought-provoking installations. Roam around the city and explore the marvels of design that have been installed with the aim of addressing contemporary challenges from a design perspective. The festival’s sightings will be available from the 14th of September to the 22nd and will be showcasing work from various fields. Allow for the participating artists, designers, architects and retailers to inspire you!

3. London Fashion Week

One of the most exciting happenings in London, London Fashion Week returns for yet another year to thrill fashion enthusiasts and unsuspecting bystanders, as they see numerous fashion icons and influencers parade up and down Strand in their F/W 2019 attire! London Fashion Week has a selection of catwalks that you can enjoy, but it also boasts a fashion packed itinerary that gives you a sneak peek into the inside workings of the fashion industry through talks, events and installations.

4. Open House London

Adding to the long list of free events this September, Open House London will immerse guests in the beauty of architecture throughout a two-day event in late September. Explore buildings that are not open to the public, with highlights being the BT Tower, The Gherkin, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Royal Albert Hall among others, as a selection of over 800 buildings welcome curious guests. The best part? It’s absolutely free! Although it would be great to keep your eyes peeled for those very desired events that need advance booking!

5. Underbelly Festival

We know, we know, we’ve screamed about this quite a bit! Yet, it’s one of our favourite events, in one of our favourite places! Southbank gets all the more gleaming sometime in Spring with the arrival of Underbelly, which sees the summer through. What does this mean? You’ve only got one month left to visit this forest-like oasis right on the edge of Thames. Unmissable performances and an utterly loveable parade of F&B traders are on the schedule, so be sure to pop in and take a look around. Last chance: September 29th! Oh, and by the way, the tickets to the shows are a bargain, for the most-part being under 20 quid.

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