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Five Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

Five Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

by Nina Christopoulou

Netflix is a personal business for most people, with their choices being based mostly on their individual love for one genre or the other. And yet there are some series that are so undeniably good, that it ultimately doesn’t matter what your preference is when it comes to plots. All that matters, is finding enough time to binge-watch the entire series. That is why we have some suggestions below in case you were looking for a little something to go along with your snack-filled fridge this weekend!

5. Mindhunter

One of the moodiest series I’ve seen lately, I felt like closing it within the first five minutes. For some reason though, you resist the urge and the show rewards you along the way. The story of how the bureau’s first behavioural unit came to be is exhilarating to watch. Following Holden Ford and Bill Tench in their attempts of expanding people’s perception of serial killers, through giving a psychologically sustainable rationale for their actions, the series managed to gain an IMDB score of 8.6 on its own merit.

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4. 13 Reasons Why

The cast may be teenagers for the most part, and yet the target audience cannot be reduced to teenagers. The show demonstrated from the get go its dedication to blunt portrayals of real life issues, mainly bullying in all its forms. When a girl commits suicide, she sends out tapes which tell her story from her own perspective, in an attempt to show how she ended up taking her own life. Seasons 1 and 2 have an entirely different build up, but remain true to their unapologetic character, captivating the audience in the process.

Credit: @13 Reasons Why

3. Jessica Jones

A tormented anti-hero stars in this Marvel Netflix Original series, which is exhilarating to watch. A woman with incredible strength, who drowns her sorrows in alcohol and despises of anyone calling her a hero is forced to step up. Jessica Jones’ storyline, other than the ability to lift cars and other sort-of-heavy objects with ease, also includes struggles with regret and the individual pursuit of happiness that are relatable. The series has gone on to its second season, and it is even better than we could have imagined.

Credit: @Radio Times

2. Dark

The first German original series produced for Netflix, Dark is centred around the disappearance of two young children in a small German town. I will spare you the details in an attempt to keep this blog post a spoiler free one, but let’s just say that we’ve got one plot twist after the other, as the pieces of the puzzle come together and you are left in utter shock with the revelations.

Credit: @DARK

1. Money Heist

Think of movies you have seen in the past with robberies. Now think of the most exciting robbery concepts in those movies. Double them by ten and you will start to understand why you should clear out your schedule for the next two to three days. The “Professor” has designed the biggest robbery in history, attempting to print money at the Royal Mint of Spain. For the purposes of this plan, he recruits 8 people that go into the Mint and take hostages. The plot evolves from there in the most intriguing way possible.

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7 Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting University

7 Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting University

by Nina Christopoulou

Most students arrive in London and have left all their preparations to the last minute. Why that is? Largely because youth entails constantly being a rookie! So we decided to help and give you some pointers before you embark on your academic journey:

1. How to write essays

For those of you coming to study in London from abroad, be warned! UK universities expect you to be able to write essays, and pretty good ones. But essay writing is not as easy as it sounds – you need clear argumentation, attention to detail etc. While you can get some help with that at your uni, we would suggest looking into it a little earlier.

Credit: @#LTKhome

2. What coffee works for you

Although there are numerous places in London where you can find a lot of variations of coffee (Pret, Starbucks, Nero and the list goes on), if you are hooked on coffee like ourselves, you will need to do your own market research to find the ONE (… that wakes you up at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning for your 3 hour long lecture with that boring professor you hate to listen to).

Credit: @Leo Chan 🦁 陳國豪

3. When to work

Deadline periods are meant for you to finalise the work you did throughout the semester, not do the work you should have done earlier. Get a head start on those assignments and spare yourself the 5 sequenced all nighters!

Credit: @GoodNotes

4. Minding that budget

Student life can be a pain for your wallet, so try your best to adhere to some sort of financial schedule. Thankfully in London you have a lot of hacks at your disposal: 10% student discount at retailers, happy hour for more alcohol than usual, and bikes to save you the steep oyster charge!

Credit: @yuuka ❤︎❤︎

5. Making the most out of Freshers Week

Every beginning is tough, but if you show up to Freshers Week and get involved, you will find out that things will run smoother than expected. It is a great opportunity to find out stuff about your uni, extra activities and clubs and of course, socialise as much as you can!

Credit: @U.M.F Tîrgu Mureș

6. Getting to know your lecturers

Unlike school, uni was not imposed on you. So make the most of it by engaging with your lecturers – ask questions, get their advice, make them know your name. It will help you throughout your studies, in finding your interests and most importantly, it will help you when it is time to leave uni!

Credit: @QS Top MBA

7. You need to do you

Saved the best for last: stress is definitely going to take the best of you at some points. You need to find things that work for you – if you are not a morning person, don’t force yourself to study in the morning. If you have spent 8 hours in the library, no matter how much you have left, grab a drink with your friends and relax. Take care of yourself first and foremost!

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London ranked top city in the world for students

London ranked top city in the world for students

by Nina Christopoulou

Credit: @@LONDON

The votes are in and London has the lead! The QS higher education group just published their review of the 30 top university cities to study.

A list produced by data analysis on a survey conducted among 50,000 students shows that London is their top pick. London is renowned for its selection of world-class institutions, with many great names such as Imperial, UCL, LSE and King’s College. But what other factors contributed to this choice, other than the number of top universities? The survey included questions on a student’s major worries: integration into the job market, diversity of culture and of course the quality of life.

The fact that London is a very international setting means that overseas students feel comfortable in their environment, and have the added benefit of a multi-cultural education. Regarding the job market, it is positively viewed as a place where connecting with future employers and finding professional opportunities is enabled.

Its benefits seem to outweigh the slightly elevated cost of life in student’s eyes, allowing for London to surpass cities such as Montreal and Paris which previously held the reigns! As for our role in making your student experience even better in the top city for students? The Stay Club’s vision is to provide students and young professionals with affordable, premium accommodation; always in great London locations!

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Easy and Cheap Ways to Personalise your Home in London

Easy and Cheap Ways to Personalise your Home in London
by Nina Christopoulou

Your house during your student life is less a home and more like a haven, protecting you from the stress and worries of the outside world. Consequently, it is very important that you make it your own – but when walking in to an already furnished space that is kind of hard to do. That’s why we found the best means of personalising your home for you:


London is a city with the bare minimum of sunlight, therefore lighting in your place is essential. From adding a couple of extra lamps to changing your lamp’s hat to a lighter colour, try to find your own lighting in order to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Credit: @Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

Mirrors are not only useful for checking hairstyles and outfits prior to your big Saturday night – decorating your room with more mirrors opens up the space and adds shimmer. Also, it’s a cost-friendly alternative to works of art (especially if you make a trip to IKEA). Well, all that is except if you are living at the Stay Club, where mirrors are an essential part of the studio’s design!

Credit: @Alexander James Interiors

Hoorray for student friendly sites

There are tons of sites which offer a pretty convenient student discount and some amazing home decor options. From Asos to Urban Outfitters, their home section will blow your mind and you can get a 10% discount anytime. Then again, there is also Primark where student discounts are not available, but not needed either as their low-cost items are worth a look through.

Credit: @Caitie

Memories abound

Relocating is always a lonesome process at first. So make sure your greatest memories come along with you. Whether it is in the form of polaroids attached to your hanging twinkly lights, a collage for your wall or good old frames (see student friendly stores for some of the latter), your photographs of beloved friends, family and moments can help make your place your own in no time.

Credit: @L e a R u g o l e 🖤

Pillowfights, now

Cushions and blankets are rarely provided even if bedding is. So, why not get a few to spruce things up a bit? Ignore the boring monochrome ones and go for funky patterns that mix well with the space’s colours in order to put your personal touch. You can also use your own old t-shirts as a fabric, buying only the cheap fluffy fill for cushions.

Credit: @Julie Denby

Vision boards are a must

What better way of personalising your studio other than splurging your own thoughts and plans on the walls? From a poster board to a cork board or a small canvas there are many cheap alternatives you can use. All that is left then is to gather your inspirational bits and pieces and arrange them as you please.

Credit: @Anna Granberg Kalaritou

2017 Highlights

2017 Highlights

The past year has been a fantastic roller coaster for The Stay Club family, a year full of amazing projects, memorable events and the beginning of new exciting collaborations. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments of the year.

We kicked off 2017 with the opening of our Colindale building, a magic brand new property that features multiple one-of-a-kind facilities such as our 100-seater private cinema with surround sound system and a restaurant with a terrace that sits up to 200 people, ideal for that morning caramel latte with a view of London’s skyline. Located just 20 minutes away from Central London and within walking distance from Middlesex University, our Colindale residence quickly became home to many unforgettable parties, networking events and cultural gatherings.


Another great addition in 2017 was the introduction of SkyTV and BT Sport across all Stay Club properties, allowing our lovely residents to enjoy the latest sports events including Champions League and Europa League matches in the comfort of our super cosy lobbies.


2017 has also been a year of new exciting partnerships and collaborations. We are committed to constantly improving the everyday life of our students and are excited to introduce numerous partnerships with local businesses that now offer discounts to The Stay Club residents including restaurants & coffee shops, gyms & wellness centres, hairdresser salons & barber shops and many more amazing businesses! Pop in to reception to learn more about offers available in your area.


Over the past year, our events team had the pleasure of hosting celebrations for many exciting occasions including St Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Wimbledon, Halloween, Christmas and many more, wrapping it all up with our festive New Year’s Eve bash! We look forward to many more regular and special events to come this year with Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year just around the corner.


If 2017 was awesome, 2018 is about to be sensational! We have a lot of exciting plans for this year, so #StayTuned and watch this space!

3 websites offering student discounts

Life as a student can be expensive and difficult but fear not, there are many websites to help you save money and solve your problems.

1. UniDays. UniDays is a super useful online discount website that provides special offers for students. Do you need a new computer or a perfect outfit for an upcoming party? Make a free account on Unidays and discover hundreds of great offers and discounts. UniDays also has a blog which provides you with recipes, fashion advice, and useful information on the latest trends in music.

More info:

2. Student Beans. Student Beans is a website that provides you with discounts on a variety of products. From groceries to makeup to clothing you will be able to save money on almost everything you might need as a student. Student Beans also lists the latest jobs in the UK for graduates and students. This includes full time jobs, part time jobs and even weekend and summer holiday opportunities. All you have to do is sign up and search through the numerous offers and work placements.

More info:

3. Save the Student. Save the Student! provides free advice to students on how to get the most out of their money. It also finds the best offers and brings them all together in one user friendly website. Whether you want to find out how to make some pocket money or how to deal with a tricky housemate, they got all the advice you might require. The website is free and you don’t have to sign in.

More info:

There are many more useful student websites out there so make sure to browse the internet to find special offers and expert advice on exactly what you need.