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Top 7 Things To Do in London This April

Top 7 Things To Do in London This April
by Nina Christopoulou

In a sleepless city you can expect that events will be popping up from one day to the next. Well, April has too many of them scheduled – from cooking classes to fun nights along the Thames, we have hunted the top 7 down for you.

7. Dim Sum Masterclasses

Dim Sum Masterclasses at the Chinese Cricket Club Restaurant offer a unique culinary experience. In a multicultural capital, why not try your hand at a foreign cuisine to extend your international cultural education? You will have the opportunity to participate on 3 Mondays of April!

Credit: @Chinese Cricket Club

6. London Coffee Festival

Coffee lovers, rejoice! The London Coffee Festival is on its way to Brick Lane. From April 12th to the 15th you will have a chance to explore anything coffee related (and much more). Live music, interactive workshops and coffee based cocktails are just a small portion of what you will come across during this amazing experience. It’s the festival’s 7th year and – given what they have in store for us – it is bound to be the best one yet!

Credit: @The London Coffee Festival

5. Summer Day & Night Rooftop

Brixton is preparing for its Summer Day & Night Rooftop on Saturday, April 21st and it is promising to say the least. Two rooftop spaces alongside a main club space and a rum shack cocktail bar will welcome you to a House and Disco classics night of dancing and drinking!

Credit: @marina

4. LDS

The London Disco Society is celebrating its 6th birthday, and you are in for a treat. Brace yourselves for a Disco night at Shoreditch, on April 6th. LDS will speak to your inner Discomaniac in a setting full of Keith Harring inspired tribal artwork!

Credit: @D O P E D I S C O

3. Underbelly Festival

Southbank welcomes the Underbelly Festival for one more year – keep in mind this one runs all through the summer so if you don’t have time in April you will have a chance to check it out later! Street food, drinks, comedic shows, circus and cabaret shows – you name it, Underbelly has it! Added plus? Entrance to street food and drinking area is free! Tickets are required for live shows only.

Credit: @Underbelly Festival

2. The Dutch Master Silent Disco

Ready to try out something new? How about a silent disco? What if I told you it was on a party boat? The Dutch Master, an impressive two story party boat is hosting its Silent Sounds Boat Party, Saturdays all through April. Just put on your headphones, choose your tunes and dance your heart off!

Credit: @White Hart – Hertford

1. Cocktail Extravaganza at One Marylebone

The world’s best bartenders are preparing for 3 nights during April at One Marylebone. Prepare to try out cocktails like never before, with an incredible line up of bars participating in what Conde Nast Traveller dubbed: “A delectable festival of drinks”, that will take place on 5-7 April.

Credit: @Tales of the Cocktail

7 Reasons you should move to study in London

7 Reasons you should move to study in London TODAY
by Nina Christopoulou

London seems to be the obvious option when contemplating studying abroad, but why is it really that valued? Having spent some time in London as a student, I narrowed down why I believe that everyone should consider studying in London!

1. Unis

Couldn’t resist but begin with the basics. London has over 40 higher education institutions, amassing a total student population which exceeds 400,000. The reputation that these institutions have gained globally is by itself a substantial motive, but so is the opportunity to experience the UK educational system which – as per my experience – is unique in its approach!

Credit: @University College London

2. Culture

London is promulgated as a cultural hub, not without reason! Museums, musicals, theatre, exhibitions, street installations – you name it, London has it! There are new experiences to see every month in the city that does not allow you to be bored.

Credit: @Secret London

3. Pubs

They are everywhere and they are definitely worth a tour! From Anchor Bankside featuring a breathtaking view of the Thames to Spaniards Inn, there is a variety for all ages and tastes. Student life anxiety is definitely tamed with a good ale in your arm!

Credit: @Alejandro Piorno PHOTOGRAPHY

4. Trips

Although free time as a student is subject to question, whenever you are able to find a day or two you have unlimited opportunities to take a breather! Trips are easy to make in London and more importantly, there are budget options. Whether your interest lies in exploring England or travel abroad, London is the place for you.

Credit: @OxfordLens

5. Food

A great selection of incredible tastes and authentic food from a variety of cuisines is a characteristic of the city and a must when it comes to student life. Ranging from Indian restaurants considered to offer the best of Indian cuisine, street food markets and pop-up food events, you will need discipline to not go all out!

Credit: @Dessert Jewels

6. Discounts

Student budgets are respected here, despite the ultimately high cost of London life. Discounts are offered to anything from your Oyster card to your much-needed Topshop shopping spree, making you feel special and deserving of little perks! So don’t forget to sign up to UniDays!

Credit: @Unidays_UK

7. The Stay Club

Couldn’t finish the list without mentioning the Stay Club now, could I? If student life is to become comfortable, then this would be the place it happens! The Stay Club Cafe has got your stomach covered, the 24 hour reception is there for deliveries, your emergencies or simply to chat and the linen service caters to your laziness. So all that you need to worry about is time-management and how to become a billiard pro (yeah, we got one of those tables in our lobby – surprised?).


How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in London

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in London
by Nina Christopoulou

One of the highlights of London’s annual events is, as you may have already guessed, St. Patrick’s Day! March 16th marks the beginning of the celebrations, but they don’t end within 24 hours, but instead, March 18th. Green decorations, rivers of Guinness and bits and pieces of Irish culture make up this extraordinary experience – for those of you that have not experienced Paddy’s Day in London before, here are the essential pieces of information.

1. The parade – DO NOT miss the parade!

At 12 pm the impressive bands, colourful floats and Irish dancing schools start marching down Piccadilly – on the 18th of March, that is! A sight that you should not miss, the parade is a fun tribute to Ireland’s patron saint.

Credit: @Only In Boston

2. There is a festival too!

Once you have seen enough of the parade you can make your way down to Trafalgar Square. You will find Irish food in all its glory, craft stalls for the birthday gifts you have forgotten to get, and performances to accompany your stride.

Credit: @Luca Cornetto

3. Have I not mentioned the Guinness?

London’s Irish pubs and bars are dressing up in their appropriate green ensembles and serving Guinness aplenty throughout the weekend. And yes, Guinness is a must, as it has been enjoyed at every St. Patrick’s Day since Arthur Guinness set up his brewery in 1759 (that seems like a long time, huh?).

Credit: @Kristoffjmanz 🇵🇭

4. Yeap, the film festival seems pretty cool!

For those of you that want to emerge themselves a little more into Irish culture, this is a perfect pick! From March 16th to March 18th, the St. Patrick’s Film Festival has short films, Q&A’s and UK premieres in store for you. You can find out more about the film festival here:

Credit: @Rust Belt Craft and Cake

5. #IamIrish

St. Patrick’s Day is mostly fun and games, but this Photographic Exhibition taps into societal issues in the most magnificent way. The project was envisioned as a means of portraying what it really means to be Irish, via an intimate study of 24 mixed race Irish people. The exhibition runs from March 14th to April 13th at City Hall and is worth your attention!

Credit: @Freddy | Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪🌍⛵✈☘


by Nina Christopoulou

7. The Great Daffodil Appeal

The Great Daffodil Appeal is making a come-back in 2018 for a great cause! Head over to Paternoster square to be dazzled by the 4,000 illuminated daffodils, hear letters from patient’s families describing the incredible work Marie Curie Nurses do in support of those affected by terminal illnesses and their families, and contribute your own message to the installation. You will have a chance to do so until Sunday, 11 March.

Credit: @Rick Barker

6. March4Women

Αny plans for March 4th? No? Not yet? Well now you do- the March4Women is taking place, and no it is not just a female thing! From Sadiq Khan to Bianca Jagger all will be present, supporting gender equality. The rally ends in Trafalgar Square where inspirational speeches, music and entertainment will abound.

Credit: @Daniela Estevez Fernandez

5. St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day is a must-do in this city. Don’t be fooled by the term “Day”- the celebration is a weekend thing with all sorts of activities available. Most notable of said activities is of course the parade. But I wouldn’t want to disclose too much info- you can prepare your Paddy’s weekend when we release our guide on the top things to checkout for St. Patrick’s day!

Credit: @The Hummingbird Bakery

4. Hope to Nope

An exhibition bound to bring out your skeptical self, Hope to Nope chronicles the most turbulent events of the past decade. Opening on March 28th, it is definitely worth popping over to the Design Museum for a stroll around the exhibition!

Credit: @Isobel (Finn) Dennis

3. The Oscars

The Oscars are just around the corner, and there is no better way to enjoy them than with your friends, in a comfortable chair and a huge screen! How is that possible you ask? Well, we’ve got you covered. The Stay Club Colindale is hosting an Oscars screening in the cinema room (no, that’s not a typo, I am referring to an actual cinema room). There is also a popcorn machine. Also not a typo. So your Sunday night (March 4th) is now reserved, I presume?


2. London Beer Week

In other news, London Beer Week is closing up and my excitement level is rising dangerously. The seven-day festival requires a Digital Pass which entitles you to 5 pound Beer Flights in over 75 bars across the city. I am definitely sold. Hurry, it’s closing up: 12 to 18th of March.

Credit: @The Sun Tavern

1. The Cancer Research UK Boat Race

Sports for a good cause between Britain’s top universities sounds kind of cool. On March 24th, The Cancer Research UK Men’s and Women’s Boat Race will take place. Position yourself on either side of the Thames (tip: Putney Bridge or Duke’s Meadows are some of the best viewing spots) to see Oxford and Cambridge compete with each other as almost 250,000 viewers cheer along!

Credit: @Parmigiani Fleurier


by Nina Christopoulou

The fact that London has a lot to offer has been said before. What needs stressing is the importance of trying out the food in this city – and there are plenty of street food markets tailored to everyone’s needs!  

1. One of the most renowned street food scenes is KERB food market in Camden. Given Camden’s alternative character and variety of offerings, it would be unthought of that the market would not be accompanied by a street food market equally impressive. You will find it just across the street from our Camden residence!
Tip: Wheelcake Island is bound to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Credit: @Robert Cross

2. For those which have a soft spot for Asian cuisine, Bang Bang Oriental is a must (conveniently located just ten minutes from our Colindale residence). With 33 individual kiosks it is safe to say that it is an all inclusive venue.
Tip: The egg waffles at Chatime!

Credit: @Manila Kitchen

3. The Borough market needs no introduction to Londoners and tourists alike – more than 1,000 years of supplying food have rendered it synonymous with the London food scene. No need for a tip here! Just trust your instinct…

Credit: @Ali

4. Victorian railway surroundings and incredible tastes make the Maltby street food market in Southwark worth a visit.
Tip: Sausage enthusiasts are bound to appreciate Herman Ze German.

Credit: @Nathalie QGC ✈️🌎✌🏼🇧🇷

5. Shoreditch is an area known for many things (first and foremost its vibrant atmosphere) – Boxpark being at the top of the list. The shipping container complex offers an abundance of mouthwatering venues to explore, so don’t dare waste your next Sunday outing on anything else!
Tip: Falafelicious does not disappoint!

Credit: @My Darling Londres 💕

7 Things To Do In London This February

7 Things To Do In London This February
by Nina Christopoulou

1. In case you have not had a chance to visit the New Orlean’s Mardi Gras celebrations – it’s ok, that is what bucket lists are for! You can simply pop over to East London – The Oval Space! The crew at Shabba Party have got Mardi Gras festivities covered for you: performers, live acts and great DJs all included. Did I forget to mention that tickets are pretty cheap too?

Credit: @Mardi Gras World

2. In case you ever wandered what is underneath Waterloo station (I know I didn’t) – the answer would be tunnels. But during February, that would just be the VAULT Festival, which is bound to take your breath away. Top picks amongst its many shows: The Becoming Shades Immersive Circus (I was personally sold with the aerialists) and The Bleeding Heart Ball (you guessed it right: “anti-valentines” is the main theme).

Credit: @We Are Waterloo UK

3. Pizza? Did someone say Pizza? National Pizza Day is around the corner and Hawker House in Canada Water decided to do us a solid and gather the ten best pizza makers in London. For the foodies or just pizza lovers out there, the event is taking place on February 8th.

Credit: @

4. Starting February 10th, the Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens is promising to say the least. From handcrafted umbrellas to street-food, this flowery event has all things Thai and is worth your attention!

Credit: @Kew Gardens

5. Save the date: February 16th! Dubbed the “largest event outside of Asia”, the celebrations for the Chinese New Year begin at Trafalgar Square and go all the way to China Town, mesmerising viewers with floats, acrobats and of course the traditional red and golden dragons! But there is even more to it than that: The Stay Club is hosting its very own Chinese New Year extravaganza with food, music and fortune cookies! So after the China Town show, head over to any of our three residences – party starts at 9pm! In case you need more info, you can let us know at

Credit: @London Revealed

6. Fashion enthusiasts will love to take a sneak peak at the London Fashion Week Festival. It has rightly earned its title as the fashion event of the season, and it is conveniently located at Strand. Probably the best thing about it: it has affordable ticket prices! So get yourself some tickets before they vanish!

Credit: @London Fashion Week Festival

7. Could not resist but add a second food-related one here: the Parliamentary Pancake Race! Politics and food meddling to create an enjoyable experience for a good cause on February 13th. If that is not a must see, then I don’t know what is!

Credit: @JBrown ®



University is one of the best experiences ever, God knows how many fun events and how many good memories we can build during our uni days. Yet it can be very stressful to keep up with deadlines and manage time wisely. Here is our 5 steps guide to a successful time at University, let’s have a look:


Write things down

Although our brains are amazingly extraordinary, we won’t be able to remember all the information that we receive on a daily basis, so the first step to manage your time wisely is to WRITE THINGS DOWN. Pick an agenda or diary, whichever works best for you, and start taking notes and slowly creating a schedule of your uni tasks. This simple tip will get you going and most importantly will set an efficient method to organise your studies.


Make Lists

If the diary wasn’t enough to get you in an organised mindset, LISTS will be your new “go to” tool. Best way is to get a white board or a bunch of post-it stickers that you can easily put on your desk/wall to help you track the list of things you need to get done every week. It will only take couple of minutes a day and you’ll get way more done than you would without having a plan.



When managing time for your studies during deadline periods, always make sure you give yourself one day of the week exclusively dedicated to YOU, perhaps for a night out or spend some time with friends. Taking a short break is key to successfully getting back on track and giving 100% to your work.


Study with a friend

Group studies are not always the best of choices, as when studying with multiple people we all have different approaches to work. However, if you join someone who works at the same pace as you, you both can get the best out of it by keeping each other on track with tasks to complete. Great results are guaranteed!



Sometimes studying at home means being surrounded by distractions, but remember that London has so many places dedicated to students so make sure you take advantage of these spaces! Check out the British Library, just 20 minutes away from our Camden residence or simply make use of our own comfortable study rooms available in each Stay Club residence.



Just when you thought Christmas was over, we start the countdown to the New Year‘s Eve celebrations, the most exciting time ever! A walk down the memory lane but also time to set new goals and start creating fantastic moments in 2018. Let us guide you through the top 5 events to end 2017 in the most festive way:


Every New Year’s Eve in the heart of the capital on the side of the river Thames Londoners get to experience the beautiful fireworks show to enter 2018, an emotional delight for your eyes!

Credit: @R E B E C C A U P C O T T


To dance the night away under the stars while sipping champagne, join some of the best cruises in town such as “Monsoon Clipper” or “The Meteor Clipper New Year’s Eve Cruise” to explore the gorgeous city of London during this festive time.

Credit: @@LONDON


Another magical way to celebrate New Year could be from the top of some of the highest skyscrapers in the city, dining and sipping champagne at Aqua Shard, or dancing the night away in Great Gatsby style at Sky Garden. Enjoy the spectacular views of London skyline and celebrate the final hours of 2017 on a whole different level.

Credit: @aqua shard

4. Proud Camden presents “NYE Circus with Artful Dodger”

A venue to get lost in with the wonder of a magic circus show! Surround yourself with acrobats, jugglers, and many other wonderful performers for a memorable beginning to 2018.

Credit: @ProudCamden


Come celebrate the end of 2017 with one of capital’s greatest cabaret shows “The Black Cat Ball”. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to dine and sip on champagne while enjoying a magical show on Leicester Square.

What a weekend we have at Christmas in Leicester Square! The first shows of the season are here in our beautiful Spiegeltent!

Posted by Christmas in Leicester Square on Samstag, 11. November 2017

So let the countdown begin and get ready to dance the night away on this very special day!



Christmas, the time we all have been waiting for! It’s just two steps away from us, and what’s better than spending it in the most Christmassy city ever – London?!

Here’s a list of 5 Christmas events happening in London that you can’t miss this year:



Like every year on the 17th of December marks the opening of Christmas Extravaganza, where adults and kids get lost in the most precious winter world in the heart of Hyde Park. An awesome experience for all ages to enjoy the beautiful Christmassy attractions with your loved ones.

Credit: @Margarita


– Adults £16.50 in advance/ £18.50 on the day (during week), £18.00 in advance/ £20.00 on the day (during weekend)

This Christmas don’t miss the chance to visit the gorgeous illuminated silk installations at the Magical Lantern Festival, located in Chiswick House, a quirky exhibition with a modern artistic touch.

Credit: @Annie Caldwell

3. CHRISTMAS AT KEW (Kew Gardens)

– Adults £16.00 to £20.00 per ticket

Take an enchanting journey into a glittering wonderland in the beautiful Kew Gardens during this Christmas period where everything is always on a whole different magical level.

Credit: @Visit London



Come enter a frosty town brimming with festive activities at Winterville, based in the core of the young and lovely Clapham Common area. A place full of attractions such as an ice skating rink, UV-powered golf course and a spectacular Big Wheel. Visit Winterville to enjoy the Christmassy vibes with friends, food and loads of fun!

Credit: @Winterville



Like every year South Bank Christmas Market is the place to be. During this festive season, this side of the river is where the magic happens and that’s where this wonderful Christmas market takes place. Indulge yourself with all the different types of Christmas treats including baked cakes and yummy food from all over the world. Go there to do your Christmas shopping and make sure to check out the lovely cards, candles, decorations and much more. Finally, you can also join the amazing Christmas shows hosted at the South Bank Christmas Market to get into the festive spirit!

Credit: @Bicester Village

So what are you waiting for?! Go visit these awesome places, and get ready for Christmas 2017 in style!

Five Reasons Why Winter Wonderland is a festive must

Five Reasons Why Winter Wonderland is a Festive Must
by Nina Christopoulou

It’s that time of year again and London has upheld the longstanding tradition of making you feel like a 5 year old who still believes Santa is on his way. Apart from the festive lights and the Christmas music, Hyde Park’s hidden gem, Winter Wonderland, made it’s way back for the 11th time. In case you haven’t had a chance to pop in for a visit, here are some reasons why you may want to re-think that:

1. The adrenaline

Oh no, I am not confused, that was correctly written. Winter Wonderland has many rides that you will love regardless of your preference- from the Air for thrill enthusiasts to Ice Mountain for those who are curious to see what the Arctic is all about.

Credit: @TPA Photography

Tip: The Munich Looping is a personal favourite!

2. The food

It would be impossible to try to fit all the food options here. Hinting on some highlights though, there is a Bavarian village and it is even bigger than previous years since it comes with the traditional Octoberfest experience included: The Almhütte. In the case that rusty wooden chalets and flame grilled salmon is not for you, there are numerous street food options as well as the Arctic Lodge and the Carousel bar to help you brave the cold during your visit!

Credit: @Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Tip: The Glühwein will keep you warm and cozy!

3. The Christmas shopping:

No need to panic over Christmas shopping anymore, you can stumble upon anything you want here. The Angels market has anything you could wish for while doing your Christmas shopping.

Credit: @Maëlle 🌴

Tip: The ornaments are a must!

4. The karaoke

Bar Hütte gives you the chance to rent your own hütte (drink included in the ticket) and sing-a-long to the Christmas classics. If all else fails, karaoke-ing with your friends is bound to bring out your festive self!

Credit: @Bar Hütte

Tip: the sweet calzone is worth the taste.

5. The Bar Ice

It is all you could imagine in an ice bar, and even more! The only thing it is not, is warm and cozy (the temperature is -10°C!)- but they’ve got you covered! You’ll be provided with a winter cloak and gloves on arrival.

Credit: @Ellie

Tip: The Instagram-perfect venue sells out fast- so book in advance to be sure.

The grandiose tribute to festive fun is worth a peek, especially considering that entry is free and opening hours accommodate all: 10 am to 10 pm. Remember, you only have until January 1st (well, there is always next year – but why wait?)