Five Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

by Nina Christopoulou

Netflix is a personal business for most people, with their choices being based mostly on their individual love for one genre or the other. And yet there are some series that are so undeniably good, that it ultimately doesn’t matter what your preference is when it comes to plots. All that matters, is finding enough time to binge-watch the entire series. That is why we have some suggestions below in case you were looking for a little something to go along with your snack-filled fridge this weekend!

5. Mindhunter

One of the moodiest series I’ve seen lately, I felt like closing it within the first five minutes. For some reason though, you resist the urge and the show rewards you along the way. The story of how the bureau’s first behavioural unit came to be is exhilarating to watch. Following Holden Ford and Bill Tench in their attempts of expanding people’s perception of serial killers, through giving a psychologically sustainable rationale for their actions, the series managed to gain an IMDB score of 8.6 on its own merit.

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4. 13 Reasons Why

The cast may be teenagers for the most part, and yet the target audience cannot be reduced to teenagers. The show demonstrated from the get go its dedication to blunt portrayals of real life issues, mainly bullying in all its forms. When a girl commits suicide, she sends out tapes which tell her story from her own perspective, in an attempt to show how she ended up taking her own life. Seasons 1 and 2 have an entirely different build up, but remain true to their unapologetic character, captivating the audience in the process.

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3. Jessica Jones

A tormented anti-hero stars in this Marvel Netflix Original series, which is exhilarating to watch. A woman with incredible strength, who drowns her sorrows in alcohol and despises of anyone calling her a hero is forced to step up. Jessica Jones’ storyline, other than the ability to lift cars and other sort-of-heavy objects with ease, also includes struggles with regret and the individual pursuit of happiness that are relatable. The series has gone on to its second season, and it is even better than we could have imagined.

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2. Dark

The first German original series produced for Netflix, Dark is centred around the disappearance of two young children in a small German town. I will spare you the details in an attempt to keep this blog post a spoiler free one, but let’s just say that we’ve got one plot twist after the other, as the pieces of the puzzle come together and you are left in utter shock with the revelations.

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1. Money Heist

Think of movies you have seen in the past with robberies. Now think of the most exciting robbery concepts in those movies. Double them by ten and you will start to understand why you should clear out your schedule for the next two to three days. The “Professor” has designed the biggest robbery in history, attempting to print money at the Royal Mint of Spain. For the purposes of this plan, he recruits 8 people that go into the Mint and take hostages. The plot evolves from there in the most intriguing way possible.

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