How to Spend Valentine’s Day in London
by Nina Christopoulou

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us, and it’s going to be utterly enjoyable! It doesn’t matter if you are all loved-up in your fully stable, absolutely awe-inspiring relationship, or a single soul looking to enjoy the day in the most Anti-Valentine’s mood possible, this city has it all! We’ve put together the most carefully curated list of activities around London, and we suggest you pay close attention, ‘cause it’ll be hard to pick your top choice!

1. Valentine’s Party at The Stay Club

The Stay Club will be immersed in the spirit of romance on February 14th, as is fitting on the day that celebrates love! The Colindale and Camden lobbies will be festively decorated and the food and music will be tailored to the occasion… We also have many surprises in the works, such as a cool love letter box! We will be expecting you at 8 p.m. to get the party started!

2. Murder on the Barts Floor

The Chelsea speakeasy rarely disappoints, with a creative list of events that renews every so often. For Valentine’s Day, the hidden drinkery will transform to a crime scene and you will be the detective for the night of the 13th, trying to unearth clues as to what happened and why. Regardless of whether you manage to solve the case or not, Barts’ Murderous menu will be waiting for you to finish off your night with an interesting cocktail…

3. Rivoli Ballroom

The majestic ambiance of the Ravioli Ballroom is backed up by its over half-a-century existence whereas the elegant black interior screams romance. Cosy up in this beautiful space on their Valentine’s Day pop up cinema, watching the Romeo & Juliet classic, for a night full of heartfelt cinema!

4. Valentine’s Day at the Gherkin

This experience is not what could be dubbed as budget friendly, but it offers one of the most eloquent celebrations of love. Whether you opt for oysters and champagne, or a full blown four course Valentine’s dinner, the Iris Bar by Searcys features a 360-degree view of London from the top of the impressive Gherkin! It’s doubtful that you will come across a more spectacular Valentine’s Day venue than this one…

5. Drunk in Love

The Piano Works Farrington offer the most upbeat Valentine’s Night, with a music selection curated by the guests themselves, taking the crowd’s requests from 5pm until 1am. There is a 3-course meal option, and a champagne and cocktail hour to choose from; so grab your partner or just head there with friends, and enjoy a wonderfully unapologetic Thursday night out!

6. Embargo Event

The most immersive Valentine’s Day extravaganza is arriving this year at The Ivory Vaults, and it’s got a roaring twenties theme! The 1920’s feel of Embargo puts you slam in the midst of the prohibition era, with a Gatsby vibe and jazz music to make you forget the year and place. The three course dinner, Prosecco and immersive performance promise a night of love that will stick with you until the next VDay extravaganza!

7. Dans Le Noir

This Clerkenwell spot offers one of the most intriguing culinary nights you’ve ever imagined. Ditch the whole “staring into your love’s eyes” thing, and opt for a darker dinner, in the most literal sense! Dans Le Noir has absolutely no lights, allowing the guests to indulge in their food with other senses muted completely. If you were on the lookout for an original Valentine’s dinner, then we’ve got a winner!