Most Popular Questions of our Residents
by Nina Christopoulou

As our new arrivals flood the Stay Club, our awesome reception team begun to notice a few questions being tossed around often by our residents. That’s why we figured it would be prudent to have them all answered in one place (you know, for future reference!).

1. Can my friends/relatives come visit?

Of course – and we couldn’t have it any other way! However, we do want to be considerate of all of our residents and keep the fuss down to a minimum, so we have set a six-day maximum free stay per month for your visitors. After the six days you can prolong the visit, but each night will cost you 10 pounds. A little incentive to make sure that we are all considerate of the Stay Club community!

2. Am I allowed to have pets in my room?

As much as we love our furry friends, we think it’s best if our residence is a pet-free zone.

3. How do I report maintenance issues?

We have an awesome maintenance team which is around every day (yes, that is including weekends) to assist you with anything you may need… If you want them to give you a hand all you have to do is log in to the Stay Club portal and let us know. But if you would rather let us know in person, you can always head down to reception and we’ll arrange everything for you!

4. How can I book the cinema room in Colindale?

We have an amazing in-house events team that handles all the bookings for the cinema room, so all you have to do is send a quick email to Let them know the date and time you will need the cinema room for as well as the number of people and they will get back to you asap with an availability status!

5. Do I need a guarantor or will I go through a reference check if I wish to book?

We try our best to make your booking with us as hassle free as possible, so we don’t request a guarantor or a reference check from you. However, if you are under 18 years old we do require your parents’ details!

6. Do I have to be a student to stay with you?

This one depends on which residence you are interested in! The Stay Club Willesden and Colindale are not exclusive to students, but the Stay Club Camden does require a full-time student status!

7. What services can I find around the area?

Well, that is a very interesting question that has a different response for each one of our residences. So let’s break them down:

– Camden: This Stay Club is located right opposite the famous Camden Market, and it is surrounded by a multitude of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and services to make your everyday life as smooth as possible. Camden Coffee Co. is right across the street so you can grab your daily caffeine dose, Hygge Pygge is to your right and is ideal for that avo toast you were craving whereas Gino D’Acampo is right next door and boasts an amazing selection of Italian dishes. You can pop over to The Monarch on Friday nights, or head over to the Camden Market next door for a quick bite and a stroll.

– Colindale: Although our Colindale residence boasts an amazing sky view restaurant on the 7th floor, there are also other services around the area that you can make the most of. The Stay Club Colindale is less than a minute away from the tube station and ITJL is around the corner to take care of your breakfast or coffee break! If you are in the mood for some great pizza or drinks in a relaxing space, Spaccanapoli is just the thing for you. Last but definitely not least, Pure Gym is less than a minute away from the Stay Club and will get you in the mood for that workout you’ve been postponing.

– Willesden: The beautiful Willesden residence has everything you need close by. Various supermarket options, an Argos to grab your gadgets and of course Park and Kitchen to satisfy your appetite!

All of the services mentioned above offer Stay Club exclusive discounts, so our residents can take advantage of lower prices and more perks! There are also many more partnerships which we have established and you can find all details here:

8. Do we have a gym in the area?

We wouldn’t have it any other way! Pure Gym at Colindale is a breath away from our residence and has a wowing 20% discount on your 9-month membership. So you can blow off some steam during those stressful deadline periods on a budget!

9. Are my bills included in my rent?

Our price reflects all your bills, including electricity, high-speed WiFi and water. There’s also an extra charge called Council Tax which full time students are not burdened with, but at the same time are required to apply for the exemption. To make your life a little easier, we take care of the application for you, just hand us your student status confirmation! However, do keep in mind that laundry and housekeeping are separate services!

10. Do we have TVs in our rooms, or can you have your own?

You will find anything from SkySports to PS4 in our lobby, with its huge TV and extra comfy couches where you can enjoy time with friends as well as your favourite TV shows. The Stay Club rooms do not include TVs, but our lobbies do and our Colindale residence has a 100-seater cinema which is essentially the only thing you will need throughout the year!