Top 6 Things to Do During the Easter Weekend

The much awaited Easter weekend is nearing, and we need to be prepared in order to make the most of it! London has tons of fun activities in the works, but this list has the six absolute musts, so you don’t miss out on the hottest London events.

1. Indulge in the Fortnum & Mason’s Easter egg display

The Fortnum & Mason choc displays look delicious all year round, but when Easter hits then you know it’s time to break your diet. Reunite with your inner child when you come across the hand painted, three dimensional, Easter inspired creations that grace the beautiful display with the sole purpose of making us fawn over them! Hands down one of the most treasured Easter activities in London.

2. Strictly 80s: Brixton Rooftop Opening Party

Kick-off the Easter weekend with lots of 80s tunes, in the coolest area of London! The Brixton Rooftop pretty much guarantees you’ll have a blast on a normal weekend, but were especially tempted by their Easter event which coincidently falls on the 18th of April. We can’t wait to see how their Easter event will play out, with karaoke, free inflatables and a golden Easter egg hunt on the schedule!

3. Head to Underbelly

The Underbelly festival will be up and running until May 5th, and there’s no better opportunity to indulge in the various performances and spectacles than the Easter weekend! So ditch the hunt for hidden eggs, and start exploring the festival’s website…

4. Be a part of Club Fatale

The Grand in Clapham has tremendous potential for a fun night out, and on Good Friday it’s hosting a Late Night Special Feature – Club Fatale! Lingering between art-deco and gangster vibes, it’s a mash up of music, performance and immersive theatre, and it’s looking incredible. Who would want to miss this one?

5. Go for a brunch with a twist

Since we’ve moved past the times when a brunch session needed to be bottomless in order for it to have a twist, we’ve seen many imaginative versions of the concept mushroom all over the trendiest areas of London. The Easter Retro Gaming Bottomless Brunch at Aquum though takes the brunch game to a whole other level. Head to Clapham to remember what it was like way back when you couldn’t wait to get to your SEGA Mega Drive session!

6. Stay Club Easter Extravaganza

Events around the city are incredible, but we couldn’t resist the temptation of hosting a little something in house too… Sunday the 21st marks the day, when all Stay Club lobbies will be packed with music, food and lots of appetite for a great evening! So save the date…