Top 7 Things to Do This March

Top 7 Things to Do This March
by Nina Christopoulou

The past couple of weeks have treated us to some incredible days, with the sun shining brighter than ever over the British capital! The spring feeling was inevitable, and we couldn’t think of a better way to welcome March… The endless array of events that will be happening in London throughout the upcoming month is definitely going to keep us busy, but we’ve picked out the best of the bunch for your enjoyment:

1. Pancake Day!

As we approach Lent, the time has come to clear out your cupboards of anything sugary or dairy… What better way to do so, than with a pancake feast? Even if you are not keen on participating in the fasting period of Lent, March 5th presents the ideal opportunity to indulge in some of the absolutely fluffiest of pancakes! Keep your eyes peeled for our Pancake Day exclusive guide, where we let you in on the secrets to mouth-watering pancakes around town….

2. St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th marks the death of St Patrick, and London’s parade celebrates the patron saint of Ireland in the most imaginative way possible. Just imagine: a huge parade from Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square, all the green accessories in the world, clovers in bundles and a river of Guinness! The parade is a mesmerising compilation of leprechaun floats accompanied by traditional Irish music, and the city gets carried away as the Irish Community dictates the rhythm of the day throughout this beautiful celebration!

3. Earth Hour

This one is definitely not local, and yet its importance could not be bigger! Join millions of people, and plenty of London landmarks and institutions as they turn off the lights in support of our planet! Earth Hour 2019 will take place on March 30th between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm GMT and you can find more about the initiative on the WWF website ( ). Switch off for your world!

4. Mother’s Day

Celebrating one of the strongest bonds, Mother’s Day is one to pay attention to. March 31st is the day dedicated to mums, and there’s an abundance of ways to celebrate this special relationship in your life when in London. Anything from quirky and innovative gift ideas, to specially curated restaurant menus and beautiful flower arrangements is a part of London’s preparation for Mother’s Day, creating a unique and touching ambiance around the city!

5. London Coffee Festival

Coffee addicts out there, rejoice! The London Coffee Festival is back for yet another year, hosted once again by our favourite venue, the Truman Brewery. Head to brick Lane to enjoy the most stunning Latte Art, as well as workshops on how to do it yourself, intriguing presentations by world-renowned baristas in a relaxed atmosphere with live music and a coffee scent in the air! Save the date: 28-31 of March!

6. International Women’s Day

March will begin with an ode to women and their achievements, in the form of International Women’s Day, which will take place on the 8th March. London has numerous events in store to celebrate the occasion, with the Women of the World Festival being a definitive highlight….

7. Holi Festival of Colour

The Holi celebrations are quite a messy business, with colourful powder flying toward all different directions to offer an immensely enjoyable sight! London could not resist the temptation of being a part of the Holi vibe, with numerous different celebrations taking place on 21st March… The Stay Club will also be hosting its very own Holi extravaganza, at the Camden and Colindale lobbies. This one is not to be missed!

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