Top 9 Ice-Cream Spots in London

by Nina Christopoulou

As the sun makes more and more appearances in the otherwise gloomy British capital, we could not help ourselves but put together a post about the most essential summer treat: ice-cream. And London has so much to offer when it comes to gelato! Our 9 favourite ice-cream spots around the city are officially here:


The fresh mint stracciatella is rightfully considered a top pick, in this beautiful ice-cream parlour. Its reputation has made it a household name among foodies around the city and for good reason!

Credit: @the56.

La Gelateria

The name is a hint for the traditional Italian taste that awaits you. It has managed to gather an amazing collection of foodie awards, and would you like to know the best part? Everything is made on site daily! Drop by the Covent Garden branch to see the ice cream in the making and prepare yourselves for the treat that is ahead of you.

Credit: @La Gelatiera – Artisan Gelato


The flavours are mostly classic, but the presentation has a twist: the ice cream is placed in the cone in the shape of flower petals. Photogenic, tasty and refreshing all in one. What more could one ask for?


Ruby Violet

An attraction in both its locations (Tufnell Park and King’s Cross that is), the ethically sourced ingredients, free-range eggs and organic milk that they use equal to pureness in every bite (or lick, in this case). The word-of-mouth recommendations have rendered Ruby Violet a favourite for Londoners.

Credit: @Ruby Violet


Allergen-free and vegan ice-cream and shake choices are what you will find at Yorica. Its selection is mouth-watering and the environment cute as can be, with locations in Notting Hill and Wardour Street.
The ice-creams are pretty picture-perfect too!

Credit: @vegan teen🌱


You see the shop and simply want to go in, before you even realise that it is one of the best ice-cream shops in the city! What’s more, the couple which opened it (coincidentally called Raj and Raj) hold an ongoing competition for flavour of the month picked out by customers. Would you like to guess the prize? Ice-cream on the house for an entire month!

Credit: @Udderlicious Ice Cream

Milk Train

The stuff dreams are made of: Milk Train’s candy floss cone is not primarily Instagrammable, it is more importantly like bites of heaven melting in your mouth. The photos, as impressive as they may be, do not do justice to the ice-cream itself!

Credit: @Holly 🐆 | London Blogger

Chin Chin Dessert Club

The traditional flavours are always nice when it comes to ice-cream, but about something a little more extreme? Halva black tahini or coffee with olive oil for example… As extreme as they may sound Chin Chin Dessert Club serves them alongside all time classics such as burnt butter caramel. Whatever the choice, you will not regret trying this spot out!

Credit: @Chin Chin Labs/Dessert Club

Soft Serve Society

This list has been a challenge to create not only because I am an ice-cream lover myself, but mainly because in order to do a countdown you have to have a favourite. Tough choice when London has so many gelato options at your disposal. I would have to admit, however, that Soft Serve Society is a personal favourite: the charcoal and coconut flavour is unique as it is delicious, while the selection of sundaes is mind blowing. Definitely a must!

Credit: @Νίνα ➰