Top Outdoor Activities in London

by Nina Christopoulou

The sun is out, greenery abounds and all in all there is absolutely no reason for you to stay indoors. Especially given the awesome outdoor activities around London! We did some research, and here are our suggestions on the best, most exhilarating outdoor activities at the moment. Be warned, most of them require some form of physical exercise!

6. Well, obviously… SWIMMING!

The Brockwell Lido is commonly referred to as an «art deco gem». Situated in South London, it was built back in 1937 (fear not, it was renovated fully in 2007). Its poolside cafe is versatile enough to turn into a bar and restaurant as the day progresses, and trully makes your day as cool as possible. Added plus? It is budget friendly!

Credit: @Brockwell Lido

5. How about those rollerblades?

If you are a beginner, fear not. Battersea Park is an incredible place to rollerblade and it is beginner-friendly too. The views along your rollerblading route are awesome, with the lake, zoo and Thames to gaze at as you pass by. There are also many free skating groups during the weekend too, if you care for some company!

Credit: @The Galeries

4. Kayaking anyone?

Have you heard of West Reservoir? Well, you have now! This not-very-well-known watersports center is located just off Green Lanes, on Stoke Newington, and it has many options to choose from. Whether you are up for a sailing course or would rather kayak (we know that would be our pick!), it is a great excursion and a fun filled activity.

Credit: @Paddling Magazine

3. Ever tried power-kiting?

Richmond Park is a wander to roam around, but also offers so many outdoor activities to choose from. Horse-riding, fishing and many more are available, but we decided to let you know of a more extreme one: power-kiting. Not sure what it is? Well, that is when you are pulled along by a kite when sitting on a buggy, standing on a landboard or wearing inline skates. It is a thrilling experience, and guess what? There is also the winter option, when there’s enough snow!


2. The O2 Climb

This cool 1.5-hour climbing experience is not to be missed! In case you didn’t know (and why would you?), the O2 is a 52-meter-tall structure, near North Greenwich tube station. This means that climbing all the way to the top gives you an unobstructed 360-degree view of UK’s capital. What could be more thrilling than that? Oh yes, that would be our number 1 pick…

Credit: @🌸Lucy English 🌸

1. Zip Now London is on!

So here is the deal: you launch from 35 meters, and go through three 225-meter zip wires with speeds reaching up to 50 kph. The experience is one of a lifetime, the view of London extreme and overall it adds up to a total of 45 minutes. And for the cherry on top: you can choose to have the “mega drop” freefall experience! You can go ahead and guess what this one entails…

Credit: @Zip Now London