Top Things To Do in London This November
by Nina Christopoulou

Ever so close to Christmas time, November is always filled with dazzling activities for all Londoners to enjoy. The conundrum is, which ones should be at the top of your list and which ones should be left for the next year? We are here to help with that (as per usual) and have gathered only the most amazing upcoming events for the month ahead… Ready, set, go!

7. Regent Street Motor Show

This free and incredibly awesome event pays tribute to the automotive history in the most impressive way possible! November 3rd marks the day, when an array of impressive historical vehicles flood Regent Street and create an unparalleled spectacle. Music, dance performances and motorcycle stunt shows complete the event!

6. Bonfire Night

November 5th marks a citywide celebration, in remembrance of the Gunpowder Plot that fell through, when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The impressive firework show that is orchestrated on the night of November 5th is one not be missed. Visible from every part of the city, the go-to spots for a clearer view are Battersea park, Southwark and of course the Lambeth fireworks at Brockwell Park!

5. EFG London Jazz Festival

Music enthusiasts brace yourselves cause this one is going to be good! From November 16th to the 25th, the festival promises 10 days of jazz infused fun that has been ongoing since 1992! Gigs are planned at venues of all sizes, from the Royal Festival Hall to King’s Place or the Purcell Room, so you are bound to find something to suit your own unique jazz-y taste!

4. Lord Mayor’s Show

This one is quite the royal event, dating back to the royal decision to allow the residents of London to elect their own mayor in 1215. The procession takes place between Bank and Aldwych, with a stunning 140 floats, 7,000 performers and many more in store for the over half a million people that flock to the parade! So save the date (November 10th, that is).

3. Tour the London Christmas Lights

London evokes its Christmas-y spirit from early on, and the Christmas lights around the city are definitely one of the best aspects of the upcoming holiday! Consequently, one of the best activities throughout the year would definitely have to be roaming around the sparkling streets of London (always in good company). The must-see spots are the Carnaby Christmas lights, which never seize to amaze with their vibrant colours, the Covent Garden lights that simply spruce up the already magical Covent Garden setting and of course the South Bank lights that will make you smile endlessly… Of course the Oxford and Regent Street lights are a given, and same applies for the Piccadilly and Bond Street sparkly extravaganzas that take over any Londoner’s Instagram feed from early on!

2. Wintertime at Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre will transform once more, giving you extreme Nordic vibes along the Thames. With a variety of events, free and ticketed, it is bound to get you into full blown Christmas spirit! The appropriate seasonal foods and beverages will obviously be available, with a Christmas Market to get you in the Christmas shopping mood and plenty of other fun surprises ranging from choir performances to A Vintage New Year’s Eve Party (… but let’s save that one for later…)

1. Hogwarts in the Snow at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Are you ready to experience a studio tour of your Harry Potter favourites with a Christmas twist? Check out the Gryffindor Common Room and Boys’ Dormitory decorated for a full blown and very festive Hogwarts experience that you do not want to miss. Hogwarts in the Snow will take place on Saturday 17th of November and Sunday 27th of January and it’s wise to book as much in advance as you possibly can!