Top Things You Discover Only in London
by Nina Christopoulou

London often seems like a place where crazy ideas come to flourish, and the endless list of wacky or bizarre activities and sights just proves our point! So we figured it would be fun to search in the deep, dark corners of London’s entertainment scene for the most curious suggestions, and present them to you in a list that will make you go “oh” and “what” a little too often when reading it… So here it goes:

1. Saint Dunstan in the East

Tucked away somewhere between Tower of London and London Bridge the church of Saint Dunstan in the East is a unique sight that does not resemble the rest of the city in the least little bit! The 10th century church has survived an impressive array of misfortunes, having been partly destroyed during the Great Fire of London and during the Blitz in 1941. The ruins of Saint Dunstan now serve the purpose of a public garden, that is immensely photogenic and offers an incredible shot of the Shard framed by the ruins’ classical allure.

2. The Ten Bells

The Ten Bells is a seemingly normal pub, which does not look like it has anything more to offer than a good selection of ales and a relaxing drinking setting. The experience becomes a whole lot different when you dig a little deeper into The Ten Bells’ history, aka the Jack the Ripper Pub. Its connection to the terrorising figure of Jack the Ripper is exclusive to this East London drinkery, which was the last place one of his victims was seen, and the regular hang out of another. Chilling, wouldn’t you say?

3. Gods Own Junkyard

Adornments of neon nature grace this Walthmstow stop that will blow you away. The tucked away little warehouse with the huge selection of former film props and home decorations of all sorts was formerly owned by the late Chris Bracey, aka “Neon Man”, whose talent with neon had made him a sensation and his store the go-to for creatives across the artistic scope. It also boasts a cute little café, for that moment when you’ve had enough trying to decide which of all the neon creations you want to take home with you!

4. Chelsea Physic Garden

One of the lesser known corners of London, the Chelsea Physic Garden is the second oldest botanical garden in England, and the oldest in London. It dates as far back as 1673 and was purposefully built to grow medicinal plants, but to date has developed an expanded selection of over 5,000 over four acres. The riverside botanical garden is a sight for sore eyes and an amazing excursion that allows you to discover how the early Apothecaries unearthed the beneficial potential of plants!

5. Aldwych Station Tour

An amazing opportunity for anyone to explore what lies underneath London, the Aldwych Station tour guides you through the now disused station on Strand. The location was opened in 1907, but closed in 1994 as the initial works were never entirely completed. To this day, the façade of the disused tube stop is beautifully nostalgic, but what lies underneath is truly magnificent. The film makers of V for Vendetta, Superman IV and many other features agree with us!