1. Bouncy Castles were invented in Camden.

Do you know bouncy castles? Well, of course you do.. What kid doesn’t? But you did know they were invented in Camden?

2. Camden was a key location for the growth of the Punk and Rock scene in the UK.

Camden and music tag along pretty well.. so much so that Camden opened its arm wide open for the Rock n’ Roll scene back in 1966, with the Roundhouse hosting none other than Pink Floyd in one of their first performances!

3. Famous Author Mary Shelley was born in Camden.

The stuff of childhood nightmares (aka Frankenstein’s monster) was also a Camden product.. Or rather, its author was! Mary Shelley (neè Godwin), the author of Frankenstein, was born in Somers Town.

4. Amy Winehouse used to work in Camden Market.

Amy Winehouse, the singer whose love for Camden inspired the monument that graces the Market, used to work at a stall as a teenager. Amy has also graced many Camden hotspots gigging in local pubs throughout Camden, such as the Hawley Arms!

5. Camden is the birthplace of world-renowned university, UCL.

UCL was born and bred in Camden. As a result, the whooping 29 Nobel Prize awards it has gathered render Camden one of the brainiest areas of London.

6. Dua Lipa grew up in Camden!

Dua Lipa, the internationally acclaimed pop sensation, spent her formative years in West Hampstead and received her education at Parliament Hill School, which is located amidst the neighborhoods of Kentish Town, Gospel Oak, and Tuffnell Park.

7. 120 spoken languages registered!

Camden schools have a registered number of 120 spoken languages – talk about embracing multiculturism.

8. Camden is home to over 25,000 students.

Camden is of central importance to the academic life of London. It is home to the most important higher education institutions compared to any other area, with a total of over 25,000 students!

9. Camden houses more than 150 million books.

The British Library is a wonderous gem that is proudly situated the Camden Borough. Want to know the most impressive fact about it? The British Library has 625km of shelves which hold 150 million books!

10. Famous nightclub ‘Electric Ballroom’ doubles up as a market.

Camden’s Electric Ballroom is a delightful surprise that transforms from a bustling market and shopping hub during the day to one of the top-rated event venues at night.

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