Best Restaurants in Kentish Town

Although Kentish Town is considered the quieter of its neighbours (especially taking into consideration Camden’s unrivalled spirit), the abundance of eateries and drinkeries is overwhelming. Locals are able to enjoy the many pubs in the area and the nicely curated cocktail bars. They can also benefit from a diverse selection of restaurants dotting Kentish Town Road, and the quieter streets around it. From traditional pubs renowned for their Thai menus, to Vietnamese, Senegalese and Ethiopian cuisine, the diversity of dishes on offer in the area is impressive! Below you will find some of those eateries considered as the best restaurants in Kentish Town, and what they have going for them.

Anima e Cuore

Of all the Kentish Town Road restaurants, Anima e Cuore (which is also included in the Top 5 Things to Do in Kentish Town blog entry that you may want to check out) is arguably the most animated. With generally promising reviews, the menu is a combination of traditional and modern Italian dishes, whipped up with local fresh produce. The restaurant is smaller than average, which means booking your table is well advised (let’s not forget it’s a hit with the locals who are likely to have snagged out the reservations in advance). As for the restaurant’s interior? It’s a laid-back combination of nonchalant wooden furnishings and decorations that convey this friendly atmosphere.

Pho Ta

There are some places around London where there is no denying it’s a dedicated and creative team that has set them up. Pho Ta in Kentish Town is one of those places, as prospective visitors are soon to discover when browsing through customer reviews, and Kentishtowner’s take on the Vietnamese restaurant. There is a mural depicting a street in Hanoi, that sets the scene for the visit, filled with spring rolls, buns and – as you may have guessed – Pho! There is a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes on offer as well, in this lovely Kentish Town restaurant.


If you were torn about where to eat in Kentish Town, Kami should be on your to-do list. This Fortess Road restaurant offers Japanese cuisine in an ambient setting, reminiscent of plenty of Mayfair destinations. Their menu has everything from gyozas to new style sashimi and hand rolls, offered at budget-friendly prices. Famed as one of the area’s best, Kami is a good bet if you’re searching for sushi in Kentish Town!

Queen of Sheba, Kentish Town

Ethiopian cuisine synonymous with the Kentish Town area. Or Queen of Sheba Kentish Town in a nutshell! The undemanding restaurant features wooden furnishings accentuated by the decorations, hinting to the place’s heritage. The friendly staff walk you through a menu that features vegetarian, chicken, fish and meat dishes. These you can enjoy accompanied by delicious injera (the spongy textured Ethiopian flatbread). You will find Queen of Sheba on 12 Fortess Road, but you can plan your visit ahead of time via their website.

The Pineapple

If this looks familiar, it’s probably because you have seen it on the Pubs & Bars in Kentish Town entry on our blog. You may be wondering, what it is doing parading around the Best Restaurants of Kentish Town, and you would have a fair question on your mind. In an area that loves pubs, the temptation to add the most locally beloved gastropub to the list of best restaurants in Kentish Town was just too big! Dating back to the 19th century, The Pineapple maintains its classic allure, alongside a cool combo of spaces to enjoy a pint in. The most intriguing part of it, though, is the Thai Kitchen menu that is sure to grab your attention. Noodle and curry aplenty – perhaps not the kind of pub grub you were expecting to see, but delicious regardless!

Baan Thai

Out of all the places to eat in Kentish Town, Baan Thai offers the greatest mix of Singapore, Thai and Malaysian dishes. Established in 2012, it has been around for some time as the local community has embraced its tasty menu. You will find vegetarian and vegan among other Asian dishes that are well cooked, reasonably priced and served by a welcoming team. The casual interior of the restaurant lets visitors place their undivided attention to the one thing that matters: the food. For more, you can always take a look at their website!


With a rating of 5 on Tripadvisor at the time of writing, it’s not much of a struggle putting your finger down on why this one is considered among the best restaurants in Kentish Town. Albion’s is classified as French and Italian, and dedicated to serving quality ingredients across their menu. There is a wonderful variety to choose from, while the interior is curated to offer a cosy experience, with wood and stone taking centre stage as you enter. Discover this local gem here.

Carob Tree

This one should probably be clustered as one of this list’s restaurants near Kentish Town, as you will find it a short walk from the area. Carob Tree is worth the walk though, as it serves scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine with a twist. The menu prides itself in the fresh fish and free-range meat options, but there is also traditional meze in various forms, shapes and sizes to try out. If you are up for sharing a unique culinary experience with your uni mates, then this one should be on your list!

Yak & Yeti

Yak & Yeti near Kentish Town West station, is an award-winning restaurant which offers Nepalese, Indian & Tibetan cuisine. You are probably right to assume there will be some interesting dishes among the restaurant’s options. The rich Pokhareli Duck cooked in a clay oven with Nepalese spices takes centre stage on the menu! This Kentish Town gem recently introduced a variety of vegan specials, offering even more of a choice to keen customers.

Neighbourhood Organic

Yes, we did put these ones side by side, and no, they are not to be confused. Neighbourhood Organic is the newest entry to the galore of Kentish Town Road Restaurants, although it identifies more as a café than it does a restaurant. However, the clean and clutter free interior invites guests to work their day away. In the meantime, it offers refreshments, quality food and desserts of all sorts! The fact that it’s a brand-new establishment means the local community’s verdict is still out, but the undeniable tastiness of the meals and the attractive interior hint to a new local hangout that’s here to stay.


All in all, it’s easy to see where the area wins over the hearts of its locals. The diversity of Kentish Town’s food offering adds an interesting touch to a Kentish Towner’s day to day. If you are keen to learn more about the area and The Stay Club Kentish Town, it’s time to head to the website and explore our area guide, as well as our accommodation!


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