E-Learning Productivity

E-learning was one of the most rapidly growing knowledge sources even before social distancing allowed us to explore its untapped potential in wider scenarios. As discussions on health and safety measures evolve, with new developments and government guidance coming our way day by day, e-learning looks like it will be a key focus point for many universities across the world, and the UK more specifically. So, it stands to reason that we would be delving into ways of making your video tutorials, online courses or lectures and distance learning curriculum all the more enjoyable.

e-Learning allows great freedom in how you choose to engage with the material, and that is both its benefit and its challenge. Individual effort is more important than ever, as engagement needs to be driven by the student. The question that pops into our heads is a simple one: how do you make e-learning as productive as possible?

1. Pick the “when” wisely

Ah, the wonderful freedom of having a class at 10 pm at night. The ability to pick any time of day to go through your e-learning material; doesn’t it sound splendid? We are sure it does, but it is still important to know yourself. That’s where the majority of productivity tips stem from anyhow; being able to pinpoint what works well for you and what doesn’t. If you are not a morning person, for example, it’s far from wise to begin your class with a 9 am alarm clock. Similarly, if it feels like you function well after lunchtime, then it’s wise to consider reviewing the classes midday. All in all, our first and foremost piece of advice would be don’t get lost in all the possibility. Pick what works for you and stick with it!

2. Create a brilliant “where”

We have spoken about the importance of optimising your space with regards to unleashing your most productive self in the past, yet it’s worth a recap in the case of e-learning efforts. Surely, we’re not the first ones to say that a cluttered desk helps elevate your stress levels to the max. Why is that, though? According to a Princeton Research, the visual distractions that a cluttered office space provides with, mean your brain is distracted in its effort to concentrate. So, for those of you that always went by the argument that “a messier desk helps me think better”, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news…. Time to tidy up, get rid of the distractions, re-invent your filling system and create a peaceful corner of organisational bliss that will help you give e-learning your all!

3. Keep Notes

A common pitfall of e-learning is that you think you have all the material there for your review, so you don’t take notes.

4. Say no to distractions

Is it putting your phone on flight mode? Is it using an app that controls where you browse? Or is it using noise cancelling headphones? Distractions work differently for each one of us, and it makes sense that you would need to find the trick(s) that work best for you in order to ramp up your productivity. Although we do appreciate keeping your phone on flight mode isn’t the most efficient solution, there are awesome alternatives such as apps that allow you to block distracting websites and apps. Keeping your focus throughout your e-learning session is a priority!

5. You Don’t Need to Do it Alone

Although individual work is very much encouraged when e-learning, and it does boil down to an independent effort, it’s always useful to keep in mind you’re not alone. Especially when it comes to e-learning proposed by universities, remote study groups are equally possible, motivational and sometimes even essential to ensuring you are making the most of your experience. Learning collectively is always an enriching process. For those of you that are coming to The Stay Club for your upcoming academic year, you will be glad to discover our dedicated classroom spaces, fully equipped with smart TV’s and ample space for small study groups to get together while adhering to health and safety guidelines!

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