Most Camera Worthy Destinations in London

London is a city worth exploring to the fullest and there is no better opportunity to do so than student life. In between all the courses and papers, it’s always key to remember why you chose this beautiful and versatile city to live in. This week’s blog entry will walk you through our top picks for a photoshoot, so you can start exploring the most photogenic destinations and create dazzling memories that you will cherish for life!

1. Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen is a pink oasis somewhere in the middle of Fitzrovia, that you’re bound to have come across at one point or another on one of the thousands of Instagram posts. The display framing the entry to this oh-so-adorable cafe is renewed seasonally, so you can never regret heading there, and the cupcakes and cakes of all sorts are phenomenally scrumptious, so it’s a win for your camera and your taste buds!


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2. Neal’s Yard

A hidden garden of majestic proportions, Neal’s Yard was considered one of the lesser known gems of London; enter Instagram. The photo sharing platform elevated this sight for sore eyes into a sensation for tourists. The colourful square is small in size, yet powerful in a wowing capacity! An abundance of colourful walls, and some of Covent Garden’s most delicious destinations are all tucked together in one mesmerising little opening. On your way out, don’t forget to take a snap of one of Bambi’s most interesting works too; “Be as Naughty as You Want” is a stencil graffiti created on the anniversary of Princess D’s death, showcasing Diana flying off to the sky as Mary Poppins, as Prince George and Princess Charlotte gaze up at her.


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3. Madison’s Rooftop Bar

Of all the rooftop bars you can find in the city, Madison’s is the one with the most jaw dropping view. St. Paul’s cathedral is one of the most phenomenal sights around the city, and Madison’s offers a premiere view of it from their rooftop. Enjoy your glass of wine while soaking up the stunning view on a sunset and you won’t regret the sight or the shots!


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4. St. Dunstan in the East

Who knew ruins could ever be so satisfying to capture? The City of London is the kind of place that doesn’t leave much room for reminiscing the past, what with all of its high and mighty glass structures and construction cranes adorning the sky. Yet somewhere in the midst of it all, St. Dunstan in the East stands proudly, having faced – and surprisingly overcome – an abundance of misfortunes. In 1967 it was officially turned into a public park, and a stunning one at that. The most captivating scene at St. Dunstan in the East is that window overlooking the Shard, offering a poetic antithesis.


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5. Primrose Hill

The picturesque streets, colourful houses, and stunning park views of Primrose Hill all have a striking effect on guests. There is no arguing that the entirety of the area is photogenic, yet there is a specific place that treats us to unparalleled views of London’s skyline. The sight from the top of Primrose Park is splendid and overlooks the city unlike any other spot! You’re bound to get some sensational photos, coupled with a breath-taking view…


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