Most Instagrammable Christmas Locations in London

Most Instagrammable Christmas Locations in London
by Nina Christopoulou

As the merry period draws nearer, London dresses up in Christmas lights, winter chalet vibes and beautiful festive displays of all sorts. Like any other celebratory event that takes place in the city, London’s many corners will become an oasis for Instagrammers, photographers and amateurs alike. For those of you that are on the lookout for the most beautiful spots of London this festive season, we’ve gathered them all in one place for your convenience.

1. Dalloway Terrace

Winter feels and a mesmerising décor are the first things that come upon you when you enter this famed brunch spot. The white ornaments are everywhere, and the cosy fur blankets neatly placed on the chairs offer the impression that you can enjoy the ambiance for many hours to come. But before you take your seat, get comfy and relax, a photo is mandatory!

2. Carnaby Christmas Lights

Carnaby is situated to the left of Liberty… If you want an extra tip on how to locate it, look for the myriads of people who have pointed their phones upwards to take a snap of the extraordinary Christmas lights! You can find various types of merry twinkling décor around London, including Oxford Street, Regent Street and many, many more. So why would we pick Carnaby Street for this section? The interestingly varied choice of lights and patterns is quite unusual, and thus somehow enthralling.

3. Churchill Arms

Whatever time of the year you decide to arrive in London, Churchill Arms is one of the locations that you will find in any suggestions website you scroll through. It’s beautifully decorated 365 days a year, but when the Christmas lights come on, it’s otherworldly! But don’t take our word for it, head over there and have a look for yourselves!

4. Old Bond Street

This one is a London classic, on the one hand because of its immensely central location, on the other hand because of its typical London allure. The steeply priced haute couture and

jewellery brands prepare for Christmas in the most exhillerating way possible, with Cartier and Tiffany and Co. stealing the show each and every festive season. Therefore, a stroll up and down Old Bond Street will fill up your camera roll in no time!

5. Somerset House

The imposing grey building on Strand is always hosting a little something captivating in its courtyard, whether it’s the Design Biennale, or the Christmas ice ring! Sponsored by Fortnum and Mason, the ice ring makes for the perfect addition to the spacious courtyard, and the beautifully playfull Christmas tree located right in front of it completes your frame in a perfect manner!

6. Fortnum and Mason

One of the most avant garde delicatessens you have ever set foot in, this Piccadilly Road classic redecorates its window displays, bakes festive treats, and places the merriest of drinks front and center. The spectacular 18th century department store will make you drool over both the gourmet treats as well as the sensational Christmas decor. Insider’s tip: snap the staircase for a dazzling Christmas post!

7. Holidays Made by Tiffany

The newest addition to the classics, St. Pancras International has welcomed for the first time this year a thrilling Christmas addition by Tiffany and Co., in the form of a wonderfully original Christmas tree. The glistening tree is borderline overshadowed by a huge moving robot made up in its entirety of Tiffany and Co. boxes, and placed on a bright orange ladder. The ideal backdrop to your Christmas shots, and especially convenient if you are commuting from St. Pancras on a frequent basis…

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