Stay Home & Stay Fit!

Cafes have shut their doors, roads have emptied, and London feels as quiet as ever, as we all #StayHome… With all that energy built up, it’s definitely time to find innovative ways to exercise, turning your home into an impromptu gym. Where should you be looking for inspiration and work out routines that will help you pump up your heart rate? The Stay Club’s Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator-slash-fitness guru, gave us the best tips on where we should be looking to start our homebound fitness journey, and we have put them all together for your enjoinment!

1. Barry’s Bootcamp

Heralded as one of London’s hardest, it would be unwise to put it at the top of the list, if not for the disclaimer: this is not for beginners. The training area, known for its aggressive approach to fitness goals and its dark red lights that masterfully support people in furthering their endeavours on the session, has taken to Instagram lives to recreate as much of its fitness programme as possible. Each day they make an encouraging post, alongside their timetable for the day ahead. This includes four wonderfully pushy sessions of anything total body related; upper body focus, lower body focus and abs, but all programmes are designed to work on more than just one muscle group. Join in on the experience at least once and prepare to revel in the companionship of Barry’s Bootcamp.

2. Shona Vertue

Shona is what could easily be dubbed as an inbetweener; somewhere in between weights, resistance, cardio and yoga she has found the ideal method of training to encourage her 430k+ Instagram followers to create their own fitness journey. Her yoga sessions are more fast paced than average, and include a variety, among which are morning stretching routines that won’t force you to twist and turn in ways you can’t at 9 AM, and her bodyweight workouts are the kind of “anytime, anywhere” and mostly without equipment routines that you can mix and match to create your own. Especially over the past couple of weeks, her Instagram feed has been populated with combination of home workouts that we’re sure you’ll adore. Shona Vertue’s unique outlook on training enables audiences to understand which workout style is ideally suited to them, and which will support them in accomplishing their unique goal. Stay tuned on her social for frequent updates on her YouTube live sessions, they are definitely worth a browse through!

3. NikeApp

Nike’s Training App is not the first app that pops up when you search for Nike on the App store, yet it’s by far the most valuable if you’re looking for fitness direction. Their range of work outs is vast and there is an abundance of data driven techniques to support your journey. Browse through workouts ranging from high intensity to yoga, connect it with your Health App to track your progress, or create a personalised plan based on how you want to approach your training. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to find on this user friendly app that will rarely require that you have anything other than a training mat or great running shoes! What’s more, the reward system on the app will serve as an encouragement to keep going…

4. WIM app

The Wim Hof Method is that kind of everyday boost we all need more of in our life. A combination of breathing, cold and commitment, it sounds quite simple at first glance, with too many benefits to count. Praised as an energy booster, a support for your mental health, a bump up of your immune system, it has turned all those that have tried it into devoted fans. The Wim Hof Method is not what we could call a fitness journey in itself, rather a series of exercises that will support your overall wellbeing and consequently your need and ability to exercise.

5. Massy Arias

Massy Arias has channels filled with equal amounts of exercises and inspiration, as half of the videos posted are barely considered intermediate material. Yet her unapologetically pushy workouts are mostly high intensity, allowing you to push for more each time you try it out. The IGTV library she has built up over time will give you endless inspiration to work with what you have (despite the workouts portrayed are oftentimes shown in a gym setting) and will guide you to building your own trusted regime of strengthening and toning

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