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Looking to go to London for University? Not sure which one to choose? Not to worry, the Stay Club have got you covered.

This month, The Stay Club has performed an in-depth analysis of major universities in London to discover which is the best using a number of reputable metrics.

Using a metrics like student satisfaction, student-staff ratio, and students per course, we’ve created a data-driven league table and a series of top trumps on all the unis in our analysis.

Interestingly, the results were not as expected. Let’s dive in.

The Top 10 London University Top Trumps Cards to Add to Your Deck

Below, you’ll find the top 10 universities in the Top Trumps collection. If you want to see the full list of universities looked at, scroll to the bottom of the page. The Universities with the best scores are ranked nearer the top of the league table. If you’re curious how we calculated all these final scores, also scroll to the bottom of this article.


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The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) comes in first place in our analysis with an overall score of 16.5. Despite not being the largest of the Universities in London or the most established (like UCL, etc.), SOAS is smashing it for student satisfaction and student ratios.
With students reporting an average of 78% in satisfaction and because they offer small, personal classes for their near 4000 students, you can see why they landed the top spot.
For a little history, SOAS was established in 1916 as a result of a report that found other Universities offered a restrictive range of African and Asian studies. With now over 300 undergraduate courses available, it would be a no brainer not to check out this University if you’re looking to study in London.

2. Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway comes second on our list with an overall score of 10.6. Despite having a better student satisfaction and a higher place on the rankings, it doesn’t quite make the top spot. This is because their ratios are a little higher and their classes are significantly bigger.
Royal Holloway is based in Egham, Surrey and has a good reputation. The uni actually began as two pioneering colleges for the education of women back in the 19th century. Now it’s a massive institution with over 11,000 students and multiple courses. Check them out when you’re looking for a uni in London.

3. London Metropolitan

London Met comes in at position 3 with an overall top trump score of 8.1. This is a younger London University that was established back in 2002. Despite that, it has landed a good position in our analysis.
They have a solid student satisfaction score but have a large student to staff ratio which definitely knocks them down a peg or two.
Regardless of their age, London Met has a lot to talk about. They provide a large, flexible range of courses and is home to 120 different nationalities. They also have incredibly facilities, such as mock courtrooms and journalism rooms.

4. Queen Mary University of London

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Queen Mary is a well-known university with a solid reputation. It comes in with a top trump score of 8, landing it 4th place on our league table. Despite being nearer the middle of the pack, Queen Mary is an older institution and one you should definitely consider on your list.
Queen Mary is a research-led university whose history actually dates back all the way to the 18th century. Believe it or not, Queen Mary was England’s first medical school.
Now they offer a range of courses in hundreds of different subjects and have over 15,000 students. If you’re looking to associate yourself with an original uni, Queen Mary is one to look at.

5. St Mary’s University Twickenham

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Right bang in the middle of our top 10 list is St Mary’s University in Twickenham. St Mary’s has a score of 7.1 and score very high on the student satisfaction score. Clearly, they’re doing something right to keep all their students happy!
St Mary’s have a ton of courses and a number of fantastic facilities. As a result, 75% of their undergraduates receive a 2:1 or a first in their studies! It is also only 20 minutes from central London, so you can explore the city to your heart’s content.

6. UCL

University College London is one of the top unis in the UK. It was founded back in 1826 after being opened to help those who were initially excluded from education. It is ranked 8th in the world and has a series of Nobel prize winners in its alumni – 29 to be precise. It is thus surprising to see it ranked it in position 6 in our top trumps.
However, when you look closer, student satisfaction and student ratios are not as peachy when compared to other unis in the top trump deck. Remember, it’s not all about academic results here. Making sure you’re actually enjoying your experience is also key.
Nonetheless, UCL is a fantastic uni to attend and one to have in your top trump deck! If you’re looking for accommodation close to the main campus, check out our Camden location.

7. University of Roehampton

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The University of Roehampton comes in at position 7 in our London Uni Top Trump collection. It’s a relatively new uni, only being established in 1975. However, despite its youth, it is still holding its own in the line-up.
Roehampton University has a good student satisfaction score and has a wide range of facilities for their students. With its main campus in the heart of London, you’ll be able to explore the city and see everything it has to offer.

8. University of West London

University image courtesy of Wikimedia and modified for aesthetic purposes

The University of West London lands the number 8 spot on our list. They have a great student satisfaction score, and they have great statistics when it comes to diversity. Over 60% of their students come from BAME backgrounds and 60% of their students are female.
As well as diversity, they have a broad range of subjects on offer and have invested £150 million into their campus. According to a survey in 2018, they also have one of the best Student Unions in London. So, if you’re looking for a good London uni with knockout facilities, give West London a shot!

9. University of East London

University image courtesy of Wikimedia and modified for aesthetic purposes
The University of East London arrives in the second to last place in our Top Trumps deck with an overall score of 5.3. They have a good student satisfaction score and a decent number of students per course. However, their student to staff ratio is fairly large, which is probably why they scores lower in the table.
Nonetheless, East London Uni has a lot to offer. They have fantastic employability statistics, with 94% of students are in work in 6 months following completion of their programs. They also are one of the three UK Universities to be offered the Charter Mark for excellent customer service.
If you’re looking for good uni this year or next, attend East London Uni for an open day.

10. London South Bank University

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Last but not least is London South Bank Uni with an overall score of 5. Being another young uni, it’s fantastic to see they’ve made the top 10 in our analysis. They boast high satisfaction scores and don’t suffer too much when it comes to student-staff ratios and average students per course.
South Bank has been awarded the Best Uni for Graduate Employment two years running and draws in students from over 130 different countries. With a series of impressive services and facilities, South Bank is a uni you should consider on your UCAS application.

The Complete London Uni Top Trump List

How Was This All Worked Out?

There are plenty of other university analyses out there, so what makes ours unique? We took student satisfaction as our main impact factor and compared it with student-staff ratios and average students per course. The higher the student satisfaction score, the better the overall score. The higher the student-staff ratios and average students per course, the worse the overall score.
By using this method, we were able the get a more holistic score of London universities which goes beyond academic performance. After all, university is more than just getting good grades.


Choosing the right university is a tough task. However, with our Top Trump cards above, you can get a better overlook of what each London Uni has to offer.
If you’re looking for accommodation near to these London Universities, check out our universities page now. Simply select the university you’re interested in, and we’ll show you which accommodation is the closest.
For anything else, feel free to reach out to the team.

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