ZSL is Celebrating Pride & We’re Loving it!

I mean come on, who can resist penguins?

One of the first things you stumble upon when entering London Zoo, is the absolutely adorable colony of Humboldt penguins, which is taking centre stage during this year’s Pride celebrations! “Some penguins are gay, get over it” reads the banner that zookeepers have created in honour of the three same sex penguin couples that are currently housed at Penguin Beach, paying homage to Stonewall’s groundbreaking “Get Over It.” campaign!

Ronnie and Reggie have a love story that dates all the way back to 2014, and have even adopted Kyton, their little chick… They came across the abandoned egg in 2015 and decided that sharing parenting duties was the way to go (yes, we know, the story is just getting cuter word by word!). It’s highly likely you’ll find this incredible couple snuggled up in their nest box! Nadja and Zimmer and Dev and Martin are ZSL’s two other same sex penguin couples that you may spot snuggling somewhere on Penguin Beach, and there’s also Rainbow, who will celebrate her first birthday this weekend (we can all guess how the name came to be!).

London Zoo is inviting visitors to one spectacular Zoo Night, on Friday the 5th! Although Zoo Nights (as we’ve covered in the past), are quite something, the one held this Friday will be quite unique. ZSL will educate visitors on gender and mating in the animal kingdom, at a Pride-themed talk which sounds like our cup of tea! Discover more about how to celebrate Pride with London Zoo here.

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