Best Parking Places in Camden

If you’re a student living in Camden or have friends and family visiting, our definitive guide to the best Camden parking, (including disabled parking and free parking), is right here.

Camden is an extremely popular, busy area of London. With its young vibe, it’s a hotspot for students with plenty of cool student accommodation.

There is a fantastic wealth of shops, bars and restaurants and it’s well served by road, rail and underground.

But if you’re driving, the good news is there’s plenty of parking. Prices start from just £5 for two hours but we’ve also found you some cheeky ‘free’ spots.

Best Parking Places in Camden

We’ve researched the area to pinpoint the best parking locations for you or if you have friends or family visiting.

So, we’ve picked some nearby spots and handy places for if you’re taking in some of the Camden visitor attractions, like Camden Market.

Free Car Parks in Camden

Free parking in Camden (as in all of London) is at a premium.

You can, however, park at various supermarkets in the Camden area such as Waitrose on Holloway Road and Sainsbury’s on Hawley Crescent for free for two hours.

As is the case with all supermarkets, these are for customers only and some have a minimum spend in the supermarket to enable you to park for free.

Or perhaps at least grab a can of coke or some chewing gum if you’re going!

Maximum parking time is 2 hours.

Camden Market Parking

Camden Market is a world-renowned market, with over 1,000 shops and stalls selling fashion, music, art and food next to Camden Lock, it’s a huge visitor attraction.

Luckily, there are lots of places to park around Camden market. Here are some of the car parks we have found:

Camden market parking #1

Euro Car Parks Limited at Sainsbury’s, 12 Hawley Crescent, London, NW1 9LJ is seven minutes’ walk to the market and will cost you £5 for two hours.

You can call the car park on 020 7482 3828.

Opening time and prices
Mon-Fri 07:00 – 23:00
Sat 07:00 – 22:00
Sun 11:00 – 17:00
Maximum stay 2 hours
2 Hours £5.00

If you’re a customer of Sainsbury’s the opening times are the same and you can park for FREE for two hours if you spend £10 in store.

You can pay on foot by card.

• Disabled Spaces
• Height restrictions: 1.98m
• Electric Car Charging

Camden market parking #2

You can park at Lomax CarPark Corp Ltd, for £5 which is a 16-minute walk to the market.

Lomax CarPark Corp Ltd
Curnock Estate
38-40 Pratt Street
+44 20 7388 4656

Opening Times:
Mon-Fri 07:00 – 20:00
Sat-Sun 09:00 – 20:00

You can pay the attendant with cash and height restrictions are 2m. Overnight parking is by arrangement.

Camden Disabled Parking

There are some blue badge parking spaces suitable for blue badge holders. All of the supermarkets mentioned above have blue badge/disabled spaces.

In the four central London boroughs, the blue badge scheme does not fully apply. This includes the central London area of Camden near the West End, Bloomsbury and Holborn.

This central London area of Camden is called the green badge permit area and those that live, study or work in the area can apply for a green permit.

Outside the green badge permit area, blue badge holders may park in:

• blue badge bays (if time limit shown, also display clock disc with arrival time)
• resident permit parking and shared use permit bays
• paid for parking bays
• up to three hours on a single or double yellow lines where there is no loading ban providing the arrival time is set and clock displayed

Inside the green badge permit area, blue badge holders may park in:

• blue badge bays (if time limit shown, also display clock disc with arrival time)
• paid for parking bays with payment, 1 hour of additional parking is provided after the expiry of your parking session.

Camden Motorcycle Parking

There are plenty of places to park your motorbike in Camden. So if you choose to travel by motorcycle or moped, some handy places to check parking are London Bike Bays and the Open Data Portal.

Other great news here is parking a bike in solo motorcycle bays is currently free both for visitors and residents but the London borough are proposing charging up to £6 per hour for bike parking.

The best thing to do to discover the best spots is to google motorcycle parking Camden and you will be able to see a map of all the motorcycle parking places in the Camden area.

Camden Parking Permits

There is lots of information about applying for a parking permit in Camden.

If you are a resident, you can apply for a resident permit by creating an account and following the links.

You are also able to apply for or activate a visitor parking permit on that site. There are two There are two permit types: all day visitors permits, and short stay visitors permits.

There is a discount for those aged 75 or over and disabled residents for short stay visitor permits.
Other information on the site can be found if you are looking for business and trade parking permits.

If you want to apply for a parking bay to be suspended, for an event or skip for example, that’s there too.

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