Best Bars and Pubs in Camden

Camden is an area renowned for its vibrancy, trendiness, and never-ending to-do list! The famous Camden Market has been named one of the 7 Urban Wonders of the World, and Amy Winehouse was a well-known Camdenite (with a now popular statue in the market), whilst many of the now famous musicians and bands made their first appearances in Camden establishments. Regardless if you are a tourist looking for tips, or a local resident who is seeking useful information on the area’s top destinations, you are in the right place. We have rounded up some of the best bars and pubs in Camden for your enjoyment!

The Best Camden Pubs You Need to Check Out

It’s safe to say there are plenty of pubs in the Camden area, most of which have been around for a while. From places great to grab a pint after work, to live music boozers and everything in between, Camden’s selection of pubs is a great one!

1. The Lock Tavern

This one has seen a makeover in recent years, but it’s been around long enough to be considered an institution in the area. The corner pub, that sits opposite Camden Market and next door to The Stay Club Camden, is an eye grabber. The Lock Lodge has a heated garden you can enjoy all year round, and a covered roof terrace to complement the pub’s cosy interior space! Aside from their selection of beer and cider, you can enjoy delicious burgers and more accompaniments to your drinks, served by an inviting and friendly team. The Lock Tavern is also one of The Stay Club’s partners!

2. Hawley Arms

Hawley Arms is considered one of the most well-known Camden pubs, with good reason! Once one of Amy Winehouse’s hangouts, the pub sits on Castlehaven Road, just next to the Lock Bridge. Although it’s a stone’s throw from the market’s footfall, Hawley Arms is this kind of down-to-earth pub experience, complete with a small garden space tucked away behind the bar, and a rooftop terrace overlooking the Lock Bridge. A local staple, it has attracted many stars throughout the year, and features live music gigs with some great talent that are worth keeping an eye out for!

3. World’s End

The World’s End Pub, a local haunt that has made plenty of appearances in lists showcasing the best pubs in Camden, is speculated to have been around since the 18th century. This one is larger than your average pub, and it’s hard to miss as it’s a few steps away from Camden Town tube station. The interior is cosy, spacious and there is lots of natural light to enjoy, alongside a traditional pub décor and an extended selection of beers.

4. Colonel Fawcett

Self-proclaimed as “Camden’s finest, independent pub”, Colonel Fawcett is the kind of local hangout that has a lot going for it. It’s off the beaten track, so you need to be in the know to find this one, but once you do, you can enjoy sidewalk seating, a lovely little garden out back and a friendly team that’s there to make your experience an enjoyable one. You will find 16 draught beer lines, alongside crafts and real ales; all in all, it’s a good variety for beer lovers. It’s also one of the few pubs known for its extended gin range, evidenced by the fact they host an annual “Colonel Fawcett Gin Day”!

5. Camden Town Brewery Bar

This one probably balances between a pub and a bar, but since it’s housed in a brewery, it ended up in the Camden pubs section. Just around the corner from Kentish Town West overground station, this discreet drinkery is a part of the wider brewery, the product of which you will find in most pubs across the UK. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s set on a cobblestone little passage, with fairy lights setting the scene and a pop-up kitchen treating you to street food traders on rotation. Of all Camden Town pubs, this one is probably the most well-known given it’s home to the Camden Hells Lager! Check their website to stay in the loop with their events, and potentially even book a brewery tour (because why not?).

6. The Good Mixer

The Good Mixer’s reputation precedes it, as it’s been strongly associated with the 90s Britpop years. Once a destination for plenty of local celebrities, or soon-to-be music staples, it’s evolved into a beloved local destination with a timeless, laid-back feel. It’s on the corner of Inverness Street, just after the market’s galore of stalls, and it has a great selection of beers to enjoy. It’s also known for live music gigs, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for!

7. The Edinboro Castle

For a beautiful garden, visit The Edinboro Castle. With plenty of picnic benches to choose from, the open space surrounded by greenery in Mornington Terrace is everything from a local hangout to a visitor’s must-see. Other than the impressive beer selection, the food menu is an eye-grabber. It changes seasonally, but there is normally a vegan and a vegetarian option accompanying the traditional pub grub! Discover this lovely Camden pub via their website.

Looking for more plant-based recommendations? Explore our top vegan spots in Camden!

8. Prince Albert Pub Camden

Sitting comfortably off Regent’s Canal, the Prince Albert is a Camden gastropub which flaunts two spaces: one in the form of an upstairs restaurant, known for a delicious bunch of seasonal specials that steal the spotlight on the food menu, and one in the form of a street-level traditional pub space. The drinks menu is vast and boasts a nice variety of beers, ciders, wines and hot drinks to accommodate most tastes. You can learn more about the 19th-century venue here.


The Best Bars in Camden

It’s become clear so far that the wider Camden area benefits from numerous pubs, but what about the bar side of things? Taking a leap from the laid-back wooden interior, with the long list of beers and casual vibe, Camden bars lean towards a more vibrant direction, with curated cocktail menus and entertainment of all sorts, from DJ sets to live gigs and everything in between.

1. Fest Camden

Located in the heart of the market, Londoners flock to this al fresco drinking experience, which is sunny in the summer and cosy in the winter. The terrace atop the Stables Market serves great wood-oven pizza, whips up a creative list of events and has cool cocktails to enjoy on a vibrant terrace.

2. Bar Gansa

One of the coolest Camden Town bars, Bar Gansa is situated on busy Inverness Street. The friendly tapas bar has a great menu to accompany your drinks, while you can benefit from bottomless brunch on the weekend. Flamengo Sundays are also rumoured to be quite the spectacle! Stay in the know via their website.

3. Bar Fifty Five

Bar 55 is a Camden gem with a long (and by long, we mean over 200) list of cocktails, an ideal spot for cocktail aficionados. The music is bold and creates a buzzing atmosphere, the interior hints at a high-end drinkery that maintains an inviting feel to it, and the location on Jamestown Road is conveniently close to Camden Town tube station!

4. Near and Far Camden

Intriguing street art on the shutters and vibrant interiors tell you you’ve arrived at Near and Far Camden. We put Camden next to the name as it isn’t the first Near and Far to be found in London, but it’s one that merits a visit (as we have mentioned before on the blog). The gluten-free main menu has some yummy bites to go along with the interesting seasonal cocktail menu. Oh, and by the way, they have a separate brunch menu to enjoy. This Camden-based partnership is one you should look at on our partnerships page!

5. The Blues Kitchen

This one tiptoes masterfully between a great restaurant and a spirited bar. The Blues Kitchen isn’t a Camden exclusive, but something about it being a blues bar in Camden echoes to the area’s longstanding musical tradition. The interior is comfy and colourful, the menu is filling, and the drink selection is varied. For more, it’s time to peek on their website.

Top 5 Late Night Bars and Pubs in Camden

Student life means you will need to do your fair share of studying, spaced out with some occasions to enjoy the city and dance the night away with friends. If you are on the lookout for the best places to stay until the early hours then perhaps the below selection is one you should be looking at!

1. Gabeto:

You can find this two-storey bar nestled in Camden Market. The regular club nights and weekly events make this Camden bar a great choice to check out, complete with mostly Latin music and Cuban-inspired cocktails alongside the classics. Gabeto is yet another #TSCPartner!

2. Joe’s Bar:

The colourful façade stands out from the rest, hinting at a fun-filled interior. Joe’s Bar has a dancefloor that’s put to good use, especially on nights when there is a DJ set.

3. Electric Ballroom:

This performance venue is one of the most popular late-night destinations in Camden. Situated next to the tube station, it brings a wide array of DJ sets, live music gigs and more seasonal events to life for your enjoyment!

4. Jazz Café:

Considered one of London’s top live music venues, the Jazz Café hosts weekend club nights mixed with live events that will take music enthusiasts by storm.

5. Lockside Camden:

Also known as the Camden Lock Bar, this all-day destination stays open until 3 am, serving visitors with a great selection of R&B, garage, house and more sounds. You will find it next to the Lock Bridge!

The Camden area flaunts a variety of nightlife options, offering a little something for everyone. From music enthusiasts to beer aficionados, the best pubs and bars of Camden are a thrilling experience. And when the sun is shining, you can unwind in Camden’s beer gardens with our comprehensive guide.  If you would like to experience life in Camden and The Stay Club, book a tour of our student accommodation.

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