Best Camden Restaurants & Places to Eat

Known for its vibrant landscape, unique vintage stores & the iconic hub for all things rock n roll, Camden is also known for its hearty & scrumptious FOOD! From local food stalls, hidden cafes to luxurious fine dining, Camden has it all! One of London’s most popular tourist spots, dive in and discover the best Camden restaurants that the area has to offer. Want to know more about Camden? You can find out all you need to know, right here!

The Diner

Following its traditional American diner aesthetic, The Diner Camden offers the public amazing eats, beats & most importantly booze. The dishes customers can expect from the establishment is North American cuisine. If you’re a lover of hearty burgers, creamy mac & cheese, and prefer classic American breakfasts at any time of the day, The Diner is the perfect spot for you!

Their signature dishes include the Diablo Burger which consists of an 8oz beef patty served with crisp bacon, cheese, pickles & their signature house burger sauce. Popular faves are the beef chilli cheese fries & the breakfast burrito. With generally positive google reviews ranging at a 4.1 out of 5, The Diner is a guaranteed good time, and let’s not forget about the very generous portions…I mean it is American after all.

As for the restaurant’s interior? The Diner acts as a visual escape to American culture through the London lens. From the comfy leather booths all the way through to the music, The Diner ensures that all your senses are catered for. The average price that you can spend at The Diner is around £30 and it’s always recommended to book your table as it is very popular amongst many.
Interested in making a visit? Find out where you can find & contact them below!


Address: 2 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BY


  • Monday 10am–11pm
  • Tuesday 10am–11pm
  • Wednesday 10am–11pm
  • Thursday 10am–11pm
  • Friday 10am–12am
  • Saturday 10am–12am
  • Sunday 10am–11pm

Fat Burger

Consider yourself a burger connoisseur? Then you must make a stop at Fat Burger Camden. Known for its beastly but tender burgers, Fat Burger is home to handcrafted burgers made with the best ingredients. The cuisine that you can expect from this establishment is American and other than their burgers, you can enjoy their homemade onion rings, fat fries, classic buffalo wings, and hot dogs. A signature Fat Burger dish is their mouth-watering XXL (Double Kingburger) which consists of two large 100% pure lean beef patties, served on a freshly toasted sponge-dough bun and it’s a must to accompany your burger with their tasty milkshakes.
As for the interior, Fat Burger boasts a laid-back & chilled setting and the average spend is between £5 to £15. As it is a fast-food chain, you don’t need to book a table to enjoy. All you need to do is just show up!


10 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BY


  • Monday 12–10:30pm
  • Tuesday 12–10:30pm
  • Wednesday 12–10:30pm
  • Thursday 12–10:30pm
  • Friday 12–10:30pm
  • Saturday 12–10:30pm
  • Sunday 12–10:30pm

Made In Brasil

Bringing the very best of Brazilian and Latin culture, food, drink, and music is Made In Brasil. Established in the heart of Camden in 2004, Made In Brasil prides itself in providing the best experience for those that stop by to enjoy Latin hospitality. Their extensive menu shows off traditional Brazilian cuisine and their most popular dish is their Fejijoada which is a Brazilian slow-cooked mixed pork meat and black beans stew served with rice. Sounds delightful right?! Not only that, but the establishment also takes you through the streets of Brazil through their vibrant interior, capturing the spirit of a Brazilian beach party. Making it the perfect venue for celebrations & a guaranteed good time with family & friends.
You can expect to spend £25 & under at the establishment. Moreover, with positive reviews ranging at a 4.3 out of 5, courtesy of Google, it is advised to book your space in advance to avoid disappointments. For more details, check the information below!


12 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ


  • Monday 4pm–1am
  • Tuesday 12pm–1am
  • Wednesday 12pm–1am
  • Thursday 12pm–1am
  • Friday 12pm–2am
  • Saturday 12pm–2am
  • Sunday 12pm–1am

Rudy’s dirty vegan diner

If you were torn about where to eat in Camden, Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner should be on your to-do list. Created to offer an exceptional vegan diner experience, Rudy’s Dirty Diner is a fast-food chain aimed to serve veganised versions of classic American diner food. Considered as the world’s first vegan butcher, their extensive menu ranges from their meat-free burgers, giant seitan hot dogs, pastrami-packed Reuben’s sandwiches & their dairy-free milkshakes. Highly raved with a rating ranged at 4.5 out of 5, Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner is a must for everyone. The expected spend is between £2 – £12 and the establishment accepts walk-ins.


729-731, Camden Stables Market, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AH


  • Monday 12–9pm
  • Tuesday 12–9pm
  • Wednesday 12–9pm
  • Thursday 12–9pm
  • Friday 12–9pm
  • Saturday 12–9pm
  • Sunday 12–9pm

Ma Petit Jamaica

Add a bit of Caribbean culture & eat it up at Ma Petit Jamaica! London’s first Caribbean Diner, Ma Petit Jamaica serves authentic Jamaican cuisine at the very heart of London. Taste all the flavours of Jamaica with their food menu and their tropical-themed bottomless booze! Their popular dishes include their jerk chicken served with basmati rice and plantain, accompanied with their signature rum punch. Visiting Camden with a big crowd? make sure to order their generous sharing platters which include Jamaican chicken tenders, barbecued ribs, mac n cheese all for just £16.50!
Not only does the food allow you to experience Jamaican culture, but your visual senses are also stimulated with their vibrant & tropical-themed interior. Adorned with the Jamaican flag, framed pictures of beaches, palm trees, it has it all! Ma Petit Jamaica prides itself on providing customers with the best experience. The expected spend at the establishment is under £25 and it’s rated a 4.1 out of 5 via Google reviews. Ma Petit Jamaica excepts walk-ins, however, it is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointments. Interested in making an appearance, here is the contact information below.


4 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ


  • Monday 12–10pm
  • Tuesday 12–10pm
  • Wednesday 12–10pm
  • Thursday 12–10pm
  • Friday 12–10pm
  • Saturday 12–10pm
  • Sunday 12–10pm

Shaka Zulu

If it looks familiar, then you’ve probably seen this brand as one of our partners. Located in the iconic Stables Market, Camden, Shaka Zulu offers a luxurious fine-dining experience and a breath-taking venue that is totally instagrammable! It delves in offering authentic South African cuisine through its extensive menu which includes oysters, seafood, their finest steaks & exotic meats such as Zebra, Crocodile, Buffalo, and Wild Boar. Popular dishes from Shaka Zulu are their 300g Rib Eye & their Beef Bobotie which is a traditional South African dish that is served with curried mince, baked with egg-based topping accompanied with yellow rice. Drooling at the sound of it right?!
Shaka Zulu is not only known for its great food, but also for its drinks, live music, and dancing. The perfect venue for a night out with loved ones. As well as their champagne bar and cocktail lounge, the venue is complemented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues…where else do you know that displays such?! The expected spend at this establishment is £26 to £40 and it is rated a 4.1 out of 5 on OpenTable. For all the adventurous diners who love to try something different, Shaka Zulu is the place for you.


The Stables Market


  • Monday 5–11pm
  • Tuesday 5–11pm
  • Wednesday 5–11pm
  • Thursday 5pm–12am
  • Friday 12pm–2am
  • Saturday 12pm–2am
  • Sunday 12–11pm

Essentially, Camden is a great hotspot for great food. Its diverse and multi-cultural environment makes it the perfect place for tourists to explore & experience the very best of what London has to offer! If you are keen to know more about the area and potentially your new home, learn more about area & The Stay Club Camden.

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