Exam Season & Productivity – Our Top Tips!

Procrastination. A word (and process) much dreaded among student crowds for countless years, and a frequent phenomenon, especially when you have a deadline looming closer. All in all procrastination is oftentimes at its peak during exam season, and it’s all the more likely you’ll be experiencing it during these past few weeks that you’re homebound. Feeling like your productivity is in dire need of a boost, and that you need to put your procrastinating tendencies to the side is a feeling that’s first and foremost natural, and secondly not limited to you. We’re all in the same boat (and most of us don’t even have essay deadlines to adhere to!). That brings us to the ultimate question: how do you boost your productivity when working from home?

Optimise your space.

As simple as this little trick sounds, it’s far from it. Firstly, you need to keep in mind that it’s not just your average “de-cluttering” that needs attention in this regard. Keeping a space rid of distraction (yes, the PS4 joystick needs to be elsewhere) is the foundation of your efforts, but so is returning to the same space in order to work! Your mind loves patterns, so keeping a dedicated office area for your studying is that added plus you were looking for. And if you’ve got that dedicated space set up, you may as well place there every little bit and bob that comes in handy when working, so you don’t need to get up every ten minutes or so looking for that purple highlighter you love.


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Get your apps right.

You’re definitely not alone in opening up your phone every fifteen minutes or so and browsing through your Instagram feed. It’s an inevitability when your phone is in reach and your work- load feels less than manageable. In that case, extreme measures need to be taken; one of them being the Forest app. A wondrous little creation that allows you to plant a cool seed, and watch it grow into a lush tree. If you resist the urge to open your phone, that is! It’s the kind of extra nudge you needed to allow you to get right down to writing that essay that’s due in a couple of days (or hours… no judgement here!). There’s also a second perk of using this app, other than getting through your to-do list faster. The more successful users it gains, the more trees it plants around the world!


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Afford yourself little reminders.

One thing we, as humans, tend to do is forget why we’re doing something in the first place. Is it because we need to do it, is it because it will offer us something in return, or is it because it adds up to something we’re passionate about? One of the books we’ve talked about before, is Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” and an excellent reminder that the “why”’ behind your action is important. As a student that has a lot of work to do before that moment in time when you put it into effect in the workspace (and you definitely will), it’s not unimaginable that you would lose track of the very thing that will keep you motivated. So give yourself a little reminder on a daily basis, and you will find that procrastinating is a thing of the past.


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Allow yourself a little procrastination once in a while.

This sentence may feel like it’s defeating the purpose of everything we’ve just talked about, yet it’s one of the most useful tips we can offer! Even scientists have said it; forgiving and embracing your procrastinating tendencies can amount to less procrastination in your future. We all need a bit of a break once in a while, moments to regroup, get our thoughts in order and tackle your future to-do’s in a more concentrated manner!


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