Top 5 Studying Spots in London

In all of its massiveness, London is the ideal city for students that aim to do jump around different study spots, or just have one they decidedly go to all the time following a thorough research into the city’s options. With an abundance of libraries and cafes, it can get overwhelming finding your go-to studying nook. It’s a good thing then we’ve got our recommendations sorted for your enjoyment!

Barbican Library

This remarkable building smack in the centre of the city is known around the globe, yet its interior seems like an unsolvable puzzle to some. Famed for its exclusive conservatory, accessible on a very limited basis throughout the year, and its extraordinary exhibits that get a frequent revamp, there is a lesser known side to it. That being its second-floor workspace/library, which is a haven of peacefulness. So, for those of you that wish to explore London while amping up your productivity levels – especially University of London students, as it’s close by – time to head to the Barbican!


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The British Library

This stunner of a library is probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 150 million items can be located within its walls, among study rooms, elaborate escalators and a selection of awe-inspiring interiors. The sheer cultural richness that’s woven in the very thread of the building is a significant motivator to get right down to it. Not far from Birkbeck University, SOAS and UCL, an incredible plus of the British Library is the greatness of its resources, which allow you access to info that you could probably not even find on Google (… or at least for free!). Give it a try, and we promise you’ll be hooked!


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Maughan Library

King’s College London has quite a few campuses, but none of them even remotely compare to the majestic Maughan Library (i.e.: KCL’s beaut of a library). Located at Chancery Lane (so that means pretty central and also close to LSE), it’s reminiscent of a castle, more so than an actual library. It’s not just its collection that’s worth browsing, it’s the abundance of little corners, tables, workstations, quiet areas, mezzanine floors and… well, you get the gist! Give it a shot and you’re sure to get your productivity levels to skyrocket!


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CoffeeWorks Project

What do you mean you can’t study in a cafe? Well, whoever said something along those lines was definitely not acquainted with the sheer beauty of this Angel cafe. Designed in a wonderfully nonchalant way, its laid back atmosphere, dedicated crowd and surprisingly yummy vegetable cupcakes has earned the CoffeeWorks project a place in our hearts, this list, and in our memory of our student years!


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Bookworms are probably fully acquainted with the brand, as Foyles stocks of types of lovely, current, extremely interesting reads for all tastes. Thankfully, they also have a cafe at their Soho branch, one that’s nothing short of a utopia for those of us that want to work with some ambient noise and a cup of great coffee in hand! London South Bank University is also close by to their Royal Festival Hall location. Visitors will come across an array of freelancers and creatives that are fiercely typing away on their laptops!


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