Top 5 Tips on Starting the New Semester

Autumn is that absolutely enthralling time when dreams become a reality, and new beginnings are carefully mapped out. For us, those new beginnings entail the start of the academic year, and that’s what we’ve dedicated most of our waking hours to lately. The Stay Club Team put together the must-do things for those that are embarking on their new journey – and by new journey we mean the new semester! Have a read through our suggestions, and don’t forget to join us in celebrating the Freshers Week. Yes, that means we’ve got lots of parties going on, so that we can all bond just before the semester kicks off!

1. Make your Space Cosy

One thing that most people neglect, especially if the new semester finds them in a new city, is that productivity levels are directly influenced by your environment. So be sure to kick start the semester with some much-needed decorating. Make your space your own and ensure that it has the kind of spark and inspiration which will guide you through your studies. Whether it’s mood-boards that we’re talking about, or fairy lights that will help you switch off before you go to bed, setting up your space to suit your efforts is key!

2. Brainstorm

Although it’s highly likely that you’ll be waiting for a time during the semester when you believe you’ve got a grip of each subject, that may not be the best time to get your brainstorming out of the way. Especially when it comes to courses that are a little less practical and a little more philosophical, it’s important to have one brainstorming session the moment you first become acquainted with the subject. Jotting down what interests you most out of everything that your course’s title hints to, is a good way not to get closed in on the essay suggestions your lecturer will bombard you with. It’s also a good exercise in understanding which parts of the course drew your attention from the beginning and make a point of evolving your knowledge on them throughout the semester.

3. Find Your Study Spot Early On

London, in all its crowded glory, has a little something for everyone. And by everyone, we definitely mean every student! Libraries aplenty, coffee spots of all sorts (we’ve got a little blog entry on our top picks in the works too, so stay tuned for this), outdoors spaces that boast a peaceful ambiance when the drizzle calms down; all in all, it’s not that hard to find your go-to study spots. Measure productivity in each setting, experiment a bit and you’re bound to come across that ideal place that will get your creative juices flowing. Make sure to check out The Stay Club’s partners to see if you’ve got a cheeky little discount on that coffee spot you’ve been eyeing since you arrived in London!


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4. Focus on Alternative Sources of Knowledge

Albeit it’s fair that you would keep an eye out for all the papers and books – even remotely – related to your academic programme, there are other ways to get acquainted with the field. If you would like to absorb knowledge effectively, it’s important to have varied sources of information, and understand what works best for you. Audible offers a cool audio book service linked to your Amazon account, that lets you listen on books even when cornered in on the tube and can’t reach for your bag. Podcasts are a sensible way of building an opinion on, well, pretty much anything! Instead of going for the typical way around making the most of your academic efforts, opt for alternative or relaxed ways of getting acquainted with the argumentation surrounding a subject! This way, you’ll infuse your essays and seminars with well-founded opinions that make room for fruitful discussions.


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5. Socialise!

For some people the beginning of their academic journey entails some sort of detachment from the world. Whether you’re heading towards a master’s or an undergrad, you don’t need to dedicate all your energy to bettering your academic skills in order to be successful.

Much to the contrary, one of the most exciting elements of studying in London is the ability to socialise with an abundance of other cultures, explore foreign cuisine, understand other traditions and explore the world through the people that make up your social circle. So don’t forget to go out, mingle, ask around, approach people, and make the most of this exciting experience! If you’re not sure how to start though, we’ve got you covered!

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5 Tips for Students Arriving in London - The Stay Club5 Tips for Students Arriving in London - The Stay Club