Explore London’s Wisteria Hysteria

Otherwise dull brick and white houses in the city take a turn for the colourful right around this time of the year. Wisteria is an ornamental plant native to Korea, Japan and China, and the central focus of London’s early to mid-Spring Wisteria Hysteria. Shop fronts, houses and restaurants aplenty make the most of the dangling purple hues of Wisteria to decorate their facades and cause a much-deserved photographic frenzy.

The fact that we are safely tucked away at home, shouldn’t keep us from exploring this stunning time for London’s neighbourhoods through the photography of years past. So please allow us to take you on a tour of Wisteria Hysteria, new or older, via the sensational shots snapped at some of the greatest ornamental plant sightings in the city!

5 of London’s Prettiest London’s Wisteria Hysteria


Sheer climbing perfection is embodied in this masterfully placed wisteria. Although there is an argument to be made that the house behind it is the ideal canvas for that kind of purple rain, it’s also the plant’s unique climbing upwards that makes it a photograph worthy destination. This photo has been taken from last season’s blossoming, it’s a fair assumption that the home’s owners would have neighbours making a quick stop during their runs to grab a photo of this sight!


This kind of London Stock brick facade paired with the small wooden doors in all sorts of colours and sizes is a hint that you’ve managed to walk into one of those fairy-tale like neighbourhoods of London. It should come as no surprise then, that this marvel is smack in the middle of Angel. Rocliffe Street boasts a myriad of these picturesque facades, but this stunning little corner is ideally completed by a grant wisteria climber that wraps around the adjacent buildings too!


Can you imagine living in a house whose entry looks like you’re about to step in a Lewis Carrol novel? Us neither, but apparently the owners of this stunning, Notting Hill home decided that a cute-as-a-button pink door would work wonders coupled with a mesmerising wisteria. The plant’s branches have created a bit of an arch, that looks phenomenal even when the wisteria isn’t in full bloom!


Kynance Mews are the kind of picturesque London sight, perfectly tucked away in a nook of South Ken. The regal arches that form the entry, the cobblestoned pavement and the delightful facades of the mews houses are a sight for sore eyes any time of the year. The one, wisteria adorned house that stands out is a destination in itself around this time of the year, when the mesmerising purple plant is in full bloom!

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As you may have guessed by now, Notting Hill can easily win an award for the most vibrant London area. So, it stands to reason there would be an abundance of wisteria plants climbing left and right during the month of May. This frame is enchanting not solely because of the purple details dotting the doors, but also because of the rainbow coloured facades on the streets that play as a cute little backdrop to this photo!

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