Greatest Podcasts for Students

Spending all the more time at home has lead to unquenchable thirst for alternative forms of entertainment. By alternative, we are of course referring to those that will somehow be able to reduce our screen time significantly! In a bid to move away from phone, laptop and TV screens, we have decided to delve deeper into the enchanting worlds of print books, audio books and… drumroll please! Podcasts, of course.

Former MTV VJ Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer are considered the inventors of podcasting, which has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2004 to include, well, pretty much everything you want to know about anything. Other than covering all sorts of peculiar and interesting topics, podcasts are ideally suited to student life, as they open and close a topic in a short amount of time and are easy to follow due to their discursive nature; that means it’s a great companion for your commute, or that library break you will soon need. We have rounded up our top picks and have them below for you to dive right into:

1. For the budding entrepreneur

If all things entrepreneurship are your bread and butter, then look no further. Stanford Innovation Lab has a podcast that revolves around business and innovation like no other. If you are a part of a course that’s in the business or management fields, you will find your entrepreneurial mindset sharpened and your inner pioneer brought to the surface by insightful discussions that stir you towards topics you may not have considered researching before. All in all, it’s the kind of curriculum supplement that will come in handy when brainstorming ideas for your upcoming project or reflecting on your last seminar!


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2. TEDPodcasts

Who doesn’t know and love a good TEDTalk? TED Talks Daily brings together the most thought-provoking speeches from inspiring speakers that touch base on a myriad of subjects, offering their own, unique spin on them. Yet TED Talks Daily isn’t the only, awe inspiring podcast curated by the TED team. There’s also The TED Interview, among a few others, providing a more structured approach to TED Talks, with Head of TED and key interviewer Chris Anderson providing a structured approach to the audios. All in all, these podcasts can be perceived as the ideal stimuli to inspire you towards a more impactful, fulfilled and balanced professional future. Browsing TEDPodcasts is a definite recommendation on our end!


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3. For the Creative Souls

Author Todd Henry has put together a wonderful list of audio discussions that keeps on building up, in the form of The Accidental Creative. Creative brilliance is nurtured via a series of inspiring discussions that tackle anything from working effectively to innovation in art. An absolute gem that will allow you to develop key skills and provide great food for thought regardless of your field, but especially so if you’re looking to sharpen your creative skills in preparation for your future profession.


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4. For the Curious Mind

The Hidden Brain podcast has been made for those of us that have an inherent curiosity about human behaviour. Bringing social psychology to the forefront of its discussions, it dissects how elements such as money or food influence our unique or social behaviour. Although if you’ve dived into podcasts before, it’s unlikely you wouldn’t have come across this one, what with its 2 million downloads per week! A much-celebrated selection of content in that lovable podcast format that will help you make more sense of the world around you… Something that we all need throughout our lives but which also comes in especially handy with the inner exploration of student living!


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5. For the Student

College Info Geek needs little in the way of introduction, with a title as self-explanatory as any! Considered one of the best student life podcasts, it covers anything from best times to be unproductive to best reading positions. Life during and after university is examined in depth in this inventive list of topics that will serve as a trusty companion during your time in uni.


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