How to: Celebrate Veganuary in London

January, the time during which life feels like an arena of experimentation, a time when you feel invincible and ready to tackle any challenge. Why not take up one that’s for the greater good then? Veganism has grown in popularity over recent years, with interest levels skyrocketing lately among even the most sceptical.

No wonder that’s the case, with veganism offering an eco-friendly alternative diet, that says no to animal-derived ingredients; with the aim of appealing to non-vegans around the world, and drawing inspiration from the success of Movember, Veganuary first appeared in 2014 and has, since then, accumulated quite the following. Its principle is quite simple, urging interested parties to try out the diet for a month, and see how they work with it.

Pro Tip: Veganuary is all the more enjoyable when you’re trying it out with the support of your friends and family! If you’ve got people around you curious to give it a go, then why not draw inspiration from them? Our team at The Stay Club are doing our own Veganuary and we’ve put together a bit of a group on Facebook to share recipes, ideas, queries and experiences. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Now, now; let’s see what London has to offer to those that want to celebrate Veganuary, regardless if it’s their first round at it or just something worth rejoicing!

1. Mildred’s

Tofu Sausage and Mash, the kind of British comfort food that you can find all over the city. Soho, King’s Cross and our very own Camden all have a Mildred’s branch that’s eternally packed due to its great quality and phenomenal menu. This year, they’re even taking a step further by going vegan all the way. Although their menu is mostly comprised of vegan dishes, the odd veggie plate here and there has been replaced by a yummy vegan alternative. Harnessing the power of creativity, Mildred’s is one destination worth your attention this Veganuary.

2. Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner

What once was a small nook of Camden Market’s own North Yard, today is a whole big chunk of it, and with good reason. Mince pies? Dairy Free Shakes? Hansel and Gretel Vegan Fries (with marshmallows on top; yes, it’s a sweet one!)? They’ve got it all, alongside a holiday special chargrilled steak! Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner has gained social media fame because of its excellent quality, drool worthy dishes, and determination to continuously overcome anything they’ve done before (and they’ve done plenty too!).

3. OXO Tower Restaurant

A conundrum across the tea-serving world: how to create scrumptious cream treats to accompany that tea experience, meanwhile maintaining the quality of it all? OXO Tower Restaurant seems to have the know-how. Their vegan tea experience is making a return appearance in 2020, treating guests to splendid views of the Thames and beyond, with a widely inclusive afternoon tea that we can’t help but applaud!

4. Young Vegans

Another Camden favourite (we swear, it’s not our fault Camden keeps circling around on our list), Young Vegans has a fresh brand, based on an old product. By old product, we mean the pie, whose traditionality is uncontested and its deliciousness renowned around the globe. For those Vegans stomped on how to cook them, or simply opting for a diner outing with the yumminess that only old school recipes can offer, Camden Market is the place to be. But for the ones of you feeling like couch potatoes in the run up to those tricky mid-Jan deadlines (been there, done that), we’ve got just the thing: their online shop will make your heart flicker with joy!

5. Wulf & Lamb

One of the most elite additions to our list (well, it was Vogue-approved so there’s a hint of elite right there), Wulf & Lamb was a welcome addition with Deliveroo and Uber Eats during 2019. Spreading their tastiness, a little further across London than their immediate Chelsea locality, Wulf and Lamb make “fiercely kind food” that they cook to perfection. If Veganuary was ever worth a trip South, then this Chelsea corner is the most tempting of the southernmost destinations!

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