How to successfully work remotely as a young professional

Working remotely means saving time and money on commuting, and staying healthy.
Remaining a productive and successful remote worker means taking care of your mental health, staying focused on your work, and remaining mindful of the time.
You have to be disciplined in order to successfully work remotely as a young professional. If you go into your office every day, it’s more likely that you will be productive because there will be some structure around what needs to get done. But, working remotely for the first time can be rather daunting. So we’ve come up with some tips to help you successfully work remotely as a young professional.

Rituals to follow

Following a basic routine throughout your day whilst working remotely will increase productivity levels. Here are some things you can do to start successfully working from home:

Create a morning routine

Sticking to the same routine every morning will set you up with an organised mindset. The best thing about working remotely is avoiding the commute. So that means longer in bed and more time to get ready in the morning. While catching up on your beauty sleep may help you out, you may also want to use this extra time to do something for you. You may go for a quick run or read in bed for 30 minutes. Before you hit the desk, ensure that you have everything ready to go for the day. This includes making sure your laptop battery is charged, refilling your water bottle and prepping your mid-morning snack. Having these things prepared will save you time during those first few hours of work when you want to get into the zone as quickly as possible.

Work in a different area

Work from anywhere. Try working in different areas of your home or apartment depending on what kind of day it is going to be: if it’s going to be a stressful one, try working out of sight from others so they don’t distract you; if it’s going to be a fun day where there are lots of people around (like when family members visit), consider working somewhere more social like the kitchen table or living room couch so that everyone can help pass time together while still keeping their own schedules intact! Or, why limit yourself to your home? Treat yourself to working in a coffee shop or coworking space. The world’s your oyster, so work from wherever works for you.

Plan and structure your working day

Plan out and structure each workday before beginning each session because this will help ensure that everything gets done efficiently. For example: say you need three things done today but don’t write them down until after lunchtime…then by quitting time all three tasks might still not have been completed because they got lost among all other thoughts running through my head while eating lunch. So take 10 minutes, before you start the daily grind, to write up a to-do list for the day.

Use efficient task management tools

Tech is most definitely a remote worker’s friend. There are hundreds of task management tools to choose from. Whether that’s Slack, Microsoft Teams or even Trello. Test them out and see what works best for you and your team.

Take regular breaks

Taking breaks can be difficult when no one is around to remind you. Just because you’re not in the office and don’t have Sally there to ask whether you want to go for a coffee break, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give yourself a 10-minute screen time breather. You could make a cuppa or grab a snack. Those missing office water-cooler chats may choose to call a team member for a quick catch up. You could also take the dog out for a walk at lunch or even meditate for 10 minutes. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that you’re not sitting in the same position without moving for hours.

Know when to log out of work

Working from home can sometimes lead to a lack of work-life balance. Just because your laptop is there, doesn’t mean you have to be working away at 10pm. Stick to a schedule. If your hours are 9-5, keep it that way. As soon as the clock strikes 5pm, simply log off and only pick things up the following morning. It may be tempting to keep going, but I doubt your flatmates will appreciate you typing away at the kitchen table at dinner.

Benefits of working remotely

The world of remote working is a relatively new phenomenon for many. Why work remotely? There’s a reason why more of us are working remotely than ever before – the benefits are endless.

Increase productivity

When you’re in an office, your day is structured by someone else—the boss and their schedule. If they work from 9 to 5, so do you. When you work remotely, though, you have more of a say in your own hours and structure each day- doing whatever works best for you. That means fewer distractions and more focus time on the job at hand which will ultimately increase productivity levels.

More flexibility

You’ll have more flexibility in where and when to work. With remote working opportunities becoming increasingly popular in many industries across the board (including tech, education, marketing and more), employers are realizing that they don’t necessarily need their employees’ physical presence to get things done effectively or efficiently. This can allow employees a great deal of freedom when it comes time for them to set up their workspace


Working remotely sounds like a dream for many people, and for good reason. It can be more flexible, less stressful, and it allows you to work from wherever you want. But working from home also has its challenges. There are still deadlines to meet and clients to please, just like any other job. You need self-discipline, a good attitude and professional communication skills if you’re going to make it work. These tips should help you get started on the path towards success as a young remote worker!

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