Top 5 Brunch Spots in London

Out of all the jaw-dropping things to do in London, brunching is by far the best (well, if you’re an egg lover and overall foodie for the most-part!). How is it though, that a food activity makes it to the top of the list? Well, the answer to that would be an abundance of restaurants that have taken the time to create stupendous dishes, creative menus and awesome stores… Find our top five picks below (yes, they are all tried and tested!):

1. Riding House Cafe

Walking in to Riding House Cafe you’ll probably realise that it’s the kind of interior you’d like to have as a living room. This Fitzrovia beauty is a dodgy one when it comes to making reservations, but if you plan in advance then you’re definitely in for a treat. The menu incorporates all the brunch classics, with a fresh execution, served by the ever so helpful staff! A definite must in our book.

Pro Tip: Those sweet pancakes you’ve been craving? Yes, they’ve got them. And yes, they’re superb. But mainly, they’re enormous!


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2. Caravan

A sophisticated interior, lovely staff, and attention to detail. That right about sums up our thoughts on Caravan’s brunch experience, that almost all Londoners fawn over. Luckily, they’ve got restaurants popping up all over the place, so it’s highly likely you’ll be close to one when you crave it! Caravan roasts its own coffee as well, making for a spectacular brunch experience.

Pro Tip: The avocado toast is a concoction unlike anything you’ve bitten into before. Give it a go!


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3. Bad Egg

Old skool hip hop, reggae and ska. What, not your average brunchin’ playlist? Well, there are a few things that come as a surprise to newcomers at Bad Egg. The interior has an unbothered diner feel to it, highlighted in the US-style menu. The grunge ambiance of the restaurant fits in beautifully with the wider Barbican area, and it’s Bottomless Frunch (bottomless brunch on Fridays in case you were wondering) put this brunch spot on the map and on our must-taste list!

Pro Tip: Check the website for the Special of the Month.


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4. Brother Marcus

It started out in Balham and made its way to oh-so-pretty Angel. The Angel branch is the one we’ll rave about today, with a top-notch location smack in the middle of the Camden Passage (not to be confused with the Camden area, this one refers to a car free street with an abundance of shops, restaurants and cafes). Brother Marcus has a welcoming interior with a minimal feel that lets you declutter your brain and focus on the matter at hand: your brunch!

Pro Tip: Try the Step Sister and thank us later.


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5. Egg Break

40-minute-long queues in London almost always mean that you’re in for a treat! Egg Break in Notting Hill is yet another confirmation of this rule, with annoying waiting times that are absolutely worth every single second. Far from your average avo-and-toast kind of offering, Egg Break treats its guests to imaginative recipes that will tingle your taste buds.

Pro Tip: Sweet Potato Rosti – Nope, you’ve never had anything remotely similar to this!


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