Top 5 Tips to Navigate Student Life in London

Student life: also known as the big unknown, with limitless possibilities for growth. Especially in London. A city devoted to continuous growth, to endless opportunities and to a cultural scene as rich as any. Moving to London to begin your academic journey is both a challenging and a fulfilling experience, that’s going to add up to what you make it! The Stay Club London is proud to encourage students to make the most of their journey, and this blog entry is no different. Find out what you need to keep an eye open for throughout your uni life, and thank us later!

1. Explore, explore, explore!

London is a city that pushes your inner explorer, with myriad things to see and experience. Yet the exploring we are referring to in this case is quite different. Be sure to get as involved as you can in everything going on in your uni. Fresher’s Week parties are definitely a part of it, but you will soon discover that there are so many platforms, programmes and opportunities that you can create for yourself if you give it your best self. From career panels, down to skills workshops and talks with inspirational thought leaders, any London based uni is bound to have a rich schedule of events, activities and portals for you to browse through. That being said, don’t go overboard and stretch yourself too thin – uni work is demanding in itself – but do make a point of staying up to date on all things happening; you never know what the next thing that will inspire you will be!

2. Get a part-time job

This is one to pay attention to! The concept of occupying yourself with more than your uni work may seem a tiny bit frightening at first, yet we’re here to tell you it’s infinitely rewarding. It’s not just that you get some extra pocket money (and when you’re on a student budget, that’s quite the win!). It’s also that you gain work experience. Even the most decisive people need to dip their toes into the employment they are opting for, to understand if it actually is for them. At the same time though, it’s an opportunity t understand what different work environments can feel like, and make more educated choices later in life, from job applications to continuing your academy journey and which direction you can do that towards. There is a number of portals connecting employers to students, with Rate My Placement being one of many. Your uni’s career office will definitely have some advice to offer on that front, so don’t be shy and head over to say hi!

3. Download Citymapper

No; it’s not just about navigating the mind blower of a tube map in the most efficient way. Citymapper has become a must for all Londoners, students and visitors alike because of a variety of functionalities. The best of them? The cost calculator! Instead of trying to figure out for yourself how much a trip will round up to, Citymapper does it for you with ease. This phenomenally cool functionality is supplemented by the live updates of transport journeys that will allow you to head to lectures on time, schedule your travelling along the city in the most time efficient way possible, and relieve you of any excess stress!

4. Stick to the budget

Yes, sticking to a student budget isn’t ideal, but it’s definitely manageable. It may seem like London doesn’t really allow for that budget life, and the reality of it is that it is in fact a pricey city. But there are multiple ways to go about it, and still experience the lifestyle you were hoping for when embarking on your academic journey! The Taste Card is the first thing you should be acquainted with. Over 6,000 partner restaurants entail an abundance of foodie spots to take your pick from, at discounted rates. Groupon and Livingsocial are a couple more platforms to keep an eye out for when you’re looking to cut down on your spending! These ones will take care of your lifestyle and merch needs for sure…

5. Hop on that train!

There are so many opportunities to explore within the city, that sometimes it’s useful to have that friendly reminder to hop on a train and get a change of scenery. The British countryside is notoriously beautiful, and during the festive season most of the UK’s popular destinations dress up in their seasonal bliss, throw Christmas Markets and invite guests to a truly magnificent experience. So, don’t miss out on all that the UK has to offer!

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