21 Common Mistakes Freshers Make When Moving To London Universities

Navigating the Journey of a Fresher in London

Moving to a new city for university can be both thrilling and overwhelming. As you prepare to embark on this exciting journey, it’s crucial to be aware of some common mistakes that freshers often make when moving to London.

This guide aims to equip you with valuable insights, expert advice, and practical tips to help you avoid these pitfalls and make the most out of your university experience. From packing to socializing, we’ve got you covered!

Mistakes To Avoid When Moving In

1. Not Making A Packing Checklist

Moving to London requires careful planning and organization. Failing to create a packing checklist can lead to forgotten essentials or excessive baggage.

To avoid this mistake, take the time to list everything you need, from clothing to study materials. Check out our blog on what to take to uni and what to leave at home for detailed guidance.

2. Not Researching The Area You’re Moving To

London is an incredibly diverse city, with each area different to its neighbours. Make sure you take the time to research where you’ll be residing. There are many different communities spread throughout the city so, with a bit of research – you’ll be able to find a true fit for your new home away from home.

Dive into our Camden Area Guide and Kentish Town Area Guide to get a head start on exploring your new home.

3. Letting Anxiety Get The Better Of You

It is inevitable that you will feel anxious as you approach the next chapter of your student life, especially with all the uncertainty ahead. However, allowing anxiety to overwhelm you can hinder your ability to connect with others and enjoy the experience. Remember, it’s okay to feel nervous, but don’t let it hold you back.

Seek support, engage in relaxation techniques, and consider reading our blog on managing stress during university life for helpful strategies.

4. Forgetting Your Comfort Snacks

A taste of home can bring comfort, especially during times of homesickness. Not having your favourite comfort snacks on hand can make adjusting to the new environment more challenging.

Stock up on your go-to treats to give yourself a sense of familiarity and warmth.

5. Not Exploring Your Accommodation

Your student accommodation is the perfect environment to meet new people and to build strong friendships. Not exploring the facilities and common areas can lead to missed opportunities for socialising and making friends.

Embrace the chance to connect with fellow students by familiarising yourself with your accommodation’s amenities and the events they have to offer. Want to learn more about our bustling community here at the Stay Club?

Common Freshers’ Week Mistakes

Freshers’ Week can be overwhelming with its array of events and social activities. Here are some tips to navigate this exciting time:

6. Not Signing Up For Enough Stuff

Freshers’ Week is all about getting involved and exploring what your university has to offer both academically and for individual growth and development! Don’t hesitate to sign up for various clubs, societies, and events.

Engaging in these activities can not only help you find new passions or reignite old ones, but also is a sure-fire way to make like-minded friends and build a strong support network.

7. Putting Too Much Pressure On Making Friends Right Away

Making good friends takes time, and it’s okay if you don’t immediately click with everyone you meet. Avoid putting undue pressure on yourself to form deep connections during the first week. Meaningful friendships will develop naturally over time.

It’s also important to note that most people you meet in Freshers week/go partying with may not develop naturally into strong friendships. Don’t take this to heart – enjoy the moment and the company but know that depth takes time.

8. Not Going To Department or Course-Specific Events

Your academic journey is a significant part of university life. Missing out on departmental or course-specific events can prevent you from connecting with professors and peers who share your academic interests. Take the chance to go to extra-curricular events. It is the perfect opportunity to start building your network.

This will not only be useful in your university years but can also give you a leg up once you’ve graduated!

9. Overlooking Non-Drinking Activities

While socialising often involves parties, don’t overlook non-drinking activities. London offers a plethora of cultural, recreational, and educational events that will inevitably enrich your university experience and help develop your interests and identity as an individual.

10. Spending Too Much

It goes without saying that receiving your first ever instalment of Student Finance is incredibly exciting. Freshers’ Week can tempt you to overspend on events, parties, and outings.

Do not let this excitement get the better of you! Learn from the rest of us – you do not want to be surviving off noodles for the foreseeable future. Create a budget and stick to it to ensure you have enough resources for the entire academic year.

Shared Accommodation Mistakes

Living with people whom you’ve never lived with before can be more challenging than you initially expect. As we all grow up in different households and environments – it is common that we do things differently which, may not always align or sit well with our new flat mates.

In order to foster a calm and positive living situation, it is important to co-operate and communicate effectively for mutual understanding. Here’s how to make the most of shared accommodation:

11. Co-ordinate What You’re Bringing With Your Flatmates

Communication is critical when it comes to shared spaces. Be sure to discuss with one another your expectations for things such as chores and joint payments.

Coordinate with your flatmates to avoid bringing duplicate items and ensure a comfortable living environment for everyone.

12. Value Personal Space

Whilst some of us are more extraverted and enjoy socialising, others require solitude and some down time to recharge. Be respectful towards your flatmates’ privacy and personal space.

Establish clear boundaries and practice empathy and mindfulness to maintain a harmonious living environment.

13. Communicating Issues

Address any concerns or conflicts with your flatmates directly, respectfully and with kindness. Open communication prevents misunderstandings and fosters a cooperative living atmosphere. Be mindful that everybody has different communication styles – so be sure to check in with your flat mates and learn about theirs.

14. Take Responsibility For Your Own Mess

Messiness is one of the top issues among flat sharers. Shared spaces require shared responsibility. Keep common areas clean and tidy and take ownership of your messes to contribute to a positive living environment.

15. Be Forgiving!

Living with others might lead to occasional disagreements. Cultivate a forgiving attitude and practice patience to maintain healthy relationships with your flatmates.

Mistakes First-Year Students Make With Their Studies

Transitioning into university studies can be challenging. Avoid these common academic mistakes:

16. Not Getting A Head Start On Reading

University readings can be extensive. Start reading ahead of time to prevent last-minute rushes and ensure a deeper understanding of your subjects.

17. Not Taking Advantage of Office Hours

Professors offer office hours for a reason—to provide additional guidance and support. Utilise these opportunities to clarify doubts, discuss ideas, and deepen your understanding of course material.

18. Leaving Assignments Until The Last Minute

It goes without saying, procrastination can lead to rushed assignments and subpar results. Manage your time effectively and break down tasks to avoid the stress of last-minute submissions. Your grades and mental health will thank you for it.

19. Staying Quiet During Classes

It can be incredibly daunting to speak up during class – especially when you’re in brand new territory. Don’t be scared to be vocal about your course topics. Active participation in classes enhances learning. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, engage in discussions, and share your thoughts with your peers and professors.

20. Skipping Lectures

Universities are a lot more relaxed when it comes to attendance than your previous institutions. Don’t let this tempt you to become more relaxed with your lecture attendance. Attending lectures is vital for comprehending the curriculum.

While it’s tempting to skip, regular attendance ensures you don’t miss out on important information. To scare you a little bit – just think about how much money you are paying either through Student Finance or personally, to gain access to this information! Make thr most of it.

21. Putting Too Much Pressure On Yourself

University life is a balancing act. Avoid overburdening yourself with unrealistic expectations. Take it easy and seek help when needed, prioritise self-care, and remember that it’s okay to ask for support.

Starting university in London is an adventure filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can pave the way for a successful and enjoyable academic journey. Remember, challenges are a natural part of this experience, and seeking guidance and support is a sign of strength.

As you embark on this new chapter, explore The Stay Club’s student accommodation options for a comfortable and vibrant living space that enhances your university experience.

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